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is not afraid of the same as the opponent’s fear of pigs like teammates, which shows the importance of the team. The establishment of an entrepreneurial project may be more dependent on the entrepreneur itself, but an entrepreneurial project can not be sustained for a long time depends on whether the entrepreneur has an excellent entrepreneurial team.

so the question is, how can we set up a top entrepreneurial team? In other words, entrepreneurs should choose and what kind of partnership?

The "double

" environment, a large number of entrepreneurial team came into being. As the saying goes "from gains and losses, the team may have defects next door in your team, and you are not aware of it.

your team may have problems

doesn’t have a boss

can together venture partner must have a certain expertise and ability, people like gangbusters together Dajiangshan speed, and be roughly the same because of different situation but sooner or later will be anxious to keep country in. As the saying goes "a mountain", the same strong people worked together, the leader status is not clear, the outcome is bound to fall apart.


leader is like the number 1, the 1 stood in front, with their own "0", it is to realize the value of exponential growth; the 1, more "0" is only 0 of a company is an absolute leader.

Chinese partnership

I have many new friends, most of them have a common characteristic, team members are mostly Boss friends, classmates, and even friends and relatives, the typical "China partnership", the factors of emotional work occupies a significant position.

boss’s decision, in addition to consider the external environmental factors, but also to take care of the ideas of each member, a decision-making meeting for a long time to get a result. In the current environment, entrepreneurs need to grasp the opportunities, resolutely decisively, too many unnecessary concerns but is a fetter.

facade thought heavy

startups scale, funds are generally small, which determines the company each member must can afford to post "leaders" of the title, but many companies (here we emphasize startups) is still the facade of thought is more serious, the recruitment of some high degree and low ability of employees, the idea and practice extremely dangerous for a start-up company.

I need your partner is

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