Fishing tackle shops need to pay attention to what the reception requirements

fishing tackle industry as a dark horse in the market today, a lot of investment by the entrepreneurs of all ages, but to be a fishing tackle store by success, we have a lot of things to learn, such as management skills, such as service, but there is one thing that is very easy to be ignored but the business was particularly important. That is our shuttle reception, then in and out to the main reception which requires


fishing tackle basic requirements to join the reception of the

store pickup

(1): fishing tackle stores what instrument reception? Dress neat, neat appearance, wear service marks, standing service.

(two): welcome customers entered, should take the initiative to greet, meet a busy business, ask two, hello three.

(three): should be proficient in business knowledge, to the customer to introduce their products.

(four) invoice: polite ask clear service items, the content, fill in the correct, clear handwriting.

(five): collection collection should be change quickly and accurately, which stores the fishing reception? Found the money should roll.

(six) delivery: delivery should be three check, fishing tackle stores what reception? Check the ticket number, check the number of products, check the name and address, and customer acceptance.

(seven): anti reworked products should be recorded, and take the product permits rework for reasons he.

(eight) packaging: the product should be folded flat, packaging should be rapid, intact.

(nine): guest when the customer from the cabinet, should be polite to say goodbye to the customer.

(ten): the loss of fishing tackle store has what reception? Customer loss, the first to find clothes, in the formalities, with my documents to the product.

(eleven) dispute: when dealing with the customer, the attitude should be calm, open-minded, initiative to resolve.

so want to run a fishing tackle shop, we do not ignore these small details, which stores fishing reception? Many are the details determine the success, so the process of reception in and out must be some did not pay attention to the above mentioned, I hope every investment franchise can tackle the ideal income.

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