The annual meeting held in Guangzhou investment GAC trumpchi emerging

in the recent annual meeting of investment in Guangzhou, people have seen a variety of technologies, which technology can attract people’s attention? 2017 China Guangzhou international investment conference held in Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference center. During the annual meeting, at the same time held a "scientific and Technological Innovation Exhibition", Guangzhou in recent years in the field of scientific and technological innovation research and development of new achievements, new technologies, new products.

show flight 184 manned spacecraft, Xunfei billion heard intelligent conference system, Meader technology a new generation of naked eye 3D digital display, nine of the world’s first space science and technology innovation, as the 10.5 generation of super Sakai 8K display, Maipu medical biological 3D printing, iFLYTEK smart classrooms, interactive technology gloves + illusion the virtual head display industry leading products, as well as GAC trumpchi GS8, GA8, ship industrial robots and other hot products.

a lot of new products, to bring more people to understand, it is worth millions of people optimistic about the advantages of natural products will be greater, so that people see a variety of technology products. GAC Chuan Qi EV coupe new concept of pure electric vehicles such as the concept of new products. Through the exhibition, a show to the guests in Guangzhou in the field of scientific and technological innovation powerful strength.

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