Held in Hebei Province the Red Cross knowledge propaganda emergency rescue training activities

to commemorate the "54" youth day and meet the sixty-ninth World Red Cross Day (May 8th), May 4th, the provincial Red Cross organization Qinghai Normal University North Campus Development highlight "everywhere for everyone" as the theme of the propaganda and emergency rescue training activities to care for the red cross. The event is the first leg of the provincial Red Cross 2016 Red Cross fraternity week series of promotional activities.

classroom in the North Campus of Qinghai Normal University, along with the in-depth interpretation of emergency ambulance trainers, the interaction between young students will continue to be active in the classroom atmosphere. Provincial Red Cross emergency ambulance trainer for the students to explain the cardiopulmonary resuscitation skills and precautions, and let the students on stage to carry out the actual operation, deepen the impression.

this is the sixty-ninth World Red Cross Day, our Province Red Cross Week publicity propaganda theme "everywhere" for everyone, everywhere for everyone should not only carry forward the spirit, to enable more people to have the ability for everyone everywhere, in times of emergency to help, and to help people effectively. At present, the proportion of the province’s public knowledge of first aid is less than 3%, therefore, further popularization of first aid knowledge is also one of the publicity content of this year’s Red Cross Charity week activities.


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