Thank you note

Employment is the basis of people’s livelihood, entrepreneurship is to promote employment, stable employment base. In order to allow Xining to become more people to achieve the cause of the city, the city has introduced preferential policies to support entrepreneurs, and strive to create a good entrepreneurial environment for entrepreneurs. However, to help entrepreneurs, we still see, there are many with the entrepreneurial dream, filled with passion to join the business people, due to lack of life of the first pot of gold and stop at the plight of no guarantee. They need someone to lift the brilliant tomorrow, and Qinghai Huade group, Xining Haifeng Trading Co. Ltd., Xining Hui Trading Co. Ltd., Xining Green Cross Department Store Co. Ltd., Qinghai Jiang Heyuan agriculture and animal husbandry science and Technology Development Co. Ltd., Qinghai Kaiyuan Human Resource Development Consulting Co. Ltd., Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County pharmaceutical limited liability company Xining Fengyuan Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. and Xining Wei Min Ze trade limited liability company, you as enterprise of love, duty bound to take up the lift responsibility, provide a guarantee for the anti no counter guarantee of entrepreneurs, providing the first pot of gold for their business. In this, Xining Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security to express our heartfelt thanks for your kindness compassion!

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