Xining police anti hijacking drill bright learned cattle Neat and quick uniform robber

"bang! Bang!" , with the launch of two red flares, Xining City Public Security Bureau Bus anti hijacking drill kicked off.

Xining Swat, here is the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau Command Center, just a 160 bus was hijacked in the Yellow River Road, the car has 11 passengers…… Please quickly rescue the hostages." According to the command center of the situation, Xining City Public Security Bureau police detachment of police rushed to the scene while the organization based cards interception and evacuation crowd, while the implementation to control the scene.

due to the "robber" holding a pistol, and emotional, in order to protect the safety of the hostages and the "robber", the scene as soon as possible to control the anti hijacking command staff side sent negotiators and "robber" negotiations, to persuade the other side to lay down their arms under investigation, a close investigation team sent three hijacked bus, understand in bus, in order to save the hostages. At the same time, four snipers were divided into two groups, respectively, to reach the ideal location for two.

ten minutes later, a group of assault, the two group and the three group of special police were forced to assault the request. "All-out assault!" With the order, a group of SWAT driving a small forklift, the other two groups each SWAT carried the ladder by three direction crashed into the bus glass. Just listen to "bang bang" a chaos ring, on the bus crashed and broken glass, SWAT like a tiger rushed on the bus, a few strokes will be "robber". At the same time, the public security fire brigade ambulance arrived at the scene, the medical staff quickly boarded the bus, the injured after a simple dressing, carrying them on a stretcher to an ambulance. A lot of people watching the crowd after watching the complete exercise, thumbs up excitedly said: true cow!"

at the scene to observe the drills of the Provincial Public Security Bureau Deputy Director Ren three and Liu Tianhai responsible person said, in order to further improve the ability and level of our province public security organs dealing with terrorist incident, the Provincial Public Security Bureau specially arranged for this walkthrough. Through this exercise, not only effectively test the level of technical warfare and combat capability of Xining SWAT team, but also shows that the province’s public security organs to combat violent crime, maintaining social stability and confidence. They also hope the SWAT team must be practical, continuous survey plan, improve the command system, strengthen anti hijacking training and drills to ensure that critical moment, pull out of danger on the dash, the special team SWAT team building into a professional team to combat violent terrorist crimes, to quell the violence commandos, disposal group events, contribute to maintaining the social stability.


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