Happy festive and auspicious Spring Festival in Huangyuan cultural activities rich and colorful arra

in order to let the people spend a happy, happy and peaceful Spring Festival, Huangyuan has arranged a series of colorful mass cultural activities.

cultural activities during the Spring Festival in the county, since January 2. On 2 January to February 29th, carried out in order to send art shows, science and technology information publicity, disease prevention publicity, publicity of laws and regulations to the countryside and agriculture and animal husbandry technology "five countryside activities; on February 15th to 17 (at the beginning of the month is nine to eleven month), the content is novel, reflect the characteristics of the times of theatrical performances in the County Stadium; on February 18th to 22 (January twelve to January sixteen), transferring county excellent folk festivals and yangko dance team, to carry out the folk Shehuo performances in the main street cross town, will also showcase the rolling lights, lamps, Kowloon team performance; on February 20th to 22 (the first month of fourteen to sixteen), were in folk singing Town God’s Temple, to sing in the Dengying west square of Town God’s Temple; on February 15th to 22 (from nine to sixteen is at the beginning of the month), held a comprehensive folk art exhibition in the county street, in the old west gate lift For photography exhibition; February 6th to 22 (from thirty to sixteen, the twelfth lunar month lunar month) to show in the town Main Street lamp. (author: Yu Xin Wang Ying)


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