This year they save the city set 24 temporary memorial sites

November 12th (the 1th day of the tenth month of the Chinese lunar calendar) is the summer day. Reporters from the Xining City Administration Bureau, respect for the folk, traditional memorial activities meet the needs of the public, winter festival, Xining city in the East District, Chengzhong District, West District, North District four district set up 24 convenient temporary places of worship. Who should take the traditional way to pay homage to the public, please go to the designated place, is strictly prohibited in the street, green space, square city public places burning paper money, mingbi. Specific location:

East District: 51 Road north of the Huangshui River (morning) space.

West Area: the two lane road, antelope, Ning Jing Road, Nanchuan road Triangle Garden, south traffic lane, the lake district is the word bridge near the parking lot.

Seongbuk: crossroads bridge, Bridge Road railway bridge, the north and south sides of the West Sea Power Supply Bureau, construction area at the entrance of the south alley, No. 2 building, health back home, Menyuan Xiang Star Road junction (Chaoyang Park, Beichuan west side intersection and district court gate), Beichuan East, Chaoyang Square, Chaoyang Road crossroads, Tianju Hotel Lane crossing, bridge hospital under the viaduct.  

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