Turn style remediation Yung lazy luxury Xining City real real effect

this year, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection to strengthen thorough investigation, strict responsibility accountability, from the solemn wind Su Ji, consolidate the results of rectification as the implementation of the provisions of the eight Central and provincial 21 provisions of the spirit of the most direct and the most effective starting point, through the development of "Yong lazy luxury" special rectification activities, to the real, real real, seek practical results, to boost the "spirit" for the city’s various organs and departments, enter "positive energy for work".

in the process of changing the style of work, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection combined with the provisions of the central and provincial government and Xining municipal government will change the style, timely development of Xining city "on further improving the work style, close ties with the masses of the provisions", from fifteen aspects in order to effectively change the style, close ties with the masses has set up "high voltage line". Followed, promulgated "Interim Measures" work style thorough investigation work, strict work discipline "to further improve the work style of the accountability Interim Measures", "strict management of cadres to promote discipline and style change procedures" and "on the strengthening in the city’s central discipline, change style, remediation Yung lazy, scattered, luxury special activities plan", with an "iron fist" play "combination of boxing, sword" stubborn "and enhance the protection force for changing the style of work.

open, accountable accountability, the formation of a high pressure situation, to enhance the style of driving force and deterrent force. In mid February, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection in conjunction with the municipal Party committee, municipal government supervises the room two office, organization and personnel departments composed of 9 inspection teams around the turn style, improve the efficiency, carry out large-scale thorough investigation work. The irregularities found in the style construction, not "to cover", not "shield", to take timely reminding the conversation, written examination, criticism and other accountability measures, strict accountability, has 105 people, which has been criticized for 79 people, admonishing conversation 11, ordered 15 people made a written examination received, "and one, a piece of education, change the style, the masses clap" effect.

sword Yong lazy luxury". From the beginning of March to the end of August to the municipal government to determine the "Yong lazy luxury" phenomenon of the content to carry out special rectification. Through the activities, cadres at the grassroots level, change the style of the line, city, district and county leaders have "desk" to the fields of Huangzhong county and the high streets and back lanes; carry out agricultural practical technology training farmers supply and service activities, the implementation of agricultural infrastructure construction, 17 key technical extension. The working group stationed in the village to coordinate and solve the seed of 50.6 tons, 63.7 tons of chemical fertilizer, agricultural loans of 680 thousand yuan of funds, for the masses to solve practical problems in agricultural production. Assist the "two committees" to improve the supervision mechanism, the implementation of financial, material and funds such as open system, multi form and accept supervision by the masses.

"combination" show effectiveness. A quarter of the city’s conference over the same period last year decreased by 18.8%, the conference funds decreased by 2.63%; the documents fell 4.2%, official hospitality fell 48%, vehicle operating costs fell by 6.3% year-on-year, vehicle purchase costs down;

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