Zhuang police station to increase patrols to prevent all kinds of cargo theft cases

city of Xining City Public Security Bureau branch in the Zhuang police to carry out police visit "activities, efforts to solve the most practical and most urgent security problems, through increased patrols, effectively prevent all kinds of freight theft cases.

Spring Festival is approaching, a large number of goods Everfount in the provincial capital of Xining, every morning until 8 in the morning, only from the freight vehicle rhyme ieguchi toll station via amounted to more than and 100 vehicles, many vehicles have to be in the Xining Railway Station east yard unloading, these stops in the field of truck yard around and beside the road become theft target. In view of the serious public security issues, Zhuang, Xining City Public Security Bureau police station in the East Branch of the public security police visits, guard against both the police organization in the area of the case a lot of patrols density, the cargo theft cases have been effectively curbed from the source. At the same time, they also printed more than 1 thousand police tips card, sent to the past through the toll station staff to each freight driver, improve the self awareness of the freight car drivers.


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