Zhang Xiaorong make every road beautiful and durable

In order to speed up the Xining City slow blocking Paul Chang three year action plan for tackling the city road, "the outer ring network construction, September 26th, mayor Zhang Xiaorong and Municipal Committee, vice mayor Wang Ping rate of the city planning and construction, land, transportation and other departments, the 5 projects involving the city City Outer Ring Road" the network construction of supervision and inspection. Zhang Xiaorong asked the relevant departments and units in accordance with the municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao proposed to indicate the spirit of immediate measures to tackle tough, and comprehensively promote the slow blocking Paul Chang work, and stressed the need to high level, high standard, high specification complete road construction projects, and strive to form as soon as possible "into the ring, in a network" road system. Good slow blocking Paul Chang battle.The construction site of

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