Wang Guosheng field observation G6 Beijing Tibet high speed construction of the western section of t

G6 Beijing Tibet high speed flat west section of the construction project is the provincial government to build Xining into a network into the outer ring traffic pattern, promote the smooth Xining project key projects. How is the project going? Can be opened on time? The general public is very concerned about the provincial government is also highly concerned about. In November 29th, the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng inspected the Xining Railway Station and the Beijing Tibet highway overpass project expansion project construction Xiakou interchange.

in the overpass construction site of the train station, Wang Guosheng detailed understanding of road network planning, construction standards, construction difficulty and so on, look carefully at the construction site, the ramp bridge and subgrade. Wang Guosheng fully affirmed the construction team in order to overcome the problem of winter construction in high altitude areas, to take concrete steam curing, quilt cover, asphalt warm mix agent and other measures to ensure the practice of opening time. He said that the Xining Railway Station interchange project as an important transport node, to optimize the process, scientific construction, in the protection of the surrounding ecological environment under the premise of great importance to construction safety, to ensure the quality of the project. Xiakou interchange as an important transport hub, will be built to achieve the urban road and Beijing Tibet expressway, the southern Beltway interconnection, to improve the regional road network system, improve and alleviate the pressure on the road area, has very important significance to form the regional traffic organization environment smooth and convenient. As of now, the Beijing Tibet Expressway Interchange Xiakou expansion project has been completed. Connection Wang Guosheng detailed understanding of Xiakou interchange and South Ring Expressway, airport etc.. He pointed out that it is necessary to improve the urban traffic network, so that people travel more convenient and quick.

research, wangguosheng stage of the project construction schedule and quality of fully affirmed, braving the cold stick in the construction of frontline staff cordial greetings. He said that traffic engineering is an important livelihood projects, but also a major development projects. "13th Five-Year" to seize the opportunities of development, based on the current and long-term, enhance forward-looking scientific city public infrastructure construction planning, accelerate the construction of transportation infrastructure, improve the city transportation network, improve the level of city road network interconnection. The relevant departments of the province and the city of Xining to work conscientiously, further strengthen communication docking with the central ministries, actively learn from foreign advanced experience, strengthen the supervision and management of high standard construction of the facilities, achieve the organic unity of practicality and beauty, improve the grade of the city.

Han Jianhua and relevant departments responsible comrades to participate.


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