The water quality can meet the control objectives

"in 2007 by the Huangshui River water quality severe pollution into light pollution in 2011, and in the first half of this year to further improve, achieve the objectives and requirements of national water quality control." Recently, the Ministry of environmental protection in the upper reaches of the the Yellow River river basin water pollution prevention and control conference held in Xining, the Ministry of environmental protection experts on the upper reaches of the the Yellow River river basin water pollution prevention and control recommendations and suggestions.

it is understood that the upper and middle reaches of the Yellow River basin area of about 734 thousand square kilometers, involving Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Henan and other provinces and autonomous regions, divided into 7 control areas. In recent years, our province has started the implementation of the Sanjiang national natural reserve ecological protection and construction projects, the Yangtze River source area of the Yellow River water and soil conservation, desertification land governance, North and South Xining mountain green key ecological protection project. From 2010 onwards, our province in accordance with the "implementation of full control, complete collection and treatment in the Huangshui River, carried out a comprehensive water pollution remediation, to build 12 sewage treatment plants, sewage basin total processing capacity of 307 thousand tons / day; 730 outfall remediation, supporting the new pipe network 249 kilometers, the new sewage collection the amount of 100 thousand tons / day, Xining city and the counties along the Huangshui sewage collection and treatment rate of 95% and 85%; renovation of mining sand washing field 363, 21 thousand tons of garbage to clean up the river basin, water environment governance effectiveness significantly.

for the promotion of Huangshui basin water pollution control, the implementation of our province in pollution control, ecological construction, landscape leisure and flood discharge as a whole in the whole basin comprehensive management project last year, take the "rule of use, protection, adjustment," various means to promote the transformation from the single pollution treatment to comprehensive management.



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