Would you please recommend 2015 Xining news

"2015" with the pace of just unable to part away, but still in the hearts of the aftertaste.

all, point to the same goal: the well-being of the people! Therefore, Xining’s "2015", invites you – all the people, looking back and inventory!

recommended activities on 2015 on Xining’s economic and social development and improving people’s livelihood plays a positive role of major news events, select a number of major and typical and iconic and influential to catch up with the development of news events. Your active participation, not only to give Xining more than 2015 of a positive, but also for the transfer of more positive energy 2016. All 2015 year published in the central and provincial and municipal news media reflect the city’s economic and social development of various undertakings for a year has a far-reaching impact on the focus of news reports in the recommended range, the recommended time from now until January 11th. Network recommendation can log on the Xining municipal government website (http://s.www.xining.gov.cn/), sina Xining evening news official micro-blog (http://s.e.weibo.com/xiningwanbao), love Xining community WeChat platform to recommend. At the same time, but also through the way to participate in the recommendation, can be sent to the Propaganda Department of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department (South Gate Street, No. 43).  

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