Xining City take measures to build talent highland

The annual meeting of urban planning in China is the largest and highest academic event in china. Before this year, the annual meeting has never appeared in Xining. Since Dr. Wu Zhicheng came to work in Xining, Xining planning department finally participated in this event, but also on the Xining urban planning proposals have become a common focus of attention.

2010, Xining in the form of a public introduction of Tongji University in Shanghai, Dr. Wu Zhicheng, served as deputy director of the Xining Municipal Bureau of urban and rural planning, and through him set up a bridge, opened a day. After Wu Zhicheng matchmaking, Xining urban and Rural Planning Bureau and the Shanghai Institute of architecture and planning, Tongji University to create a talent training and research cooperation base". Since then, in the field of urban planning and construction, the city’s extensive exchanges and cooperation with Tongji University, to enhance the overall level of urban planning in our city, opened a new page of school cooperation.

a benefit policy to attract retain talent

Wu Zhicheng is just a microcosm of the city in recent years, the introduction of talent. In order to be able to retain a talent like Wu Zhicheng, the city issued a series of personnel development and security policies for the reform and development of the city to provide security personnel protection.

focus on treatment, policy and emotional launch "combined", improve the working mechanism of the party, formulated the "on the further strengthening of the party to implement the views of" talent management work and a number of system files, and implement the annual special funds for the construction of talent. Also formulated the "Xining talent training and the introduction of a number of opinions", "outstanding contributions to Xining outstanding talent selection incentives" and other outstanding talent recognition incentive mechanism. In addition, continuous innovation to create talent development localization Road, municipal Party Committee Organization Department through the "please come in" and "send out" and "independent learning" form, strengthen national entrepreneurial talent training, the mechanism of the formation of the talent development system in line with the actual Xining.

build a platform to nurture the fertile ground for talent growth

The city of

on intelligence by means of force training, and actively build talent development platform, strengthen international cooperation and to build talent aggregation engineering etc., for the introduction of talent and local talents cultivating a piece of fertile ground.

in recent years, the city has a Weipei agreement with 28 domestic and foreign universities and colleges to establish training bases, and issued "on the set in the municipal government departments of the Engineer". Vigorously promote the Bureau of Municipal Organization Department and agency, the province, Shanghai Gold Group Co. Ltd. and Hong Kong talent talent development center signed a "Qinghai Xining talent Jingang" project cooperation agreement, to jointly build talent introduction, hatching, education, training and certification service platform. In addition, the development of talent aggregation has cited only 10 key projects, introduced a total of 300 outside the province of Xining talent service; to create the selected City Vegetable Research Institute and other 6 units as the first municipal personnel "heights", set up in the city;

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