Xining urban district 13609 elderly leaders over the age of 70 subsidies

December 13th, a reporter from the Xining City Committee on Aging office learned that the City District of Xining City, 13609 more than 70 years of age (70 years old 79 years old) for the first time to before the old subsidy, enjoy the party and the government care for the elderly.

to improve the quality of life of the elderly in Xining, Xining this year will extend the scope of the elderly subsidies from the original 80 years above the age of more than 70 years old, the city’s 90 thousand and 400 elderly people benefit. And according to different ages, enjoy different amount of red envelopes. Since 2007, Xining began to implement the preferential treatment system for the elderly, 90 years of age and above the age of more than 100 people were given an annual subsidy of $600 and $1200 per person. 2010 will also be included in the scope of subsidies for the 80 year old, the annual subsidy of $480 per person. This year, Xining will expand the scope of subsidies to more than 70 years of age (aged from 70 to 79) per person per year subsidy of $360, this year, Xining will have 70589 (aged 70 to) to enjoy the benefits of this policy. Because of many reasons such as restricting bank cards, subsidies for senior citizens over the age of 70 in other areas of Xining will soon be in place, the bank card is expected to soon sent to every man’s hand.

in August this year, the provincial government issued "on the expanding elderly subsidies range notice", decided from January 2012 onwards, our province to expand the scope of subsidies paid by the elderly people over the age of 80 to the people above 70 years old. Currently, in addition to Shaanxi Province, the province is the province’s second provinces at the provincial level to establish more than 70 years old subsidy system.

according to statistics, the province over 70 years old reached 217 thousand and 800, accounting for the province’s total population of 3.9%. Among them, 70 – to 79 year old elderly people over the age of 171 thousand and 100, more than 80 people over the age of 4. 70 – to 79 year old elderly subsidy payment standard of $30 per person per month, an average of $360. The funds required by the provincial financial burden of 30%, the state (city, county), county (city, district) the proportion of the financial burden of 70% to solve. In 2012 the province’s total subsidy will reach 85 million yuan. The issuance procedures, fund management and work requirements of the old age allowance shall be handled in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Circular of the general office of the provincial government on the establishment of the notice of the old age subsidy system in Qinghai.



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