The regulations of Qinghai Province on the popularization of Social Sciences shall be put into effec

yesterday, reporters from the provincial government information office held a news conference was informed that the Qinghai Provincial Social Science Popularization Ordinance from December 1st this year, the official implementation. The regulations based on the local characteristics of Qinghai, advancing with the times to regulate the basic content of social science popularization.

According to

, the Qinghai Provincial Social Science Popularization Ordinance is the first law in the field of Social Science in our province, it marks the introduction of this work into the rule of law track. The Ordinance is divided into 6 chapters and 36. The combination of the actual situation in our province the popularity of social science objectives and adhere to the principle, clear the government and its relevant departments and association of Social Sciences in social science popularization responsibilities, strengthen the social popularity of social responsibility, strengthen social security and incentive measures of popularization, the social science popularization of legal responsibility and punishment measures. At the same time, the Ordinance provides for the month of May, the province’s social science popularization month, focusing on social science popularization activities.

It is reported that

, our province is the five provinces in the northwest third provinces issued the "Regulations", the next step, the Provincial Association of social sciences through theoretical explanation, held seminars and other forms of combined to carry out the "three rural areas", the source of Sanjiang national park construction, Qinghai Lake Huangshui fish live migration and other activities, held in Kunlun forum, social science popularization monthly activities and a series of effective measures to promote the province’s social science popularization.


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