Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics to carry out environmental protection activities

is the forty-first world environment day, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics in the center of my city to carry out environmental protection activities. This year’s World Environment Day "green economy: are you involved?" The theme and my bureau actual work to publicize the current situation of environmental protection in our country, introduces the basic situation of Xining city green ecological economy, focus on the publicity of the utilization of water resources, water resources protection and utilization of knowledge, promote public attention to protection and utilization of water resources, with practical action to protect our environment, protect the environment and save resources, actively participate in the city’s "model".
in my bureau making banners 1, publicity panels 2, making the scene, green economy on environmental protection, the people’s problems were answered patiently and carefully, a good way to summarize the experience of some people to save water, on-site publicity and promotion, has been the presence of the public praise. Through the publicity, the public had a deeper understanding of the protection and utilization of water resources, saving water for daily life use have a more clear understanding, you can participate in environmental protection, water conservation initiative, but also let the public realize the spread of green consumption concept, promote green culture, create importance the activities of national environmental protection model city, create a good atmosphere for everyone to participate in the environmental protection, to build ecological green homes ".


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