5 Bangla nationals held while crossing border

first_imgKolkata: Five Bangladeshi nationals were arrested on Wednesday while they were allegedly illegally crossing to the Indian side of the border without valid documents.A team of the Kolkata Special Task Force (STF) also arrested Abdul Salam (40) of Howrah, Mujibar Ghazi (53) of North 24 Parganas, and Rabindar Prasad (42) of Kolkata for allegedly helping the Bangladeshis cross the border.The Bangladeshi nationals have been identified as Habib Sk (45), Mohammed Riday Sk (30), Abul Kalam (21), Rahul Sk (19) and Awal Middhya (18). Also Read – Bengal family worships Muslim girl as Goddess Durga in Kumari Puja”Five Bangladeshi nationals were arrested for clandestinely entering India through the porous border without any valid documents or permits, and thereby committed offence under section 14A of the Foreigners Act,” said a senior STF official. The other three were arrested for abetting, organising and facilitating illegal entry of the five Bangladeshis.History-sheeter Dilip Banerjee alias Hatkata Dilip was arrested on Wednesday for allegedly extorting money from a Kolkata resident. Also Read – Bengal civic volunteer dies in road mishap on national highwayAccording to Lake Town police, one Dhananjoy Mukherjee of 5 Basak Bagan Lane under Lake Town Police Station lodged a complaint on August 19 against Banerjee and his gang members. He alleged that the accused, under the influence of alcohol, stormed into his room and threatened him with dire consequences for denying extortion money for an undergoing project in Patipukur. Banerjee was arrested under various sections of IPC.Two months ago, he had allegedly collected Rs 1 lakh from the complainant for the same project.(With inputs from Indian Express)last_img read more

Workers at Quebecrun liquor stores begin 3day strike shutting down outlets

first_imgMONTREAL — Unionized employees with the Quebec Liquor Corp. walked off the job today and will remain on strike until Monday.The union says striking employees will picket in front of the 45 stores being kept open by management. The province’s liquor monopoly plans to continue filling Internet orders.The 5,500 unionized workers in roughly 400 retail outlets have slowly escalated their pressure tactics as contract talks lagged.In addition to six surprise strike days during the summer, store windows have been plastered with union stickers. In some stores, employees turned bottles around so products could not be easily identified and price tags on shelves were flipped upside down.In September, workers voted 96 per cent in favour of creating a new bank of 18 strike days for use at the union’s discretion. Their contract expired on Mar. 31, 2017.Union president Katia Lelievre said this week her negotiating team remains open to continuing contract talks and criticized management for not doing the same.She said her members will not accept salary increases lower than the rate of inflation, which remains the main stumbling block.“For the union, this is one of the only obstacles that still preclude the conclusion of an agreement, as significant progress has been made in other areas of the collective agreement,” the union says in a statement today.Earlier, weekend work hours and conditions of part-time employees — who make up about 70 per cent of staff — were sticking points. A management spokeswoman was not immediately available for comment.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

Prince Harry Visits London Ambulance Service For Time To Talk Day

first_imgPrince Harry has visited the London Ambulance Service to help kick off this year’s Time to Talk Day, as part of the Heads Together mental health campaign.Prince Harry visits the London Ambulance Service to help kick off this year’s Time to Talk DayCredit/Copyright: Royal.UKThe annual awareness day is run by charity Time to Change and is aimed at getting the nation talking about mental health.The theme of this year’s Time to Talk Day is “conversations change lives”.Prince Harry champions mental health campaign Heads Together with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, supported by the Royal Foundation.His Royal Highness started the day at the London Ambulance Service, one of many workplaces around the UK committed to promoting mental wellbeing of the workforce and who run a Time to Talk Day event.During his visit Prince Harry spoke to Alexandra Turp, a 999-call handler and Katie Shrimpton from the service’s supporter network LINC. They had a conversation with His Royal Highness around the work they do and their own mental health.In the ambulance garage at the centre in London Prince Harry met paramedia Sue Trow and her supervisor Peter Rhodes. There they discussed how those on the frontline of the service deal with mental health issues and why it’s important to get help.Finally Prince Harry met different groups of ambulance crew who shared their stories around the work they do and how they cope with mental health problems.His Royal Highness was also given a demonstration of the Time to Talk conversation tracker which aims to get people to log the mental health chats they are having with each other. They say this helps to reduce stigma and discrimination.In January 2017 Prince Harry and The Duke & Duchess of Cambridge outlined their vision for the Heads Together campaign for 2017 at an event in London.Source:Royal.uklast_img read more

Lucy Hale Teams Up With St Jude Childrens Research Hospital for Childhood

first_imgActress, singer and activist Lucy Hale is joining the nationwide movement to end pediatric cancer as the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital ambassador for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month this September.Hale, a Memphis native and longtime supporter of St. Jude, recently came back to visit the hospital and was greeted by a surprise guest, Bailey, a patient she first met during her 2014 visit as a celebrity supporter. Connections such as that motivated Hale to lend her voice and social influence to St. Jude for the month of September.“St. Jude has always had a special place in my heart,” Hale said. “Everything about this hospital — the research advancements that are freely shared around the world, the incomparable treatment and care, the emphasis it places on the entire family — gives hope to those going through the toughest time of their lives. It is an incredible honor to be a part of such a mission.”St. Jude is leading the way the world understands, treats and defeats childhood cancer and other life-threatening diseases. Since it opened its doors more than 50 years ago, treatments invented at St. Jude have helped push the overall childhood cancer survival rate from 20 percent to more than 80 percent, and it won’t stop until no child dies from cancer.“Our sincerest thanks to Lucy Hale for playing this pivotal role for us during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month,” said Richard Shadyac Jr., President and CEO of ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. “The lifesaving mission of St. Jude has been a key part of Lucy’s life since she was a child growing up in Memphis, and we are so pleased to have her serve as our ambassador and equally thankful for everyone who is joining her to support us in September and throughout the year.”Hale also will be lacing up her running shoes to take part in the St. Jude Walk/Run to End Childhood Cancer, along with tens of thousands of other participants in 65 communities around the nation. Joining Hale to further amplify the movement will be a team of St. Jude digital influencers from several U.S. cities who will rally their followers to raise awareness and support at the local level.Thanks to that support from generous donors, families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food—because all a family should worry about is helping their child live.Learn more by visiting stjude.org/together.last_img read more

Bloodvein First Nation boy mauled by dog house burned down

first_imgAPTN National NewsTragedy striked twice for the Johnson family.As their son recovered from being mauled by a dog on the Bloodvein First Nation their home was burned down.Now two girls, 12 and 14,  are charged with arson.APTN’s Ntawnis Piapot has the story.npiapot@aptn.ca@ntawnislast_img

Seven countries to develop European drone

first_imgBordeaux- France, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands and Poland gathered in Brussels to launch a “drone user club” during a meeting of Defense ministers,  according to French daily le Monde.The seven countries, which own or are going to acquire drones, agreed to develop a European Medium Altitude Long Endurance drone by 2020. Said countries will exchange their experience and “identify cooperation opportunities” in training, logistics, maintenance and development through the European Defense Agency.The United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium and the Czech Republic have declared they are ready to invest in the project but do not want to start a common production yet. This initiative comes shortly before a meeting of the Heads of European states on defense issues, which will take place in mid-December. Because of a lack of political will and a general reduction of defense budgets, the cooperation among European states has been frozen for several years.The purpose of this “club” is to not miss on a crucial equipment deemed essentials by the armies and with major industrial implications. It is of utter importance for European states not to remain dependent of a market dominated by the United States and Israel.The EDA wants to identify areas in which investments will promote the competitiveness of the European industry.© Morocco World News. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, rewritten or redistributedlast_img read more

Wealthy Saudi Woman Makes Marriage Offer on Live TV Show

Rabat – A millionaire Saudi woman made a marriage offer announcement on a live program aired on Al Resala TV channel. In a phone call to the live program, the forty-year-old woman said she is looking for a husband even though he is already married.“I’d have no problem with a polygamous marriage, if the man can treat me and his first wife equally.” However, she expressed her reluctance to marry a young single man, because “I feel it would be unfair to him,” she added. The woman said that she is rich, but her happiness is never completed without a man she trusts on her side.“I inherited millions from my father after he died. When he was alive he never allowed me to get married, as he worried that men would only want to marry me because of our fortune,” she said. She desperately wished to get married because she wants to have a child, that “I can hold in my arms.”During her phone call with the program presenter, the woman explained that she didn’t want a man who is interested only in her money, but a husband who treats her well and with whom she can have a child.The Saudi woman told the TV show presenter that she wishes to find a right match through the program. read more

WatchIf NAFTA dies the old CanadaUS free trade agreement would live on

WASHINGTON — It’s a refrain frequently heard in Canada: That ending NAFTA wouldn’t change much in economic relations with the United States, because the countries could simply pull their older agreement off the shelf, dust it off, and persist in trade without tariffs.It’s also wrong, some analysts say.A few people interviewed this week disputed the idea that the original Canada-U.S. Free Trade Agreement of 1987 would automatically snap back into place if NAFTA disappears, an increasingly relevant topic as hostilities mount in the trilateral trade talks.“That’s so naive,” said Sarah Goldfeder, a former U.S. diplomat in Mexico and Canada who is following the trade negotiations at Earnscliffe Strategy Group in Ottawa, on the idea of an automatic snap-back.“You’d have to re-implement (the original agreement).”Why NAFTA may put the Bank of Canada on hold“The ‘crown jewel’ of NAFTA: Why Canada must fight to retain dispute resolution clause despite tough talks” is locked The ‘crown jewel’ of NAFTA: Why Canada must fight to retain dispute resolution clause despite tough talksKevin Libin: Trudeau, the Canadian conquistador, discovers Mexico unwilling to surrender on NAFTAThat would raise new challenges, she said. First of all, she said the current American political climate would not make for an easy re-implementation. She said there would be demands for a renegotiation within the U.S., and the parties would soon be back at the table struggling with many of the same sticking points.“There’s no way this (Trump) administration would do this (re-implementation) without negotiating a new agreement,” she said.“So you’re still going to have to negotiate all the same irritants.”The current talks have become bogged down amid huge gaps between the countries — and not only in material things like dairy, automobiles, and public works’ Buy American rules, but in basic philosophical differences on the architecture of a trade deal.The Trump administration’s proposals would make it easy to cancel the agreement within five years, and hard for countries to count on stable long-term access to each other’s markets.The president says he’ll cancel NAFTA if he can’t get a deal.Insiders now view termination as a real possibility, raising unprecedented procedural questions — like what the rules are for cancelling a trade deal and, of particular importance to Canadians, what the rules are for reviving an old one.The suspension of the old agreement was signalled in diplomatic notes exchanged between the countries. The 1993 notes were brief and vaguely worded. The countries complimented each other on their new deal with Mexico, and confirmed that each would make separate arrangements to suspend the old deal.The American suspension is laid out in Section 107 of the law implementing NAFTA in that country in 1994. The earlier deal negotiated by Brian Mulroney and Ronald Reagan was to be suspended, and, according to the law, it would remain suspended until such time as that suspension might be “terminated.”It doesn’t define how you “terminate” a suspension. But a trade consultant who two decades ago advised Canada’s parliamentary committee on NAFTA implementation said it obviously requires someone to do something.“It’s been suspended. Somebody has to un-suspend it,” Peter Clark said.That someone could be Congress. And even if Congress does successfully vote to re-introduce the old FTA, its vote would either require the approval of President Donald Trump, or an overwhelming, two-thirds majority vote in Congress to overcome a presidential veto.A Washington trade expert says lawmakers could also try sneaking bits of trade legislation into larger bills — it’s a common practice in American lawmaking to tack on unrelated items to a bill.But Eric Miller says his own congressional sources have already told him: American lawmakers would expect a vote on any FTA re-implementation. He’s warning Canadians now — over what he calls a dangerous complacency that there’s some insurance policy if NAFTA dies.“I think it’s highly questionable that this insurance policy will pay out, and pay out in full, in the case of an accident,” he said.“I’m highly doubtful the agreement would come back into place and everyone would be fine with it… If Congress believes they’re going to have to vote on it, then they’re going to have to vote on it.”The U.S. Constitution, after all, gives Congress the power over international commercial agreements. Historically, Congress has merely lent that power to the president, and worked out a compromise set of rules known as fast-track legislation.Now some analysts suggest the Congress could try wresting back its rightful power, block any Trump effort to cancel NAFTA, and avoid all this uncertainty over the 1993 deal, the 1987 deal, and trade in general.But a former U.S. trade czar expresses some doubt this will happen.Barack Obama’s trade representative Michael Froman points to the track record of this current Congress — which has failed to pass a single piece of policy legislation of any significance.“I think it would require a lot of action, a lot of consensus in Congress. And that may emerge,” Froman told the Council on Foreign Relations this week.“But so far, there haven’t been a lot of profiles in courage.”The end of free trade in North America would leave new tariffs averaging 3.5 per cent in the U.S., 4.2 in Canada, and 7.1 in Mexico. Some analysts say that would reduce Canada’s GDP by about 2.5 per cent on a long-term basis. read more

BC throne speech promises to pay people back as election nears

VICTORIA – The B.C. government says it is time to reap the financial rewards of sustained budget surpluses, promising taxpayers Tuesday that they can expect to see some relief in next week’s budget.Premier Christy Clark said the budget will offer taxpayers help with the fiscal burdens they face, but she wasn’t saying much else about what’s coming, other than ruling out rebate cheques.“I want to find ways to give back to British Columbians,” she told a news conference after the government’s throne speech was delivered by Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon on Tuesday.The budget will be the last before this spring’s provincial election.NDP Leader John Horgan saw the throne speech as a pitch for votes.“As throne speeches go, this is one of the hollowest I’ve seen,” he said. “It’s a good thing she didn’t say pay off because that’s what it sounds like to me.”He said the government is planning to offer British Columbians some form of financial reward after hitting them with years of increases for hydro, auto insurance and medical services premiums.Clark’s government is expected to table its fifth consecutive balanced budget next week. In November, the government projected a surplus of about $2.2 billion for the 2016-17 fiscal year.Like many throne speeches, details on the government’s plans for the new legislative session were vague.“After years of sacrifice by all of us in British Columbia through challenging times, working together with a plan, your government is now in a position to pay you back, to relieve some financial burdens, and to invest in your household,” it said.The government’s focus on balanced budgets, spending controls and debt reduction has produced growing surpluses that give the province the ability to do more for taxpayers, the speech said.“That money belongs to you,” it said. “And in the coming budget, your government will provide financial relief to taxpayers, while continuing to make investments in the services people rely on.”Although B.C. faces risks from weakening global economies and rising protectionism in the United States and Europe, the speech said the province will adhere to its principles of open and fair trade.The province also faces challenges on the expired softwood lumber agreement with the United States, it said. Former federal cabinet minister David Emerson was appointed by Clark on Tuesday to work with Ottawa and the new administration in the United States to reach a deal on softwood lumber.The government also claimed credit in the throne speech for taking the lead on the opioid crisis, which resulted in more than 900 illicit drug overdose deaths in B.C. last year.“Your government has taken action, and is ready to do more,” the speech said.The provincial election is set for May 9. The Liberals are seeking a fifth consecutive mandate.The Liberals hold 47 seats in the legislature, the NDP 35 and there are three Independents, which includes one seat held by the Green party. B.C. throne speech promises to pay people back as election nears British Columbia’s Lieutenant Governor Judith Guichon delivers the speech from the throne from the Legislative Assembly Tuesday, February 14, 2017 in Victoria, B.C. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chad Hipolito by Dirk Meissner, The Canadian Press Posted Feb 14, 2017 3:19 pm MDT Last Updated Feb 15, 2017 at 7:40 am MDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email read more

Statistical capabilities need major upgrade to achieve 2030 Agenda – UN agriculture

“Tremendous” efforts and increased investments are expected from countries and international organizations in order to improve national statistical capacities in achieving the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, including the Zero Hunger target, José Graziano da Silva, the Director-General of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), said today in Rome. Opening the 7th International Conference on Agricultural Statistics, organized by the Italian National Institute of Statistics in collaboration with FAO, Mr. Graziano da Silva stressed the importance of the adoption by the UN Statistical Commission of 230 indicators to monitor the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) and 169 targets of the 2030 Agenda, calling it “a turning point for the global statistical system.” The Director-General also underlined that current capacities of most statistical systems do not match the SDG data requirements, adding that tried-and-tested statistics gathering systems need to be strengthened worldwide, and innovative approaches and cost effective methodologies have to be adopted. “The challenge facing us now is to move from identifying our objectives to achieving them,” stated Italian Vice-Minister for Agriculture Andrea Olivero. “Statistics represent a critical tool in this effort, since the effectiveness of public policies will depend on the best possible information,” she added. The Vice-Minister also stated that “we need experts capable of identifying the appropriate tools in this the new reality. Our task now is to take advantage of the new information era to ensure global food security and agricultural sustainability.” FAO has already launched a few initiatives that will help countries achieve the 2030 Agenda, including the Food Insecurity Scale to regulate food insecurity in the world, and the AGRIS (Agricultural Integrated Survey) to manage social, economic, and environmental aspects of farming, according to Mr. Graziano da Silva. He also announced that the agency is gathering and harmonizing the information provided by countries to produce global and regional aggregates, all of which are available online through FAOSTAT, its statistical database on food, agriculture, fisheries, forestry, natural resources management and nutrition. The International Conference on Agricultural Statistics (ICAS VII) takes place every three years and convenes senior agricultural statisticians representing national statistical offices and ministries of agriculture from around the globe. The Conference, which runs through the end of the week, is open to all producers and users of agricultural statistics, from government entities, academia, development partners and international organizations. This year’s theme is ‘Modernization of Agricultural Statistics in support of the Sustainable Development Agenda,’ and focuses on research studies for monitoring the agriculture-related targets of the 2030 Agenda. read more

4 Ohio State football players to sit out Virginia Tech season opener

Then-sophomore defensive lineman Joey Bosa (97) celebrates following a play during a game against Virginia Tech on Sept. 6 at Ohio Stadium. OSU lost, 35-21. Credit: Lantern file photoFour Ohio State football players will not take the field against Virginia Tech during the 2015 season opener in Blacksburg, Va.Junior defensive end Joey Bosa, sophomore H-back Jalin Marshall, senior receiver Corey Smith and junior H-back Dontre Wilson will miss the game after violating OSU Department of Athletics policy, according to an emailed statement from the OSU Department of Athletics.Last year, Bosa received several awards and acknowledgments for his work on the team. In addition to being named a first team Associated Press All-American, Bosa was a finalist for the Chuck Bednarik — given to the nation’s most outstanding defensive player — and the Rotary Lombardi Award for the top lineman or linebacker in the country.Bosa was also named the Big Ten Defensive Player of the Year and Defensive Lineman of the Year and was named first team All-Big Ten by both the coaches and the media in a unanimous vote.Marshall and Wilson were also recently included on various preseason award watch lists. They were each named to the Hornung Award watch list, given to the most versatile player in the country.OSU is set to open its season against Virginia Tech at Lane Stadium on Sept. 7, looking for revenge while short-handed against a Hokies team that beat OSU at home 35-21 during the Buckeyes’ home opener on Sept. 6. It was the first time since 1978 that OSU had lost its first home game. read more

Serbian No1 Miroslav Kocic to Besiktas MOGAZ

BESIKTAS MOGAZmiroslav kocic Ambitious Turkish champions Besiktas MOGAZ signed contract with the Serbian NT starter between the posts – Miroslav Kocic. The 34 years-old Kocic, currently, playing for the domestic champions RK Vojvodina Novi Sad since he left RK Metalurg Skopje in the first part of the season due financial problems of the Macedonian champions.Kocic was the main person in the draw between Serbia and Iceland in their Men’s EHF EURO 2016 qualification’s clash in Nis last month. ← Previous Story Martin Liptak is new Slovakian NT coach! Next Story → Torsten Jansen to Kiel after 12 years in Hamburg! read more

You wont be able to drink alcohol on some trains from today

first_imgIRISH RAIL USERS taking the train to the south-east for the long weekend won’t be able to buy beer on some services today – or any Friday in future.Iarnród Éireann is banning the consumption of alcohol on some Friday afternoon trains from Dublin Heuston to Waterford.The ban comes following complaints from customers about anti-social behaviour from groups on those trains.“We have had a fairly high number of incidents on this particular route on Fridays with groups – be they stags or hens, or other sets of groups, travelling to the likes of Carlow, Kilkenny or Waterford,” Iarnród Éireann spokesman Barry Kenny told TheJournal.ie.“It’s just become too frequent,” he said. “Obviously it’s relatively rare, but occasionally on train services people do consume so much alcohol and become a nuisance for other customers.”While such incidents had been treated as if they were isolated in the past, the train operator said it had now decided to act “for the benefit of other customers”.As a result, the 13:15 and 15:10 trains from Heuston to Waterford on Fridays – serving towns including Newbridge, Bagnelstown and Kilkenny – will not sell alcohol to customers, and people bringing alcohol on board will not be allowed to consume it.An alcohol ban had already been in place for some services from the south-east back to Dublin on Sunday afternoons, for similar reasons.Kenny said there were no plans to abolish alcohol sales on all trains, however, commenting that some people enjoyed the ability to have a quiet drink in moderation if taking the train to other parts of the country.“As a general principle we don’t like having to put these kinds of restrictions in,” Kenny added.“Most people, if they have a drink on board – whether it be purchased on the train or brought on board – “do so in moderation and with respect for others,” he said.Kenny said Iarnród Éireann would continue to extend alcohol bans if antisocial behaviour became problematic on other routes.Also: Irish Rail ALERT! No space hoppers allowed on trains this weekendlast_img read more

Faire sa déclaration dimpôts sur smartphone cest possible

first_imgFaire sa déclaration d’impôts sur smartphone, c’est possibleAvec Android et iOS, tout devient possible. Même payer l’impôt sur le revenu avec son téléphone.Tout le monde le sait, il est aujourd’hui possible de faire sa déclaration d’impôts sur le net. Cela s’est démocratisé dans les années 2000. Aujourd’hui, le ministère de l’économie, des finances et de l’industrie va plus loin en préparant une application destinée aux smartphones Android et iOS. Celle-ci, accessible via impots.gouv, ne sera, cependant, utilisable que par les contribuables dont la déclaration pré-remplie ne demandera aucune modification. Par la même occasion, il sera possible de payer ses impôts sur son smartphone (à partir du second acompte).Les déclarations papier devraient arrivées d’ici la fin du mois d’avril, on suppose donc que l’application pour smartphone ne devrait plus tarder. Même payer ses impôts deviendra cool, en terrasse de café, sirotant une grenadine tout en tapotant son iPhone. Elle est pas belle la vie ?Le 14 avril 2012 à 21:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Spice hospitalizations on the rise but users not deterred

first_imgAFD says most of the Spice-related calls come from downtown along this corridor.Hospitalizations from Spice usage are spiking again. The Anchorage Fire Department has transported about 20 people per day for the past week. Most calls come from the area between 3rd and Karluk and Town Square Park and the Downtown Transit Center. People say they know the drug is dangerous, but some of them choose to keep using it anyway. Download AudioAnna Lincoln sits at a table at Bean’s Cafe working on a crossword puzzle and finishing her lunch. From her perspective, the day has started pretty well.“Today I came down, I didn’t see nobody laying down, so I was happy for that,” she says.Lincoln is referencing people being knocked out from Spice, a street drug made from an ever-changing mixture of chemicals and dried plants. It’s been the cause of more than 450 emergency calls in the past three months. Lincoln says people are aware of the risks, but they still use it “cause it’s cheap and easy to get for them. It’s very available.”Bean’s staff say a spice stick, which is like a joint, can go for about $10, but people share the cost. Lincoln says she used it once, but by accident. She thought she was buying real marijuana.“I bought one for $5 and I smoke it out there. I started shaking. No more. No more after that. One puff, that was it,” she recalls. “I smashed it on the ground, and I looked for the person that sold it to me. I scold him right away.”Bean’s client Archie Swan says he was curious about Spice, so he tried it once with his friend.“I start freaking out, sitting there, and I start looking at all the lights across the street.” He felt like the lights were eyes that were staring at him. “And I freaked out. I thought that was the end of it for me, but 10 minutes later all that feeling I had was gone.” And he says he’ll never try it again.But others are less concerned about the risks. One man, who declined to be taped or give his name, says he’s been hospitalized twice with seizures from smoking the drug and his fiance died because she was using it and drinking. He smokes it anyway because its easier to get than marijuana and he wants a high, even though it’s very different from pot.Beans Executive Director Lisa Sauder, whose staff has responded to many of the emergencies, says the effects of the drug vary widely depending on the batch. “Some people smoke it and are just fine. Other people become catatonic. Some people become violent. And I think that really shows the wide variation in what the drug may possess. This is not a naturally occurring substance. This is not marijuana, this is not cocaine. This is a very different deal.”Sauder says she thinks the mayor’s proposal to make selling Spice a crime could make a difference. “It’s not even a misdemeanor charge to be selling this substance. So if you’re a drug dealer, what drug are you going to sell? You’re going to sell the one that’s the least risk to you.”But she says the law needs to be coupled with more treatment opportunities. Sauder says Spice started appearing near Beans about a year and a half ago. Its usage has increased as its become more easily available on the street.last_img read more

Harish Rao takes part in Mahankali utsav

first_imgMedak: Bonalu celebrations were organised on a grand note in all the mandals of Medak district. MLA Harish Rao, MP Kotha Prabhakar Reddy, Dubbak MLA Solipeta Ramalinga Reddy took part in Mahankali festivities in Chegunta.last_img

17 truckpassengers killed as truck overturns in Rangpur

first_imgAn injured being treated at Rangpur Medical College Hospital. Photo: Moinul IslamAt least 17 people, mostly readymade garment workers, were killed when a cement-laden truck carrying them overturned in Kolabari area of Rangpur’s Pirganj upazila Saturday early morning.Among the deceased, five were identified as – Alamgir, 27, Delwar, 30, Saddam, 25, Monir, 28, and Jashim, 26.Alamgir was an auto-rickshaw driver while Monir was an employee of Bangladesh Rice Research Institute and the rest of the three were RMG workers.The Rangpur-bound cement-laden truck from Gazipur carrying a number of RMG workers overturned in the area around 5:00am as tired driver lost control over the steering, leaving 11 people killed on the spot, said Pirganj police station officer in-charge Rezaul Karim.Six others succumbed to their injuries at Pirganj Upazila Health Complex, the OC added.Eight other injured were also rushed to Rangpur Medical College Hospital.last_img read more

ACC starts probe into alleged graft against SK Sinha

first_imgChief justice Surendra Kumar SinhaAnti-Corruption Commission (ACC) chairman Iqbal Mahmood on Wednesday said the national anti-graft agency has launched a probe into allegation of corruption and misusing of power raised against former chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha.“We launch investigation. The FIR (first information report of the case) is coming and we are going to appoint an investigation officer to this end. The investigation officer will scrutinise the matter and there is no scope to go out of the purview of law,” he said while replying to a query at his office in the city.Former BNP leader and chief of Bangladesh Nationalist Alliance, Nazmul Huda, filed a case against former chief justice Surendra Kumar Sinha with Shahbagh police station on 27 September for allegedly being involved in corruption and misuse of power while performing his duty as the chief justice.Nazmul Huda alleged that Sinha had demanded Tk 32.5 million as bribe after calling him in his room.Shahbagh police station has sent the case to the ACC as the graft case is under jurisdiction of the national anti-graft watchdog.On 1 October, the ACC also formed a two-member team to conduct an inquiry into allegations of siphoning off money and amassing illegal wealth by Ananta Kumar Sinha, brother of SK Sinha.The ACC team members – assistant director Md Gulshan Anwar and deputy assistant director Silvia Ferdous – are now conducting the inquiry into the allegations.Earlier, the commission received allegations that Ananta Kumar Sinha siphoned off money abroad and brought a house at cost of US$ 280,000 in the state of New Jersey, the USA, and accumulated wealth through illegal means.last_img read more

Pikachu Speaks in the New Pokémon Movie and Everyone is Freaking Out

first_imgPokémon are interesting creatures. They seem to have a fair bit of intelligence, yet are only capable of saying their respective names. That is, until now. In Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You!, Pikachu, who has been the series’ de facto mascot since its inception, speaks in human words. The film released in Japan back in July but now American audiences are hearing Pikachu speak and… they aren’t exactly taking it well.This reaction was posted on Twitter by BuzzFeed’s Ryan Broderick. When Pikachu says he “always wants to be with you” to his trainer, Ash, the audience reaction is immediate. While some applaud hearing Pikachu speak, the majority of the folks in attendance aren’t as thrilled. The gentleman who says “the fuck?” echoes the sentiments of everyone who is confused by all of this.Hi, I am just learning that Pikachu speaks English in the new Pokemon movie and, yes, it is extremely fucking weird pic.twitter.com/k5hm5lyW7Y— Ryan Broderick (@broderick) November 13, 2017AdChoices广告According to The Guardian, Kate Bristol, who is the English language voice of Pikachu, said that even she and other members of the cast found it “super weird” that Pikachu can speak. Some believe this is a sort of dream sequence. Pikachu isn’t actually saying those words, it’s just what Ash hears in his head.“I think the literal circumstances under which Pikachu is ‘speaking’ are up to interpretation,” said Bristol. “I saw it as something in Ash’s mind. But it’s up to anyone. And it’s OK to think it’s super weird. I sat in the theatre with the rest of the cast while everyone shouted ‘what the fuck’ and I sat there laughing at how bizarre it all is, especially hearing my squeaky little voice come out of it. Personally, I did my best to mimic [Japanese voice actor] Ikue Otani as she is the master. This part in Japanese is adorable. At the end of the day Pokémon is a good time and I sure as hell enjoyed being a Pikachu for 0.5 seconds.”It’s important to note that Pikachu speaking didn’t disturb the Japanese audience. This is probably why we in the West are only just finding out about this. I’m personally going to chalk this up to Ash hearing Pikachu speaking in his head. If Pikachu can speak so eloquently, it would mean he has some base-level human intelligence. If that’s the case, isn’t he a slave being forced to fight other slaves? Considering how I just disturbed myself far more than hearing Pikachu speak, I think I’ll end this post now. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey.last_img read more

Pytorchorg revamps for Pytorch 10 with design changes and added Static graph

first_imgThe Pytorch team updated their official website “Pytorch.org” for PyTorch 1.0 yesterday. The new update comprises minor changes to the overall look and feel of the website. In addition to that, more information has been added under the tutorials section for converting your PyTorch models to a static graph. PyTorch is a Python-based scientific computing package which uses the power of graphics processing units. It is also one of the preferred deep learning research platforms built to offer maximum flexibility and speed. Key Updates Design Changes The layout of the webpage is still the same. But color changes have been made with additional tabs included on top of the webpage. Revamped Pytorch.org Previously, there were only five tabs, namely, get started, about, support, discuss and docs. Now, there are eight tabs included namely, Get Started, Features, Ecosystem, Blog, Tutorials, Docs, Resources, and Github. Older Python.org Updated Tutorials With new tutorial tab, additional information has been provided for users to convert their models into a static graph, which is a feature in the upcoming PyTorch 1.0 version. Added static graph support One of the main differences between TensorFlow and PyTorch is that TensorFlow uses static computational graphs while PyTorch uses dynamic computational graphs. In TensorFlow we first set up the computational graph, then execute the same graph many times. There has been an additional section under tutorials on static graphs. This implementation makes use of basic TensorFlow operations to set up a computational graph, then executes the graph many times to actually train a fully-connected ReLU network. For more details on the changes, visit the official PyTorch website. Read Next What is PyTorch and how does it work? Can a production ready PyTorch 1.0 give TensorFlow a tough time? PyTorch 0.3.0 releases, ending stochastic functionslast_img read more