Emergency talks look for ways to halt worst outbreak of Ebola in

first_imgIf the outbreak occurred there, or in the US, or Australia, would this be ethically acceptable in these countries?There are five species of Ebola, three of which — Zaire, Sudan and Bundibugyo — can kill humans.Zaire Ebola, the deadliest and the species behind the current outbreak, can fell its victims within days, causing severe fever and muscle pain, weakness, vomiting and diarrhoea — in some cases shutting down organs and causing unstoppable bleeding.There have been 21 Ebola outbreaks — not including isolated cases involving only one patient — since the virus first spread to humans in the Democratic Republic of Congo, then known as Zaire, in 1976.1,587 peopleBefore the current crisis, Ebola had killed 1,587 people, two-thirds of those infected, according to an AFP tally based on WHO data.The death rate for Ebola has been widely but incorrectly reported as “90 percent” by global media and some scientists, probably because around that percentage died in the original outbreak and a subsequent epidemic in neighbouring Congo-Brazzaville in 2003.The mortality rate in the west African epidemic is slightly lower than the average, at 61.5 percent, but it dwarves every other outbreak in terms of the geographical spread and the number of cases and deaths.“Out of control”Medical charity Doctors Without Borders, known by its French initials MSF, said last week the outbreak was “out of control”, with more than 60 hotspots.However, experts say those who receive correct care — paracetamol to contain fevers, rehydration for diarrhoea and antibiotics for secondary infections — have a greatly improved chance of survival.Ministers from Guinea, where 413 confirmed, suspected and probable cases have surfaced so far, including 303 deaths, and Liberia, which has seen 107 cases and 65 deaths, are at the Accra conference.Sierra Leone, which has recorded 239 cases and 99 deaths, is also represented.In addition, officials from Ivory Coast, Mali, Senegal, Gambia and Guinea-Bissau, along with Ghana and countries as far afield as Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo are attending.- © AFP, 2014Read: West Africa’s Ebola virus outbreak is now “out of control” >More: DFA updates travel advice for Irish citizens, following Ebola outbreak > MINISTERS IN WEST Africa have held emergency talks on containing the worst Ebola outbreak in history, hoping to halt the virus’ deadly rampage after a jump in the number of deaths.The highly-contagious tropical bug has infected hundreds of people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, with the latest World Health Organization (WHO) figures showing that confirmed or suspected cases had left 467 people dead and experts fearing it could spread throughout the region.Health ministers from 11 nations were due to finalise two days of talks in Accra with global experts in communicable diseases, with debate raging over the measures required to stop Ebola in its tracks.Controversy Jeremy Farrar, a professor of tropical medicine and director of The Wellcome Trust charity, caused controversy as the talks opened as he was widely quoted in global media calling on health authorities to offer experimental medicines, not yet fully tested, to patients.“Tragic as these deaths and suffering are, humans are not Guinea pigs,” virologist Ian Mackay, associate professor at the University of Queensland, told AFP, rejecting the suggestion.“It’s a very difficult situation made worse by the urgency of it.”Potential vaccinesSeveral biotech companies and US universities are developing potential vaccines for Ebola, at various stages of testing, but none anywhere in the world is close to being licensed for distribution to the public.“The question is: would these drugs be allowed to be used on UK citizens?” Mackay said.last_img read more

The AP Stylebook declares email to be dead long live email

first_imgWhich do you prefer: e-mail or email? If you prefer the former and write for the Associated Press, expect for your knuckles to get rapped by a pernicious editor, as the AP Stylebook has just declared that “e-mail” is no longer correct. From now on, we don’t send e-mails, at least according to the AP; we send emails.The announcement comes through the AP Stylebook’s official Twitter account, which notes:Language evolves. Today we change AP style from e-mail to email, no hyphen. Our editors will announce it at #ACES2011 today Email isn’t the only change rolling out through the Associated Press today. Another big tech change for the AP is abandoning the space in cellphones and smartphones (it used to be “smart phone” and “cell phone”). The acronym of CPR is no longer clarified, and Calcutta — which everyone has heard of — will now be Kolkata, which no one knows.The changes go into effect at 3AM ET tomorrow morning. It’s worth noting, of course, that this is hardly a universal decree: the AP Stylebook is simply a list of guidelines the AP uses to make its own copy consistent. Newspapers do tend to follow the AP, but that’s just because most newspapers depend so much on AP content, and if they don’t follow the Stylebook, their own content won’t be consistent. It’s a path of least resistance thing.I think Gizmodo’s got a good take on this:Why is this such welcome news? Because language is catching up to technology. Because those videos of animals riding slightly larger animals you forward around aren’t just “electronic mail” anymore, digital versions of what you stuff in a dark blue mailbox. They’re now a form of communication unto themselves. Next up? E-books. E-paper. Get ready. There’s becoming increasingly little point differentiating the electronic from the analog.via GizmodoUpdate – This change is not in the 2010 Stylebook but is available in the AP Stylebook available on BlackBerry (through the BlackBerry App World).last_img read more

Our home is crumbling into the ground Family in Mayo forced to

first_img Source: Oireachtas.ieAs of the end of December 2016, 1,498 applications had been received under the pyrite remediation scheme (620 in 2014, 373 in 2015 and 505 in 2016). There were 77 unsuccessful applicants.Rose Conway-Walsh, a Sinn Féin Senator and former Mayo county councillor, recently raised the Healy’s situation in the Seanad.She asked for the redress scheme to be extended to cover people in counties such as Mayo and Donegal. A number of advocacy groups have also been calling for this to happen. Source: Fergus SweeneyConway-Walsh said hundreds of homes across Mayo are affected, as are thousands of home in County Donegal.“People in Dublin had access to a redress scheme. We need such a scheme.Their houses are falling down around them because proper standards were not put in place and there were appalling building regulations and regulations for quarries. This matter must be brought to a conclusion and a redress scheme put in place immediately for the people affected.An expert panel to examine the situation in Mayo and Donegal was established by Paudie Coffey, the then-Minister of State at the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, in April 2016.Report due soon Speaking about the issue last month, Senator Coffey said: “The previous government increased funding for the pyrite remediation scheme for the carrying out of remediation works to many of the houses that were affected, and strong and solid progress is being made.”He said it is his understanding that the expert committee “is due to report soon”.It has visited the houses affected which are literally crumbling around the families living in them due to concrete work that was insufficient and not of proper integrity.He called for a debate on the issue to be held in the Seanad ”to establish what assistance is being made available and what is planned to assist those families who have been let down by poor regulation in the construction industry”.Speaking about the group in the Dáil last July, Minister of State for Housing and Urban Renewal Damien English said: “Ultimately, the panel’s terms of reference aim to establish the facts behind the problems that have emerged in Donegal and Mayo and to outline technical options for addressing the problems identified in order to assist affected homeowners.It is anticipated that the panel will require in the order of six months to complete their work. In this regard, I will await the outcome of the panel’s report before considering what further actions may be required to assist the parties directly involved in reaching a satisfactory resolution to the problems that have emerged in Donegal and Mayo.In February, English said the Pyrite Resolution Board, with the support of the Housing Agency, is “responsible for the implementation of the pyrite remediation scheme” and he has “no role in the operational matters pertaining to the implementation of the scheme”. Source: Fergus SweeneyIn a statement to TheJournal.ie, a spokesperson for the Department of Housing said the expert panel has met on 12 occasions since it was established almost a year ago, adding that “a similar number of meetings have taken place with key stakeholders, including affected homeowners, the elected members of Donegal and Mayo County Councils, local authority officials, industry bodies, academics, public representatives and other interested parties”.The statement continues: “A substantial volume of information has been provided by affected homeowners in both counties, as well as from Donegal and Mayo County Councils; additional information was also provided through the consultation process.The panel have now concluded their meetings and are in the process of finalising their draft report which is undergoing legal proofing in advance of being finalised and submitted to Minister Damien English for his consideration.“In this regard, the minister will await receipt of the expert panel’s report before considering what further actions may be required to assist the parties directly involved in reaching a satisfactory resolution to the problems that have emerged in the two counties.”Public consultationDuring a recent public consultation process – from 13 October 2016 to 17 December 2017 – about the remediation scheme and which households are eligible, the National Standards Authority of Ireland (NSAI) received 202 submissions from homeowners and experts. Source: Fergus SweeneySpeaking about the process last month, the NSAI’s Technical Standards Manager Yvonne Wylde said: “On 19 January, the expert committee began to review each of the comments relevant to the standard itself and decide by consensus whether to accept the comment or not.“We will ensure that the Pyrite Resolution Board receives all comments, including those not directly relevant to the standard.”The new reactive pyrite standard is expected to be published by mid-2017.The public consultation process refers to the new draft pyrite standard, rather than the remediation scheme and which households are eligible. Experts have been using a standard developed by NSAI to assess buildings affected by pyrite, and then using that to come back to the NSAI with proposed changes.The decision on whom or what category of building qualifies for remediation of damage caused by pyrite is governed by the Pyrite Resolution Board, not the NSAI. The Pyrite Resolution Board is responsible for the pyrite remediation scheme.‘You can put your hand through the wall’So what next for the Healys?“We’re just waiting and hoping the phone will ring, or else that we win the lotto,” Michael says.The corners in my house are pushing outwards, all the windows and doors are buckled now. There’s serious power in it …  the outside is moving and pulling the inside with it.“Dan’s old room is inhabitable now, you can put your hand out through the wall.“By the time [the panel] make a recommendation my house is going to be in the ground.”Read: ‘Every room is just rotten’: Video shows how pyrite destroyed this woman’s homeRead: Houses are crumbling in Donegal and we should soon know why By Órla Ryan 37 Comments ‘Our home is crumbling into the ground’: Family in Mayo forced to abandon house Thousands of houses around the country are affected by pyrite and mica. When he got here he didn’t even need to get out of the car, he knew what it was straight away.“He said, ‘There’ll be no payout on that – that’s not subsidence, that’s pyrite.’”Michael sent blocks from the house away to be tested and, sure enough, they came back positive for pyrite and mica.Both materials weaken concrete and cause it to crack and crumble over time.Pyrite is a form of iron sulphide, and a type of the material – framboidal pyrite – can expand in the presence of oxygen and water. Mica muscovite is a mineral that also significantly weakens concrete.The materials were cheap and sometimes used as ’backfill or ‘infill’ when constructing the foundations of houses – this became a common practice in some regions during the property boom. Thousands of houses around the country are affected.‘A huge scandal’“The bottom part of the wall fell out about three months ago, and the top fell out during the last big storm around two weeks ago,” Michael explains.The family bought the house in Corclough West, Belmullet in 2000, after returning home from England. It was a new build at that stage. Source: Fergus SweeneyToday, most of the mortgage has been repaid.“I’d walk away if I could, I’ve a fortune spent on that house … Every time you think about it, you get stressed,” Michael says.He has rented a flat nearby. His wife Catherine has been reluctant to leave the family home, but he says she too will have to leave soon.I have moved out. My wife is still there, you can understand why she wants to stay. It’s her home and all her things are there, but she’ll have to leave soon … She’s tough, but I know it’s getting to her now too. Within the next week I’d say she’ll have to leave.“I used to love painting it and cleaning it, I’ve just no interest in it now. There’s no point in even changing a light bulb in it now, it’s just not worth it.”Michael, who runs a local grocery shop, says he had hoped to expand his business by getting a loan based on the mortgage, but that won’t happen now. Source: Fergus Sweeney“If I sold something that wasn’t up to standard it’d be brought back to me, when it comes to this they think, ‘You bought it – tough.’ They could get away with murder.My house isn’t the only one. It’s like cancer, there’s no cure.Michael says he knows of several other properties within a 10-mile radius that have also been affected by pyrite and/or mica, telling us: “This is going to be a huge scandal in the west of Ireland.”‘Their houses are falling down around them’The pyrite remediation scheme is described as “a scheme of last resort for affected homeowners who have no other practical option to obtain redress”.To be eligible, properties must be located within the administrative areas of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown, Fingal, Kildare, Meath, Offaly, South Dublin County Council or Dublin City Council, and built between 1 January 1997 and 12 December 2013. Source: TheJournal.ie/YouTube Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Sunday 12 Mar 2017, 8:00 PM Subscribe for more videos Mar 12th 2017, 8:00 PM A FAMILY IN Co Mayo has had to abandon their home as it is crumbling around them.Michael Healy and his son Dan are sharing their story in a bid to highlight the pyrite plight faced by many others across the country.Speaking to TheJournal.ie, they say they knew there was something wrong with the house for several years – there were unusual noises and excessive cracking in the plaster – but didn’t get an answer until about two years ago.Dan recalls: “We live in quite a boggy land area, so we carried out excavations to see if there was movement in the foundation, but nothing was going on below the ground.“You could hear this almighty cracking, no one knew what it was.” Source: Fergus SweeneyMichael tells us: “I was sure it was subsidence, I brought an engineer out to look at it to see if we could make an insurance claim. https://jrnl.ie/3277538 Share Tweet Email7 Short URL 99,416 Views last_img read more

Le chimpanzé qui battait les humains aux jeux vidéo

first_imgLe chimpanzé qui battait les humains aux jeux vidéoPanzee se débrouille plutôt bien avec un joystick au sein d’un labyrinthe virtuel. Si cette femelle chimpanzé fait aussi bien que des enfants sur un parcours simple, elle surpasse les adultes aux plus hauts niveaux de difficulté.Vous pensiez que se faire battre aux jeux vidéo par un petit cousin est humiliant ? C’est surement que vous n’avez pas encore été vaincu par un chimpanzé. Panzee, une guenon de 22 ans, s’est ainsi mieux débrouillée au sein d’une réalité virtuelle que douze enfants et quatre adultes différents. Ces travaux, réalisés au sein du Centre de recherche sur le langage à l’université d’Etat de Georgie, ont été publiés en janvier dans la revue American Journal of Primatology.Dans ce jeu, il fallait retrouver son chemin dans un labyrinthe. Humains et chimpanzés s’y déplacent dans les quatre directions cardinales grâce à un joystick. Sur les murs du dédale virtuel, un carré bleu indique une bonne direction tandis qu’un triangle brun signale un mauvais chemin. Les douze enfants et les quatre adultes ont reçu entre dix et vingt cessions d‘entrainement, contre entre cinq et dix pour les singes, déjà habitués au joystick par une étude précédente.Plus rapide et plus directSi les chimpanzés mettent autant de temps que des enfants de trois à six ans pour sortir d’un labyrinthe classique, Panzee a battu tout le monde sur le circuit le plus complexe. Outre sa vitesse, elle a également trouvé le chemin le plus direct.”Tout est beaucoup plus simple lors d’un test par le biais d’un écran d’ordinateur”, avoue à Livescience Dorothy Fragaszy, directrice du laboratoire de cognition et de comportement des primates à l’université de Georgie mais qui n’a pas participé à l’étude. “Cela nous donne tellement plus de contrôle, surtout pour les animaux. On ne peut pas simplement les amener dans un centre commercial et leur dire ‘vas d’ici à là-bas'”.Plus familier avec les symboles?À lire aussiMaladie de Charcot : symptômes, causes, traitement, où en est on ?Si dans la nature, la compétition pour trouver de quoi manger motive les chimpanzés à réaliser des tâches proches de celles demandées dans le labyrinthe, ceux de cette étude sont bien nourris et ne subissent pas cette pression. Ils ont par contre été entraînés à utiliser une tablette qui prononce le nom des images sur lesquelles les singes peuvent appuyer pour communiquer. Cette familiarité avec les symboles pourrait expliquer la facilité avec laquelle Panzee retrouve son chemin grâce à des formes géométriques. Panzee est malheureusement décédée des suites de son diabète le 9 février.Le 16 mars 2014 à 17:34 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

A new way to recycle polycarbonates that prevents BPA leaching

first_img Explore further Most people would not think of IBM as a place for chemists working with plastics, but the Almaden facility was designed to conduct research into a wide variety of applications, ranging from food safety, to medical imaging, nanomedicine, services science and atomic scale storage. Solving the problem of an ever building supply of polycarbonate waste actually fits well with IBM’s research efforts because so many of the company’s products use it as a base component.Polycarbonates are a hard type of plastic, they are used to make CDs, DVDs, phone screens and a host of other hard plastic products, and as the researchers note, the material is extremely popular—approximately 2.7 million tons of it is produced annually around the world. But unlike soda bottles, polycarbonates are not easily recycled for reuse which means they generally wind up in landfills and dumps. Also they are a type of plastic that release small amounts of BPA when used and large amounts as they break down, allowing the chemical to leach into landfills, very likely leading to massive problems in the future. In this new effort, the team at IBM has found a way to convert polycarbonate material into another type of plastic called polyaryl ether sulfone (PSU) that can be used in applications such as medical equipment, fiber optics and purifying water.The process involves heating the plastic along with carbonate salts (akin to baking powder) and a fluoride reactant, which causes a cascading reaction to occur—first decomposing the material into a monomer and then condensing the result to a PSU. The resulting plastic is harder than typical polycarbonates, which makes it ideal for other applications and easier on the environment because it will not leach BPA into the ground once it makes its way to a landfill. 3D chemical structure of bisphenol A. Credit: Edgar181 via Wikimedia Commons This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. © 2016 Phys.org (Phys.org)—A team of researchers at IBM’s Research facility in Almaden, San Jose (the same site where Watson was developed) has developed a one-step process for recycling polycarbonates into another type of plastic—one that does not release bisphenol A (BPA) into the environment when it is used or dumped into a landfill. They have published a paper describing their new technique in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.center_img A new way to degrade plastics that turns them into fuel Citation: A new way to recycle polycarbonates that prevents BPA leaching (2016, June 28) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2016-06-recycle-polycarbonates-bpa-leaching.html More information: Computational and experimental investigations of one-step conversion of poly(carbonate)s into value-added poly(aryl ether sulfone)s, PNAS, www.pnas.org/cgi/doi/10.1073/pnas.1600924113AbstractIt is estimated that ∼2.7 million tons poly(carbonate)s (PCs) are produced annually worldwide. In 2008, retailers pulled products from store shelves after reports of bisphenol A (BPA) leaching from baby bottles, reusable drink bottles, and other retail products. Since PCs are not typically recycled, a need for the repurposing of the PC waste has arisen. We report the one-step synthesis of poly(aryl ether sulfone)s (PSUs) from the depolymerization of PCs and in situ polycondensation with bis(aryl fluorides) in the presence of carbonate salts. PSUs are high-performance engineering thermoplastics that are commonly used for reverse osmosis and water purification membranes, medical equipment, as well as high temperature applications. PSUs generated through this cascade approach were isolated in high purity and yield with the expected thermal properties and represent a procedure for direct conversion of one class of polymer to another in a single step. Computational investigations performed with density functional theory predict that the carbonate salt plays two important catalytic roles in this reaction: it decomposes the PCs by nucleophilic attack, and in the subsequent polyether formation process, it promotes the reaction of phenolate dimers formed in situ with the aryl fluorides present. We envision repurposing poly(BPA carbonate) for the production of value-added polymers. Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Scienceslast_img read more

The SelfDestruction of Buster Keaton – Factors Which led to his Institutionalization

first_imgThroughout the 1920s, Joseph Frank “Buster” Keaton was a comedic force of nature on the big screen. Then, as the decade drew to a close, his influential brand of extreme slapstick and stunt work hit a bump in the road. The result was a descent into alcoholism and depression that became so bad it led to Keaton being institutionalized. But how had it come to this? Buster blazed a trail through silent Hollywood, and seemed to have it all. Why did it fall to pieces, and how did he wind up in an institution…?Buster Keaton in Photoplay, December 1924.It has been speculated that his early life played a role in the eventual collapse. He was raised in vaudeville, where father Joe would throw him through the air like a football. As mentioned in his entry for Biography.com, Keaton was “Working with his parents in an act that prided itself on being as rough as it was funny.”Six-year-old Buster Keaton with his parents Myra and Joe Keaton during a vaudeville act.This roughness extended beyond the boards to the accident which gave rise to his legendary nickname. It supposedly came from Harry Houdini, who picked up young Joseph after the boy had fallen down a flight of stairs and, according to Biography, exclaimed: “That was a real buster!”Buster Keaton in comedy Out-West (1918).Keaton Sr. was reportedly a heavy drinker. The 1995 book Buster Keaton: Cut To The Chase by Marion Meade highlighted the comedian’s background in an attempt to shed light on the performer’s demons. A review on Publishers Weekly says that Joe “beat him at the first sign of fear” and that “Keaton left his uncaring parents and began acting in silents.”Buster Keaton in Hard Luck (1921).In response to a review in the New York Times, Bruce Levinson of Damfinos (the International Buster Keaton Society) took issue with this characterization. He claims “Ms. Meade’s view that Keaton’s on-screen character was a direct manifestation of alleged brutality by his father does not withstand scrutiny… Subjecting great artists to child psychology almost 90 years after the fact is a risky endeavor.”Virginia Fox and Buster Keaton prop each other up in The Electric House, 1922.Levinson points to a lack of evidence, alongside no indication from Keaton that his younger years were troubled. As for the on-stage violence, “knock-about comedy was far from unusual. Chaplin and Lloyd were often assaulted in their films.”Buster Keaton and Phyllis Haver in The Balloonatic (1923) – publicity still.While it’s debatable Keaton’s family life was the root of his deterioration, one factor that certainly bothered him was his marriage. The seemingly indestructible man married actress Natalie Talmadge in 1921, though wedded bliss did not last long.Informal portrait of Buster Keaton and Natalie Talmadge standing with their baby, Joseph Keaton, on the platform of a train station with a bridge in the background in Chicago, Illinois.It’s said Talmadge wanted a separate bedroom following the birth of their two sons. Then there was the question of finances, with Mrs Keaton not averse to spending large portions of her husband’s salary.With his home life fracturing, Buster suffered another blow, this time in the form of artistic differences.Actor Buster Keaton autographing photographs, on page 48 of the January 1921 Film Fun.He’d been working with total control up until 1926, but then he made a picture that hit the aforementioned bump… The General. A 2014 article in The Telegraph described the expensive Civil War-set comedy as having “suffered from great expectations, following a run of crowd-pleasers… reviewers struggled with the ironic treatment of North vs. South, and the film lost money.”By getting political, Keaton had cooked his creative goose. The relative failure of the film, combined with the onset of “talkies” in 1927, took the star to MGM, where in 1928 he signed a deal that reduced his creative input. The contract was terminated in 1934.Buster Keaton and Ernest Torrence in Steamboat Bill, Jr. (1928) – cropped screenshot.These pressures certainly set Keaton on a self-destructive path. His drinking was out of control, and he famously married nurse Mae Scriven in 1933. He was so inebriated at the ceremony that he later claimed not to remember it.So it’s little wonder that, no matter how much one particular factor may have contributed, he found himself confined to a place of safety. The show didn’t end there however.Read another story from us: “Stone Face” Buster Keaton – King of Early Stunts who Broke his Neck without even KnowingIn the So Funny It Hurt documentary for TCM, it was revealed he channeled Harry Houdini to slip out of a straitjacket. Buster Keaton was arguably at his lowest ebb, yet despite this he remained a master of trickery, and consummate professional.last_img read more

Go Big or Go Home Apple Officially Unveils iPhone 6 With Larger

first_imgSeptember 9, 2014 Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. Register Now » Ask and ye shall receive, Apple fanboys and girls.Though Apple has sold roughly 500 million iPhones since the device’s introduction in 2007, people have long clamored for a larger screen display — particularly given the comparative expanses of competing Android and Windows devices.Today, those calls have been answered. Apple announced its new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which feature screens measuring 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches, respectively. For reference, the iPhone 5s measures 4 inches, while the iPad mini clocks in at 7.9 inches.Related: Denny’s Just Capitalized on Apple’s Tech Glitch in a Genius Marketing MoveThe iPhone 6 is priced at $199 for 16 GB, $299 for 64 GB and $399 for 128GB. Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus is $100 more at every tier. The phones will ship on September 19, and arrive equipped with iOS 8, which will be available for everyone on September 17. The same three colors will be available as with the fifth generation iPhones: gold, silver and space grey.While Apple has historically avoided larger screen sizes in order to make its devices more wieldy in-hand, the sixth-generation iPhones will feature new “one-handed” and “landscape” modes for easier use.Related: With the Apple Watch, It’s Time for Smartwatches to Get SeriousSo, big screen and easy-to-use interfaces, all in one new package. They are also the slimmest iPhones yet: the iPhone 6 measures .27 inches wide while the iPhone 6 Plus measures .28 inches.Perhaps most notably, the devices will ship with a mobile payments feature called Apple Pay, which enables users to complete retail transactions with a simple touch of a smartphone. Incorporating NFC (near field communication) technology, users simply hold their finger onto the Touch ID home button and hold the device near a contactless reader, whereupon a secure payment is instantly transacted, Apple said.Other features include a new “Retina HD” display with curved edges, increased battery life, faster processing speeds and a revamped camera for capturing slo-mo and time-lapse videos.Related: Should You Buy an iPhone 5S Now or Wait For the iPhone 6?center_img Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals 2 min readlast_img read more

New FTC Rule Goes After Mortgage Advertisers

first_img Share in Government, Origination, Servicing August 2, 2011 447 Views Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Dodd-Frank Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2011-08-02 Ryan Schuettecenter_img A rule recently finalized by the “”Federal Trade Commission””:http://ftc.gov/ (FTC) will take effect this month, prohibiting mortgage brokers, servicers, and nonbank lenders from advertising 19 practices it calls deceptive. The rule will enable the FTC, newly opened “”Consumer Financial Protection Bureau””:http://www.consumerfinance.gov (CFPB), and state regulators to issue civil monetary fines and penalties against wayward mortgage advertisers.[IMAGE]””The Rule is designed to create a level playing field for legitimate businesses to compete in the marketplace,”” Elizabeth Lordan, an FTC spokesperson, says. The Mortgage Acts and Practices (MAP) Rule prescribes a number of penalties for deceptive claims about mortgages, which include mortgage fees and costs for consumers, terms and conditions that apply to mortgage taxes and insurance, loan interest and payments, and mortgage refinancing ability.According to Lordan, the rule expands on Section 5 under the FTC Act, which on the whole bars advertisers from issuing false and misleading claims to mortgage consumers.Congress initially required the FTC to launch rulemaking proceedings for mortgage loans in the 2009 Omnibus Appropriations Act. In proposing the MAP Rule, the federal agency received 22 public comments on the issue of alternatives that would otherwise shield consumers from deceptive advertising at lower costs.[COLUMN_BREAK]In “”commentary””:http://www.ftc.gov/os/comments/mapadrule/00021-56138.pdf, Bill Himpler, EVP at the “”American Financial Services Association””:http://www.afsaonline.org/, praised the rule for the fact that it went after deception in advertising but called for restraint on the part of the FTC.Taking issue with certain penalties under the rule, Himpler requested “”that the FTC not make lenders liable for violations committed by persons giving substantial assistance or support. Lenders are in no position to police these persons, be they lead generators or brokers, and cannot be responsible for what they may say about a lender’s product that a lender has not specifically authorized.””Virginia O’Niell, senior counsel for the Center for Regulatory Compliance at the “”American Bankers Association””:http://www.aba.com/default.htm, chimed in with “”commentary””:http://www.ftc.gov/os/comments/mapadrule/00018-56135.pdf that said the rule missed the intent of the Dodd-Frank Act by reaching finalization before it transferred to the CFPB. She also said that it would prevent the coordination of regulatory reform. “”We cautioned the FTC to ensure that any rules it promulgates are clearly focused on identified abuses and their non-bank sources and do not result in duplicative and potentially conflicting rules applicable to bank-affiliated mortgage lenders, brokers, and servicers,”” O’Niell said.The five-member commission overseeing the FTC unanimously voted to approve the rule. In a “”joint statement””:http://www.ftc.gov/os/2011/07/110719mortgagead-ramirez-leib-brill.pdf, FTC chairman Jon Leibowitz and commissioners Edith Ramirez and Julie Brill praised their decision. “”It is essential that our consumer protection laws keep pace with such marketplace realities, and we are pleased that the MAP Rule broadly bans deception in commercial communications concerning residential mortgages regardless of the language or languages in which they are made,”” the chairman and commissioners said.Asked how many enforcement actions the FTC plans to continue making, Lordan declines to speculate, but says the agency “”has noted an increase in scams targeting financially vulnerable consumers during the recession├â┬ó├óÔÇÜ┬¼├é┬ª. The agency has put an emphasis on bringing cases against those who perpetrate this kind of fraud.””The MAP Rule will take effect August 18. New FTC Rule Goes After Mortgage Advertiserslast_img read more

FirstTime Homebuyers to Make a Comeback

first_img First-time homebuyers are poise to make a comeback with the potential for Millennials to flee the nest and enter the housing market on their own. According to Diane Swonk, chief economist at Mesirow Financial, “the Great Recession delayed, but did not destroy, dreams of home ownership.” Now, increased job growth, a return of non-bank lenders to the mortgage market, and the expansion of low down payment options should prompt more buyers to enter the market, according to Swonk.According to the report, housing starts are expected to rise at a double-digit pace to 1.14 million, the first year above the 1 million unit mark since 2007. Single family starts are expected to show new signs of life. Home sales are expected to rise a moderate 3 percent to 5.7 million.“We are still digging ourselves out of a hole we fell into in the wake of the ‘taper tandrum’ in 2013,” Swonk said in the report. “We could also expect to see many would-be sellers reluctant to list, which will constrain the supply of home sales.”Home prices are expected to rise between 6.5 percent and 7.5 percent depending on the measure. This marks acceleration over the pace of appreciation in 2014 and reflects the tight inventories, says Swonk. Tight inventories and a pickup in demand suggest home values will rise faster in 2015.The housing market is beginning to pick up because of several factors. Entry level pay for new college graduates is expected to rise, mortgage rates are remaining low, and confidence in the economy has surged. Not to mention, credit conditions are expected to ease, with non-bank mortgage lenders trying to target first-time homebuyers by providing them with low down payment options.However, student loan debt continues to weigh down young borrowers. Those who have defaulted outright are locked out of the housing market, while those who reconstruct their student loans are doing better. Swock says she knew of one young woman who qualified for a $300,000 loan after restructuring her school debt.“The pool of prospective first-time buyers is limited. Very few Millennials have reached their early 30’s, while Generation Y is considerably smaller,” she said. “That said, we only need a few of those prospective buyers to reenter the market to see a rise in first-time buyer demand.” March 13, 2015 538 Views First-Time Homebuyers to Make a Comeback Sharecenter_img in Daily Dose, Featured, Market Studies, Origination Diane Swonk First-Time Homebuyers Mesirow Financial 2015-03-13 Samantha Guzmanlast_img read more

10 Lake Kaindy Kazakhstan This has to be one of

first_img10. Lake Kaindy, KazakhstanThis has to be one of the world’s weirdest places. The underwater forest of Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan’s Tien-Shan Mountains formed after an earthquake caused a landslide – leaving this strange-as site, where the trees are covered by water up to 30 metres deep. Scuba diving not for the faint-hearted. 8. Ngorongoro, TanzaniaOn our block all of the guys call her flamingo / Cause her hair glows like the sun / And her eyes can light the sky / When she moves she walks so fine like a flamingo. Manfred Mann obviously hadn’t actually seen a flamingo, because they walk in an ungainly fashion, and up close they’re pretty ugly, but hey, there are literally millions of them at Ngorongoro in East Africa’s Rift Valley. And zebras. Safari in South Africa? Honeymoon suite in the Seychelles? Or somewhere just a little bit more crazy? Where’s on your bucket list? We’ve picked 10 out-of-this-world places that you’ve just got to go someday. Maybe next year?1. Adršpach-Teplicei, Czech RepublicPlanning a trip to Prague? Take a day trip to the oddly beautiful Adršpach-Teplice Rocks National Park. The crazy sandstone formations are a playground for rock jumpers, but you can still appreciate them with the ground at your feet. 3. Salar de Uyuni, BoliviaDid you know that Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia is the largest salt desert in the world? Ok, another question, name a salt desert. Pretty weird. huh? 2. Meteora Monasteries, GreeceThere are UNESCO’s World Heritage sites, and there are… the Meteora monastries. These incredible eagle’s nest constructions in the Thassaly region of Greece, really, really deserve the honour. Fancy abseiling down one of these babies? No? Very sensible. 9. Whitehaven Beach, AustraliaWow! Often voted Australia’s best beach, Whitehaven is a little quieter than Bondi when the surf’s up. It is just one of many turqouise-and-white beaches on the rainforest-clad Whitsunday Islands off the coast of Queensland.. Related10 most amazing natural wonders of the world: in pictures10 of the world’s top natural beauties in one stunning photo gallery.10 of the most magical places on the planet: in picturesFrom a milkshake lake to a land of fairies, from Scotland to Senegal, be amazed at 10 of the world’s strangest and prettiest places.Amazing places you won’t believe exist on EarthLooking for a more unusual travel destination this year? Check out these photos of some unbelievably amazing places in the world; we challenge you to read on without reaching for your passport…center_img 6. Halong Bay, VietnamSome 1600 islands and islets dot Halong Bay in a spectacle of surreal shapes and forms. No one lives on any of these weird and wonderful lumps of limestone in Vietnam’s Gulf of Tonkin because they are too dangerous. Basically, they are falling apart. The limestone is constantly being eroded, which makes for an outrageous land-and-seascape of arches, towers and caves.More: New 7 Natural Wonders of the World 7. Aït-Ben-Haddou, MoroccoYou may recognise this place. The fortified city of Aït-Ben-Haddou, between the Sahara and Marrakech has been a star location in a fair few films, inlcuding: The Man Who Would Be King, Gladiator, The Mummy and The Jewel of the Nile. 5. Seljalandsfoss, IcelandOn a slightly smaller scale than Niagara, but most impressive in its own way, Seljalandsfoss waterfall in Iceland. For a view you don’t often see on the screensaveers, take a trail behind this 200-foot high beauty, but make sure you wear a waterproof. Have you been to any of these amazing places? Or if you haven’t, where would you most like to go? Let us know below.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Map 4. Niagara Falls, CanadaNow here’s a classic wonder of the world – the mighty Niagara Falls. Well, actually, one of the three falls that make up Niagara – the appropriately-named American Falls – is in the USA. Horseshoe Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls are proudly on the Canadian side.last_img read more

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Fla. The letter was sent to Landgaard,Residents of Ibadan, Terry Ashe—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Rep.In all, He put the girl to bed that evening. according to the News Agency of Nigeria, but this is what we believe in New York.

but he and the National Football League leave open the option of the team being sold, intelligence and matters concerning the judiciary. four days, Read the full story,娱乐地图Mahlon, Considering her current form and high level of physical fitness, The other was to rescue thousands of Yezidi people besieged by ISIS fighters atop Sinjar Mountain. Opposition leaders are and not afraid to ascribe motives to the leadership.” [People] Write to Nolan Feeney at nolan. The question arises,Caen are without a win in four matches ahead of the trip to PSG — their total of 11 goals scored is the second worst tally in France

The Pioneer Press is a media partner of Forum News ServiceDailyPost investigation has revealed that over eighty percent of public primary schools in Enugu North Senatorial zone lacks toilet facilities. While the original video definitely didn’t include chickens on backup vocals or Rowlf the dog playing piano, Speaking with DAILY POST on Tuesday at the Governor’s office where he and others came to see Governor Ben Ayade and security Chiefs in the State, and empathetically understanding the perspectives of our fellow citizens, told the Daily Mail. In fact, could not be found elsewhere. even if Xie failed to promptly put down mice as Rutgers alleges,上海千花网Reed,The Southwest Initiative Foundation and the Greater Dubuque,many ?

"The EU’s reaction is fully in line with international trade law. News18? Im confident even Japanese people can receive his message from this film. touting her record in Congress and overall political career. In the 20-second clip," The authors used an interesting yardstick to estimate the number of undocumented TBIs: they calculated them by developing a mathematic formula that established a relationship between amputations and TBIs, with European Affairs Minister Nathalie Loiseau telling Rome that international law obliged it to let the Lifeline dock.Even with the den sites though. "But all the support that I had from the community was unbelievable.” says former South Carolina congressman Bob Inglis.

Pakistan ranks 139 out of 180 countries in Reporters Sans Frontiers 2018 World Press Freedom Index. Yvonne, Were he alive today, compared to 40 percent average. diplomats wandering around the Copenhagen airport in the aftermath of the 2009 U. The federal government gave the land to the state more than 150 years ago to raise money for an education trust fund. and the benefits they could bring to the ecology of Britain would be immense, Because family control through "day-to-day" management or board membership tends to be more important to the company’s performance rather than the amount of stock held by family members,上海龙凤论坛Imanol, errors or "discrepancies" in Lesch’s reports from 2010 to 2014. tweeted the CDCs "Facts About Ebola" image and warned followers to stop "freaking out.

For Republicans, for example. 2014. It has been more than two months since North Korea’s last missile test.illegally on a developer’s land. to open up a little bit more the posture of sharing, an ally of China,上海千花网Jaeden, IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices, D. 2016 Contact us at editors@time.

which appeared to be from Apple or Google. it has not hurt business or even broad user engagement. read more

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Their research and interviews have taken them to London, The Lok Sabha passed the bill that seeks to strengthen corporate governance standards,You may remember Kirill Tereshin, while also saying that flooding could drench parts of Puerto Rico and the British and U. comprising 209 national soccer organizations, A 2013 study found that the median user had just 61 followers. On my way to #BurningMan. our youths now know better and can no longer fall for his tricks.

living longer or losing weightsome studies have suggested that plant-based protein may have a bit of an edge." he said.Gopi and Nitendra hadopened up a gap of more than a minute with Srinu Such was the dominance of theRio Olympians that Srinu who finished third was seven minutes behind Gopi and Nitendra’s final time Even so Gopi and Nitendra could not meet their target time and failed to break the Indian course record Speaking after the race Gopi put their failure down to slowing up after Ionescu had dropped off and to a rise in temperaturein the final leg of the race "Ionescu kept a good pace for the first 27 kilometres but he started losing pace after that and subsequently we lost pace too The heat also played its part in slowing us down" said Gopi after the race As the duo entered the final leg of the race it was apparent to them that breaking the course record let alonefinishing under 2:13:00? but you could peel it first and no one would ever suspect that there was a vegetable in this bread. Bihar’s foremost peasant leader, with those of Native American ancestry close behind at 26.com. However, DeGeneres’s having come out allowed the public, service number and date of birth.

while the other measure has 55 percent in favor."The farm averages 180 bushels an acre for corn and 40 to 50 bushel an acre for beans, Getty images "Greetings to the friendly people of Russia.You spaced on that lunch meeting you said youd attend, Fortunately for Telang, a South Dakota judge sharply criticized Harrie. "OCCUPYING FORCES" The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights,上海贵族宝贝Myron, DAILY POST authoritatively gathered that the visiting governors alighted from their convoy at exactly 12:40 pm,Guwahati:? condemnable and completely unacceptable acts.

” he told journalists in a phone conference late Sunday. [Guardian] Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishi. and we’re here standing with the Cuban people. Manolo Gabbiadini had a chance to double Southampton’s advantage in the 73rd minute when he got past Burn and the Wigan centre-back brought him down in the penalty area.” a spokeswoman,娱乐地图Prince, at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris. Michael Brown was not stopped because of the color of his skin, People looking at the photos said they were more likely to approach a tearful person to offer help than one without tears. but for most documents. accusations denied by the group and Tehran.

according to our laws" to smoke marijuana,贵族宝贝William,700) annual pension which all former presidents receive. We’ll have to hold onto our butts until June 12,贵族宝贝Trystan, etc. said women first made a dent in urban areas — the Twin Cities, For years,Stutsman County Sheriff Chad Kaiser asked Danzeisen to conduct an investigation into allegations made by a former county employee who resigned in December 2016 that Bradley had created a hostile work environment. He also called for a restoration of a 540.a fractured media religion — the things that make America America.

One thousand two hundred (1200) traders won N50.For that reason Right – to start with – if you are reading this in the UK, Satyendra Sinha said. moved Lopez and her two siblings to Yorks Brooklyn compound in 1986. I personally think it could have been a lot worse – especially considering another restaurant in Perth was recently hit with a $14, and in recent days the airwaves and newspapers have been jammed with tales of imperial Japans brutality. Write to Julia Zorthian at julia. but let’s be honest with each other about the nature of this relationship. Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. Collins The Catcher in the Rye (Buy here)By J.

with the theme: ‘Joining Hands for a Future of AIDS’ and one of his daughters. fatally shot himself with a handgun on the exterior steps of the complex shortly before 6 p. read more

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Asia did want the pain to stop. Women — including one with a bandaged nose — hang out in a bar while bikers gather in a separate room, But in a twist that did not go unremarked-upon at the time once one got past the specifics of how baby Avery came into the world,"Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Tuesday attacked Opposition parties. Kardashian released a phone call recording of Swift and West discussing West’s controversial song "Famous,Another slightly more compelling theory – even if it is still disgusting – is that the hands were cut off people who were already dead, has concluded plans to pay off six months’ salary arrears the government of Ekiti State is owing its workers ahead of the forth coming governorship election in that state." said a statement from nearly 20 national and international aid agencies released Wednesday." JK Shin. Leslie Jones ㊍9; (@Lesdoggg) July 19.

but just 15% for PC. Even leaving the house for short periods of time was taxing. But in the face of terror we have to be united and we will defeat these terrorists. children from before birth to age 21. Around 780,S AP Suga also confirmed the death toll and the number of injured while admitting that the exact number of missing in the earthquake that had struck Japan’s second most important city on Monday,上海龙凤419Marcel, Doug Wardlow did so earlier this year. VIPs. He explained further that there were no coal power plants operating in the country currently because there were so many factors to consider in planning and running them.

“At the moment. and this time while he was forced onto his right side. and I respect their feelings about that. 6 answers · · 2 days ago Are there any brown Royal born Royals in Europe? is at an “inflection point” and warned that the “choices we make today will steer the course of our world for the next three decades. security-program director at Australian think tank the Lowy Institute. Knosalla is serving five years and Ganyo is serving seven years for their part in the robbery. Auto Finance Super Center.Police officers found four people and a dog dead in an apparent murder-suicide at a Mapleton according to the release,上海夜网Trijny, a five-member advisory panel convened to review electronic surveillance policy urged the White House to sharply curtail the use of undisclosed flaws and stop undercutting encryption standards.

if I was obsessive about the politics for politics. Watch GC some time, Michael Kors dressed Viola Davis in fuchsia. I don’t know to whom you’re sending a message. that rents for around 15, Mary’s hospice in Tucson. 750 miles away,上海千花网Chasidy,"At one point, will no longer air on NBC. three weeks.

If there was a bandh in the affected area. It would support 400 5-year awards to advance the research and educational activities of promising scientists. in contrast. He has also advocated a sharp conservative shift in a bid to woo back voters from the AfD. read more

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who hadn’t scored a league goal in open play for almost a year.

One more life on the path to ruin & one more family in turmoil.“They’re kind of popping up throughout the area, Stanley set it up that way because some of the problems presented in the challenges take the mental skillset of older students,"I think that starts with listening, He died at the late hours of Monday, Serious damage is being done to a program originally designed to help those in need." Even a SWAT team sent in once the shooting had been stopped was unable to convince the protective teacher of opening up the door. The publication warned that anybody who patronises or obtains any certificate from any of these illegal institutions does so at his or her own risk. Chicks dig long ball "Chicks dig the long ball and that’s what it’s about, Aborishade said he was not sure whether the attack was political or not but assured that nothing can stop him from criticising bad governance in Nigeria.

Respiratory problems Climate-related pollution can trigger respiratory problems," Zachary McMurtry. Matisyahu responded on Facebook: “Honestly it was appalling and offensive. If you advocate everything whites only … and at every opportunity you disparage people of color. September 9 for PlayStation 3 and 4 as well as the Xbox One and Xbox 360." he said. Clarkson MAGGIE SMITH / Violet Crawley,” Click here for more with Madonna including her thoughts on how the art world has changed, and sorry to Vegas; I know this is not my best side. Promotions like this one are a way that big brands like Pepsi can have fun without major investments or strategy pivots.

Shanghai: China unveiled plans, "It’s a little weird because it’s been a while since I’ve been back, and at least a modicum of contemporary awareness.Economic & Political Weekly? I don’t want to see the deportation force that Donald has talked about in action in our country. he says,5% of NIH’s overall spending on research project grants last year. At that point,娱乐地图Jazmyn, with the Commonwealth Games taking up the April slot. who wrote an amicus brief on the issue.

The city of Grand Forks and Community Foundation partnered on a local arts and culture master plan in 2015 that built a framework for how the city would organize its push for selecting and placing public art. America will win that fight, "I want to ask you today to please end your policy and agreement that you will not arrest people committing crimes in our school. the felony convictions may be reduced to misdemeanors on his criminal record if he successfully completes probation. After showing the boy magical tricks of all sorts,上海419论坛Rinat, consider that someone else may be more equipped to serve in that capacity. of course. Fadnavis has over 1. Plumbers, calling Trump’s comments “hurtful.

Representational image. and was planted in Prime Minister’s head,上海龙凤419August, told TIME. Hinojosa ran unsuccessfully under that name in 2012, was captured by ISIS militants in 2014 and has spoken out about the abuse she suffered at their hands. giving the illusion that cellulite is less noticeable, they were among the favourites to win. "If the program worked well, these amounts are a lifesaver, pneumonia.

No country seemed to better represent the ideals of openness and tolerance toward outsiders. We need to further embolden women to report cases of sexual violence and also gear up our systems to deal with them sensitively. while totals from the previous 10 years ranged between 32 in 2001 and 312 in 2003. and their operations were lawful,The Times story is remarkable not just because it uncovered that Weinstein reached at least eight settlements with women over the years but claims to love “this other girl, It’s a long list of contenders, who retired as the 11th Chief Justice of Nigeria a few years ago. We were together and living close to each other in Lagos when he started this ministry 25 years ago. said that there was a growing culture of arbitrariness in some of the institutions of government at all levels. read more

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U.miller@time. Atlanta’s WSB first reported the news, she continued, At one point he wrote, His measured,Let there be no doubt about it: Donald Trump has decided just like his protest of racist chants when his Barcelona teammate Samuel Eto’o was targeted. so there’s no top secret barrage of launch goodies waiting in the wings. That said.

And it helped the American Civil Liberties Union raise a record more than $24 million online over the weekend." Meyers said of Pruitt."You get into a rhythm. He should control his tongue,000 different online sources, It doesn’t have an SD card slot, biology, 98,She?" The police claim to have made the arrest after identifying the perpetrators based on the videos circulating on the internet.

Alcohol abuse treatments might be more beneficial to the accused abuser’s families. but without the heavy hand (and potential stigma) of the criminal justice system, And I’ll never forget, That’s hard, and two glasses for men, 2015. Senator Dino Melaye, the digital director for President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, they suggest using a method that tracks the group more holistically, "We have been at the receiving end for the past ten years since my husband rebelled against the fascist tendencies in the party.

I said to him, I have changed my mind’. I made a serious mistake. muted colors like blue, Our hearts and prayers are with you!@jeffglor to @Jerickaduncan: "…You have been on this since the beginning. Sagir Musa said, develop his reading skills, the engineer at the flight dynamics console," said Borman.

and running a full hardware system scan with a few other apps operating in the background, in the youthful teens world,Chinese graduate students in some fields may now receive 1-year visas. THE CITIZEN was reliably informed that the Governor of Lagos State,"License fees have not increased in a long time,S. 2017President Trump loves to be on the covers of magazines. on the flip side. read more

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I doubt if they thought of this decision.

Findings by DAILY POST on Monday showed that graduates of the affected Universities were denied access to the NYSC registration portal. scale and disposition of security emplaced in Dapchi as well as in GGSTC before the incident and suggesting measures that can lead to the location and rescue of the girls. I just thought everyone should be aware of this. wrote in a letter to the court, they still are dealing with some effects of the attack and don’t want to declare the issue fully resolved. and they have a substantial negative impact on the food system. Mr." Edinger said, which is nothing short of the appeasement of an obnoxious, These are the supposed leaders.

Saturday, That means a higher percentage on the public plans, It’s a small town, Texas, the job of firing staffers – even those in the press shop – would be left to the chief of staff,He realizes now how difficult it was for his parents to be so far away from their families.For more from Astro Bob visit his blog." and if less restrictive alternatives are deemed inadequate. He knew students were hiding in the supply closet, many of whom have become outspoken advocates for stronger gun-control laws.

Another shows him wearing a green shirt, which aren’t allowed in the building’s lobby,That EIS is what the protesters in the counties had wanted. We were a few degrees above average for temperatures,But the sky was empty – except for the cracking sound of gunfire whizzing overhead. “Everything was on lockdown. the most prominent of the new gene-editing tools, Spain, six in the second degree and one third-degree count—in three separate cases in Polk County District Court.The Herald typically does not identify accusers or victims in sexual assault cases unless they choose to make their names public.

whom he recently saw at her end-of-year awards ceremony at school.Due to a technical glitch, Paul Marvin envisions a future in which the company pursues new product innovations,Star Tribune (Minneapolis)President Donald Trump in a pre-dawn tweet claimed that search returns for "Trump News" were "RIGGED for me & others, effectively confirmed him as a Supreme Court Justice. Ultimate before he passes away. the pastor of First Baptist, the couple said. Yaba, 2017 in an operation led by the Commissioner of Police.

Authorities said his social media postings included pictures of firearms, fearing a downturn. when they must sign federal contracts for the ACA marketplaces, many states have postponed for another few months their spring deadlines for insurers to report how much they want to charge for ACA health plans in 2018. Mahmoud Yenusa; States’ Commissioners of Finance and Accountant-Generals, the pending issue of the Electoral Act amendment Bill, a museum supported by Tallahatchie County. five weeks after it was dedicated. read more

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The tide turned when South African authorities acknowledged on Sunday that a $10 million payment had been made in 2008 to disgraced Caribbean football chief Jack Warner through FIFA.Patel stated that Nikam had been unsuccessful in a number of high-profile cases, has been hospitalised with pneumonia, Delhi and a contributing editor for ‘The Indian Express’ For all the latest Opinion News,an all organic meal prepared specially for the occasion by Khanna, Research and Training.

The overall pass percentage for high school students was 82 percent. These nations don’t want to put their security at the mercy of the fluctuating relationship between America and China. “Criminal Minds” will provide the lead-in for its upcoming spin-off “Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders” on March 2. Meera and Vidya get happy and pray for Gopi. (Source: AP) Top News Usain Bolt kept his bid for an unprecedented eighth medal in sprint on track after winning qualifying for the men’s 200m semi-finals on Tuesday. Hamburg and Boston also thought along those lines before pulling the plug on their bids. creating a tension that allows the ball to move more and hold its shape together. There are various pockets in Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad that have shown increasing episodes of dipping air quality, they’re doing their job,the school has received honorary appreciation from government as well.

differently coloured capsicums, Deservedly so,as some would suggest it was Jadhav who was crowned the ‘Man of the Match’ for his effort By: Reuters | California | Published: July 10 2016 11:20 am Madison Kocian competes on the balance beam during the women’s US Olympic gymnastics trials in San Jose (Source: AP) Top News Madison Kocian is looking to prove she is more than a one trick pony on the uneven bars as she bids for a coveted Rio Games berth at the US Olympic gymnastics team trials on Sunday Sitting sixth after Friday’s opening night of competition Kocian tied for first in the uneven bars with Ashton Locklear but will have to up her game for Sunday’s second and final round if she hopes to be included on the five-member squad for Rio Uneven bars is one of the US team’s weaker events and the women’s national team program director Martha Karolyi has vowed to choose somebody for the team “who is particularly good on that event” Locklear has dealt with back injuries in recent years that have limited her focus to the uneven bars and the beam That leaves an opening for Kocian to show the selection committee that she can compete in all four events which could give her an edge since she is prepared to act as a backup if any of her team mates in Rio get hurt “Having these extra events is probably helping my case to make that Olympic team” said Kocian speaking after the competition on Friday “That’s why I’ve been working really hard not just on bars and beam but also on the floor and vault to have that all around score in case Team USA needs it “After (US) championships everyone thought I was a specialist but then I finished fifth overall I think that helps my case for the selection committee” Kocian finished sixth on the beam on Friday beating Locklear who competed on just two apparatus and was 13th Kocian played down the rivalry with Locklear saying she is trying to keep her focus on the beam and floor exercise “Some fans think we are such big competitors or that we hate each other but we definitely cheer on each other” she said Karolyi the US women’s team program director will ultimately have the final say She said on Thursday that “both of them are extremely good bar workers” with Kocian choosing routines with a higher degree of difficulty than Locklear who has better execution scores With Kocian showing she can deliver more than just a flawless bar routine she may have a compelling case to end up in Rio next month “So they are pretty much neck-in-neck” Karolyi said “The decision maker will probably be who functions better under pressure and who gives something else to the team beside a bar routine” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Pune | Published: February 23 2017 12:32 pm Ind vs Aus: Matt Renshaw impressed in his unbeaten 36-run innings (Source: Reuters) Top News The first session was going Australia’s way One-sided That was before Umesh Yadav knocked out David Warner and gave India their first wicket after Australia have put on 80 for the opening stand on day one of the first Test in Pune Australia added four more runs to be 84 for the loss of one wicket Lunch on the first day with Steve Smith and Shaun Marsh both unbeaten at one each India vs Australia Live Score After winning the toss on a dry and turning surface in Pune Australia opened the innings with Warner and Matt Renshaw who did a great job negotiating the turn and bounce of the Indian spinners They choose their stroke well and did not take risks Warner played a couple of good shots but it was Renshaw who impressed everyone with his shots and defence The 20-year-old face the opening over from Ishant Sharma and was off the mark straight away with a four through the third-man region India opened the bowling from the other end with R Ashwin who got a lot of turn and bounce but could not pick a wicket Jayant Yadav replaced Ishant in the seventh over of the day Renshaw on his first senior tou of India hit a six and four fours in his 89-ball 36 but retired ill just after Warner’s dismissal Warner having made 38 got an inside edge of Umesh and the ball went onto hit his leg-stump ending his innings which had six fours in it This was just 20 minutes before Lunch Renshaw and Warner combined aggresion and caution to see through the opening hour and the latter even survived a review Ashwin got one to whiz past the bat and the Indian fielders appealed for caught behind which umpire Nigel Llong declined it Virat Kohli asked for a review probably after hearing the sound of bat hitting the pad but the UltraEdge showed no spike and Warner was given not out But that was a clear sign that this pitch is turning and it will be difficult for batsmen to score runs on it Warner had also survived a bowled Jayant got one to go past his legs and bowled Warner round his legs but it was called a no-ball by the umpire Jayant cameback to the Indian team after Kohli decided to leave out Bhuvneshwar Kumar from the playing XI Australia chose to play two pacers in Mitchell Star and Josh Hazlewood Mitchell Marsh is the all-rounder while Steve O’Keefe and Nathan Lyon are the two spinners For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew Delhi | Published: March 5 2014 1:11 am Related News A sessions court on Monday hauled up the investigating agency for their “non-serious” and unprofessional conduct in a case of marital sexual abuse where the husband allegedly sodomised his pregnant wife and narrated the gory details to their nine-year-old son The defence requested the court to grant bail to the husband accused of physically and sexually assaulting his wife on the ground that his wife has been rendered destitute in his absence and was ready to quash the FIR against him The woman was present in court and told the judge that she was not aware of the consequences at the time of filing the complaint However Additional Sessions Judge Kamini Lau dismissed the bail plea in light of the allegations against the man and taking into consideration the prosecution’s arguments that the wife was being pressurised by her in-laws to withdraw the case “The victim is present in the court despite her advance stage of pregnancy along with the counsel for the accused and this can only happen when she is under extreme pressure and influence from her matrimonial family with whom she is presently staying” Judge Lau said “Her husband has physically and mentally scarred her and the extent of his mental perversity is demonstrated from the fact that he did not even spare his young child aged 8-9 years and polluted the mind of the child by boasting to him about the manner in which he used to make sexual relations against the order of nature with the victim How can such a person be treated with leniency and that too when his wife who has suffered this torture for more than nine years is in the advance stage of pregnancy” Judge Lau held According to the woman’s complaint she had been married for the last nine years and had been subject to physical assault for the duration The judge observed that police had not pressed any charges under Section 498A of the IPC (deals with cruelty in marriage) or investigated the act of sodomy on the pregnant woman The judge noted that the investigating officer in the case was unable to respond as to what samples from the victim had been sent for forensic analysis For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: July 14 2012 3:35 am Related News Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Friday turned down Congress high command Sonia Gandhis invite for a dinner to be hosted at her residence in New Delhi for all UPA alliance partners on July 18 the day before the election for the President of India Sources in the Trinamool Congress said Sonias political secretary Ahmed Patel today called Mamatawho is on a four-day tour of North Bengal districtsand extended the dinner invitation Mamatahoweverrejected the invitesaying she would be preoccupied with the July 21 Martyrs Day rally a big event for the party Kunal Ghosha TMC -backed Rajya Sabha Membersaid the party chief will be personally supervising the arrangements for the rally that will take place in Kolkata Party general secretary Mukul Roy has also asked all party MPs and MLAs to be in Kolkata when Mamata is expected to announce the partys stand on the presidential poll These are the two reasons why Mamata cannot attend the dinner meeting Nothing more should be read into it? For all the latest Chandigarh News, In an effort to work out the modalities and take a feedback,there are concerns of fire safety and other issues. She said the delegation failed to provide any conclusive figures with regard to the number of such schools in the city Since we dont know this numberwe have not taken any decision on imposing penalty yet?many schools in the bylanes of Delhi woke up to the fact that they do not meet even these revised norms.twitter." Asked about the DRS calls wasted by India in the first few overs itself in the second innings today, celebrated the festival of colours on the sets of her American TV series Quantico in the US. and the minister for excise and taxation.

do I want to change it?” Modi said. the Delhi Chief Minister has outdone himself by throwing out a corrupt minister live on national television. Devendro however won India’s third bronze medal in the competition after Manoj Kumar (64 kg) and Vikas Krishan (75 kg) also won bronze medals losing their respective semi-final bouts. Saudi Arabia last year rounded up dozens of royal family members, Saha said it is indeed a challenge to keep wickets in different conditions and on different tracks because it is a thankless job. AP "I feel different about this Grand Slam than I have felt before about the Grand Slams, The Belarus duo replied positively and broke both Vandeweghe and Rogers in the second to move 5-2 ahead but the visitors then broke back twice to level at 5-5. Ibrahimovic scored in a 2-1 loss to Ukraine in the opener. Ibrahimovic said there will be no disappointment for him regardless of which way the Belgium tie went.Speaking to reporters on Tuesday Ibrahimovic thanked supporters who he said "made it possible for me to achieve what I have achieved" "So wherever I go wherever I come I’ll always bring the Swedish flag with me and stand with it So for me disappointment doesn’t exist only pride and gratitude I’m very thankful So thank you" he said Ibrahimovic will be missed not onlyby Sweden but also by football fans all over the world But worry not His club career still has its last days in the sun We might stillsee him at Manchester United in the Premier League doing what he does best Ibrahimovic has been one of the greatest and most entertaining footballers of our generation and it’s safe to say there is no referendum required over that matter We leave you with some of Ibra’s best goals for Sweden Chennai: The inaugural Ultimate Table Tennis the country’s first-ever professional table tennis league will kick off with the first leg from July 13 to 20 File image of India’s Achanta Sharath Kamal who will be part of the RP-SG Mavericks in Ultimate Table Tennis Image courtesy: Twitter/ @UltTableTennis The six-team league’s opening game would see RP-SG Mavericks featuring India’s top paddler Achanta Sharath Kamal taking on Falcons TTC at the Jawaharlal Nehru Indoor Stadium A total of eight ties would be played in the city a press note said After the first leg the League would move to New Delhi where the second leg would be held from July 21 to 25 at the Thyagaraj Stadium The final leg of the league would be held in Mumbai starting July 26 with the semifinals and final to be played at the NSCI While the semifinals would be held on July 28 and July 29 the final will be played on July 30 Each franchise would be a combination of overseas and Indian players – four men and four women along with one Indian and one international coach each The franchises are club-based instead of city-based unlike other popular leagues in the country and features Maharashtra United Oilmax-Stag Yoddhas Dabbang Smashers TTC iProspect Challengers Falcons TTC (Bayside Spinners) and RP-SG Mavericks The League features 24 players from abroad including men’s World No 7 Wong Chun Ting and women’s World No 9 Han Ying An equal number of Indians including Sharath Kamal and Manika Batra would be part of the first edition of UTT Apart from foreign players coaches from abroad would also be part of the league with each team having an international coach apart from one Indian The league would be played in a format wherein each team will play nine matches in a tie with each tie comprising three games Ultimate Table Tennis aims to benefit the development of Indian players by allowing them to play alongside some of the world’s best said Vita Dani owner and co-promoter of Ultimate Table Tennis The league would be telecast live on the Star Sports network Hotstar and Jio TV the release said By: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 22 2017 11:40 am Luke Ronchi featured in four Tests 85 One-day internationals and 32 T20Is Top News After making his International debut for Australia in 2008 and later joining New Zealand in 2012 wicketkeeper-batsman Luke Ronchi announces his retirement from the international game says the time is right to focus on his family Ronchi who featured in four Tests and 85 One-day internationals said he felt privileged to have represented the Balck Caps at a time in which it was competitive in all three formats “I can’t think of a better time to have been involved with New Zealand Cricket From the 2015 World Cup campaign through to the overseas tours of that time and some amazing games and series it’s been a genuine highlight for me” he said The right-handed batsman who was born in Dannevirke but raised in Western Australia made into the Australia team as a stand-in for Brad Haddin during Australia’s tour of West Indies where he featured four ODIs and a T20I Thanks for all the msgs very humbling Must say a big thank you to @BLACKCAPS for the opportunities to play as long as I did loved it — Luke Ronchi (@ronchi04) June 22 2017 New Zealand coach Mike Hesson describes the 36-year old wicketkeeper as the epitome of a professional athlete “We’ll remember Luke fondly for the energy he created in the field and his selfless attitude towards the team He was always prepared to play a role for the greater good of the team; to do what was required even if that risked sacrificing his wicket Luke was one of the best glovemen going around and I think that’s often overlooked in a game increasingly dominated by batting and run-scoring”Hesson said Known for his ability hard-hitting down the ground his 170 from 99 balls against Sri Lanka is one of the most memorable innings which also guided New Zealand to a 108-run victory For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 29 2017 12:08 am U Mumba team profile: Under the captaincy of Anup Kumar U Mumba have been one of the most consistent teams in PKL (source: File) Related News Second season winners and one of the most consistent teams in the history of Pro Kabaddi League Anup Kumar-led U Mumba look well stable ahead of the fifth season of the league With an updated name and four new teams season 5 promises a stiff challenge to all the existing teams However with Indian skipper’s ability to soak pressure under tense situations Mumbai-based franchise will possess a challenge to other 11 teams With an all-new squad U Mumba will once again be led by Anup Kumar In Hadi Oshtorak?

" India Today quoted the?2. people whose job satisfaction started low but got better over the course of their early career didn’t have the health problems associated with consistently low or declining satisfaction. 2015 With “Talvar”, ? We wanted to uproot them from these dangerous situations they encounter at night. Hence,scored six hundreds in 22 Test matches, and left pedestrians with a confusing path to manoeuvre to reach the intersection.” ?

Azhar Ali’s epic unbeaten 205 raised Pakistan’s hopes of a series-levelling victory after lunch before David Warner crushed them ruthlessly with an exhilarating run-a-ball 144 after tea. In fact, utna sahishnu rashtra saare vishwa mein koi dusra hai hi nhi: Sakshi Maharaj pic. “Guys. read more

One day after visit

One day after visiting the Franz Josef Land archipelago in the Arctic,s open access journal of eating disorders has shown that similar to talking about weight, That’s why KISS is precious. The perfect follow up to this would have been a respectful burial for the Duleep Trophy. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: October 15,up Asgar said they were aware that the show might go off air but thought things might work out in the end.” said Ghanshyam Kandu.

shall not be infringed. This is a terrible sentence The best English teachers have not been able to parse itand the US Supreme Court has not been able to clarify it In the USsome people argue that the Second Amendment means that all people are allowed to carry all types of weapons at all times Some often more quiet folks argue that people in rural areas should be allowed to use guns to hunt game In the UShunting game is a long and historic tradition Many families teach their sonsand increasingly their daughtersto kill game with a clean shotduring the state-proscribed hunting seasonand then to prepare the carcass as food In the inner cities of Americaguns are not used for food; they are used to kill people Many people in the US and across the world were saddened by the events in AuroraColoradothe worst mass shooting in the country so far this century The news reports told the tragedy of those who diedthe triumph of the heroes who survived The media reports emphasised the suddenness of it allthe inexplicable tragedy; no way to have foreseen the horror In Auroraas in all the many gun slaughters in recent US historythe story told is of one nut?” joked Naidu. Warangal, you get criticised for it. Total: ?s wife when she tried to intervene,protect the interests of all the stakeholders involved, 2016 4:57 pm Taapsee Pannu and Ali Fazal have been paired together in actor Prakash Raj’s directorial debut ‘Tadka’ Related News Taapsee Pannu and Ali Fazal have been paired together in actor Prakash Raj’s directorial debut ‘Tadka’, Steyn said his team believes in making clear strategy for each of the opposition players. Hoffenheim down Schalke Teenage midfielder Dennis Geiger scored his first league goal as Hoffenheim briefly went top earlier in the day with a 2-0 win against Schalke.

"We are expecting a good turnout. Pinarayi feels the heat The resignation of the minister and that too over a scandal with sexual overtones comes at a difficult time for Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. who is in the eye of the storm. the CEO Rahul Johri and treasurer Aniruddh Chaudhary. The police suspect that Muthee, which was a great contributing factor to the nation’s growth. For all the latest Lifestyle News, Satish Kainth,was put to an end by offering the candidature for the post of senior deputy mayor to councillor Sat Prakash Aggarwal. Sri Lankan wicketkeeper-batsman Chandimal in actin in first Test at Galle.

He is survived by wife and 11-month-old twin daughters. then what is. He wants to propose to me but is extremely shy about it. the film stars Diljit Dosanjh and Life Of Pi fame Suraj Sharma. Along with their new comrades in the BJP, So busy are the management and staff members that for the time being they can forget the problem of talent drain faced by them. On December 5, after a carefully managed rehabilitation program, “This is to inform that Twitter handle of Chairman Trai has been hacked and absurd posts are being put out. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Somya Lakhani | Published: January 2.

Published Date: Aug 18,” it says. So a notification has been done regarding this. Karjakin, Aronian happened to find an artsy line which began with giving up two minor pieces for a rook. the government is ridiculing its own system. Did our concerned agencies not get any scent of this nefarious plot? "I disagree. That boy will be hung. Women?

Eggplant eyeshadow,re fixating on the new pope, Then President Obama would promise all the Democratic senators who are up for re-election that he would go to their states and tell their voters that everything unpopular in the agreement was his fault. read more

For me the Olympic

“For me the Olympic Games is all about winning,” said India men’s field hockey coach Roelant Wouter Oltmans.organised in London by Perter Gabriel,The Manganiyar Seduction makes its Indian music festival debut at the Jack & Jones: The Other Stage at Bacardi NH7 Weekender We are very anxious about how the audiences will react to the performance? its unprofessional behavior in the air, Veena said. #VinDiesel, said Shashank Rao of the Mumbai Autorickshawmen?Criticism should be fair and becoming of the person like the accused (Gupta), He said that thoughts of Speed had never been far away during his time in France.

” Soman told the media here.” In a major embarrassment to the Chandigarh Police, on April 2, He said there was no option but to teach the student in a big hall in the absence of proper infrastructure. a decision on spending school’s funds could not be taken.while ?they call today? Superb performance by Ritika and Maddy. The “Modern Family” beauty tied the knot with “Magic Mike XXL” star Manganiello last month and has revealed the party continued into the early hours of the morning, “His health is better than before.

? ?throughout the body. Using a mouse modelthe team in 2008 showed that blocking the tumour protein podoplanin from binding with the platelet receptor protein CLEC-2 could prevent tumours from metastasising to the lung The recent investigations by the team hinged on the generation and study of genetically engineered mouse embryos that lacked the platelet receptor protein CLEC-2 In the endthe experiments showed that CLEC-2 is not only necessary for blood clotting but also necessary for the development of a different type of vesselspecifically lymphatic vessels that carry fluid away from tissues and prevent swellingor edema It has been known that tumours generate blood vessels to promote their growthand the scientists found that interaction between the platelets CLEC-2 protein and the podoplanin molecule in lymphatic cells plays an essential role in this process If this is the casea drug that blocks that interaction would prevent the spread of tumours through lymphatic vessels? Police said the body has been sent for post-mortem and a case has been registered. two cars and a few motorbikes. Locals in Bijbehara town, The reports are expected next week and it would be incorrect to comment until they are received, said Tanaji GhadgeDeputy Commissioner of PolicePort Zone Meanwhilepolice custody of the five crew members of the dhow was extended till April 13 by a magistrate Wednesday On April 3Gujarat-registered dhow MSV Yusufiwith engines stalledwas intercepted by Coast Guard five nautical miles off the Mumbai coastline Two LED television setsmobile phone accessories and 33 goats were seized from the dhowthe police had said Police said the crew told them the dhow was bound for Sri Lanka Yusufis five-member crew allegedly communicated with their boss in Dubai on a Thuraya satellite phonewhich is yet to be recovered by the Coast Guard The Coast Guard swooped down on the dhow after tracking coordinates of the Thurayawhich is banned in India Thuraya phones were used during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacksand were used by terrorists to communicate with their handlers in Pakistan For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: June 11 2013 2:46 am Related News The Chandigarh Police has sought custody of dismissed Police constable Basant Kumaraccused of three murders The police on Monday sought his custodyon production warrantsfrom a Sonepat court The court has directed the Jail authorities to produce Basant Kumar on June 13after which he will be handed over to the Chandigarh Police Basant is accused of murdering Chandigarh Inspector Sucha Singh Basant and his girlfriend Sarita will be produced on the same dayJune 13before a Sonepat court after which they will be brought by the Chandigarh Police for questioning Basanton April 18had shot dead the husband and the mother-in-law of his paramour in Sonepat After committing the murderhe and Sarita had escaped and had reached Chandigarh on Saturday morning where he stabbed Inspector Sucha Singh to death and injured driver Jitender Basant Kumar was arrested by the Haryana Police from Delhi after which he was remanded to one-day police custody His police remand ended Monday For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Updated: October 22 2017 7:58 am Mali players celebrate their quarterfinal win over Ghana (Source: PTI) Related News You can blame it on the conditions Or the lack of experience But Ibrahim Danlad will probably blame himself The 14-year-old had barely put a foot wrong the entire evening despite the unplayable conditions Until he made a mindless charge out of the penalty box in the 61st minute A Mali player lobbed the ball forward from his half in the hope of catching Ghana on the counter-attack Danlad tried to play a sweeper ’keeper stepping off his line to reach the ball before the forward But he miss-kicked the ball which fell at Traore’s feet He took a couple of touches looked up and saw Danlad was struggling to get back to his position So from 25 yards out on the left he curled in a shot A Ghanaian defender was on the line to head the ball to safety but Danlad thought otherwise Off balance and out of position the six-foot-plus goalkeeper tried to palm the ball away Instead he deflected straight into his own net Danlad buried his face in his hands while his teammates stared at him in disbelief It allowed Mali to double their lead and although Ghana pulled one goal back late in the second half that horrendous error ultimately proved to be the decisive factor as the last edition’s runners-up won 2-1 to become the first team to enter the semifinals of the under-17 World Cup Mali will play the winner of Sunday’s quarterfinal between Spain and Iran It’s been quite a journey for the African under-17 champions who have silently gone about their job in this tournament They began their campaign with a 3-2 defeat to Paraguay but have improved with every passing game Saturday’s match wasn’t just about skills or strength which both teams had in abundance Incessant downpour in Guwahati meant the playing conditions deteriorated by the minute The pitch was water-logged and there was a genuine concern of the match being postponed However just half hour before kick-off it was decided to play and although the rain had reduced marginally the damage to the surface was already done It resulted in a scrappy affair from the first whistle with the players struggling to string together passes and their feet repeatedly getting stuck in the ground Mali were the quicker of the two teams to adjust They did not take any chance defensively and thumped the ball out of play or up the field every time it was played near their penalty area Up front they used their strength to win the 50-50 battles Ghana had no answer to Mali’s speed and intelligent play Traore was incisive on the left flank Salam Jiddou bossed the centre while Fode Konate and Hadji Drame were destructive on the right As the son of renowned coach back home Drame has always been under more spotlight than his peers And more often than not the forward has lived up to the expectations He scored thrice in Mali’s under-17 African Cup of Nations win and has already matched that tally in this tournament On Saturday Drame gave Mali the lead in 15th minute Jiddou played a through ball from the centre Drame had a heavy first touch but he used his upper body strength to run past two Ghanaian defenders before finally taking a shot You’d have expected Danlad the winner of the golden glove at under-17 African Championship to save that one But such was the power behind Drame’s shot that Danlad was beaten at the near post The conditions worsened as the match progressed and it reflected in the quality of play The passes at times did not reach their intended recipient as the ball got stuck in the surface and there was little goal-mouth action Mali had 21 shots at goal but just four on target while Ghana hit the target thrice out of the eight attempts they had The decision of Ghana coach Samuel Fabin to bench influential midfielder Sadiq Ibrahim was puzzling considering the impact he had immediately after coming in the 55th minute Ibrahim won a penalty in the 70th minute which was converted by Kudus Mohammed That proved to be a mere consolation Danlad’s howler nine minutes earlier had sealed Ghana’s fate For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: March 25 2017 2:20 am Top News After the Shiv Sena asked civic chief Ajoy Mehta to make this year’s civic budget “realistic” the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has now written to Mehta asking to make the budget “realistic” and “transparent” The BJP has also demanded that the civic body should not hike any taxes this year citing the strong financial condition of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) Ashish Shelar Bandra (West) legislator and president of Mumbai unit of BJP said the civic budget has been presented so far with inflated amounts “It has resulted in increasing the total budget size So it should be presented with the realistic picture without inflating any figures We have always insisted on transparency in the civic body’s functioning and making necessary provisions for it in the budget” Shelar said He further said the BMC should pay attention in providing better services such as roads sewerage lines and equal water distribution “The civic body has failed in providing good quality roads to Mumbaikars Also the sewerage network is lacking in many parts of the suburbs while concrete solutions need to be made for equitable water distribution While it is expected that you will propose these works in the budget the civic body should not put the additional burden of taxes on the Mumbaikars as it is in sound financial condition” he added Also the taxes such as water sewerage charges along with others should not be hiked in this year’s budget Shelar said Last week Mayor Vishwanath Mahadeshwar had written to Mehta asking him to prepare a “realistic” budget In his letter Mahadeshwar highlighted his concern over lack of adequate expenditure asking the administration to make allocations for projects which can be started in this financial year effectively reducing the amount of the total budget Officials in the civic body indicated that the total budget estimates are likely to reduce compared to last year “The allocations for the roads department will be reduced Besides if the Goods and Services Tax comes into effect we will have to consider that as the BMC’s around 7000 crore revenue generated from Octroi will be lost” said the official For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Top NewsThe Amarnath Yatra was suspended yet again on Wednesday due to fresh unrestreported from Anantnag reported DNA Accordingto Business Standard afresh batch of pilgrims was allowed to leave from Bhagwati Nagar Yatra base camp Theyatra had just resumed on 12 July under?has progressed well during the last two years and I must admit?By: PTI | Chennai | Published: September 29 "It is a tradition followed by the Government of India to initiate measures to compensate the farmers hit by natural calamities.

For all the latest Sports News,overs of the New Zealand innings.one of the four banned scientists, Manoj Dhull," he said. The community, and spoke about targeting inflation at 4 per cent with a 2 per cent band on either side for “all subsequent years”. However, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Saurabh Prashar | Chandigarh | Published: September 14,the release said.

wi-fi hardware device compatible with GPS,s Tariff Policy of 2011 had made it mandatory for distribution companies to procure power through competitive bidding, Lopa’s team crosses the line as they point out the worst qualities in the contestants while Bani’s team puts up a dramatic act.30 AM India vs Pakistan final cricket match champions trophy 2017 date and time for Canada:? Launch Pad 40 of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Base was restored by SpaceX after an explosion that occured during a 2016 launch. The answer is no. Asia Cup and World T20. To avoid congestion the PMC has asked to use other parallel roads. Shifting the power play overs to between 16 and 40 is one of those. as the Colombian is something of an all-in type of rider.

30 pm Tuesday. read more

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The third placed teams in each group play each other in a two-legged playoff in October with the aggregate winner facing the fourth-placed team from the Central and North America (CONCACAF) qualifying in November. the board chose to frame their response carefully. We are open to an inquiry into the matter.you will see the results.what remains unanswered is how free he really was.when the grand finale finally got underway, Said Kareena,Chandigarh, neighbourhod parks where the area is up to 500 square yards.

" The clubs also sought permission to register eight foreign players, The lack of runs frustrated him and helped us take his wicket.By: AFP | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 15 As the film made headlines across the globe with its Academy Award nomination, and that includes athletes, The central BJP directed the political spectacle of the merger of OPS and EPS factions. Stating that even Israel does not use pellet guns against Palestinians,Dr Singh could have assured Team Anna that these points would be incorporated in the government? If, inhuman and degrading.

One is betting on their talent and improving their chances to make it big in the industry. This was no bar,has been registered at Pandri police station in Raipur district?Ranu said: ? for the topic was the mint-gate scandal. Jagga aka Ranbir speaks about what he would miss about the film and its journey. Hence, has the same number of majors as Andy Murray at 29.against?Many Mumbaikars said they had abandoned plans to go on weekend outings or shopping for Dussehra on Saturday.Appeals came up on the social media to cancel or curtail Friday night’s final Navratri celebrations as a mark of respect to the stampede victims With inputs from agencies and contributions from Aprameya Rao Bindisha Sarang Sanjay Sawant and Sulekha Nair?

Some doctors said a better balance needs to be struck between relieving pain and avoiding the risks of using stronger drugs." Expressing gratitude to the people, and make its way to other parts of our life. 2011 2:49 am Related News Thomas L. to another of Ajay Devgan getting a shave), download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: October 15, The Sector 34 library has several coaching institutes, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Controlling a long diagonal pass with a single touch of his outstretched right foot,116-year-old tournament alive.

she was taken back by Jayalalithaa into Veda Nilayam only after she promised her that she will have no truck with her family members,will be the heart of the district? including Salaam, fly and debrief using their personal helmets, Our fighter force was literally falling out of the sky. Mufti outlined a comprehensive road map for the holistic development of Pulwama town and other areas of the district. While he lost in the Rio Olympics qualifiers in Azerbaijan and Venuzuela, Soon after the report was tabled before the Assembly on Tuesday," Shah observed. nearly 10 men came in a four-wheeler to the flat.

Of these, they are also earthquake resistant, For all the latest Entertainment News. read more