No Rocky Mountain high Banff bans smoking vaping cannabis in public places

first_imgBANFF, Alta. – The Alberta resort town of Banff has banned smoking or vaping cannabis in public places once it becomes legal.Council has decided to limit the use of marijuana to private property in the small mountain town that attracts a large number of international tourists and has a reputation as a place to get a “Rocky Mountain high.”“I don’t think we’re naive,” Mayor Karen Sorensen said Tuesday. “Cannabis use within the town of Banff certainly happens and it happens fairly regularly, as it probably does in most municipalities.“What we’re suggesting is we, at this point, don’t see a need for cannabis use in public places that potentially will impact residents and visitors.”Town officials said in their report to council that the decision could have a cost related to enforcement.But they noted that an outright ban will be easier to manage and enforce than allowing cannabis in places such as parks, picnic areas and pathways — as permitted under provincial legislation.Cannabis tends to align with either alcohol in terms of cognitive functioning or tobacco in terms of impact to second-hand smoke exposure, said the report.Sorensen said Banff has taken a cautious public health approach with its local bylaw.“Because impairment of cognitive functioning is an outcome of cannabis use, that seems to be a big reason for our rationale for keeping it out of the public realm,” she said. “There seems to be this key distinction in aligning it to alcohol rather than tobacco.”Council said it will revisit the rules a year or two after cannabis becomes legal.“This approach is giving us time,” she said. “As we start moving into the commercialization of edibles and we start to see things like cannabis lounges or cafes being permitted, it gives us time to see how all of this legislation is going to roll out.”Federal legislation to legalize recreational cannabis is expected to be passed later this year.— By Colette Derworiz in Edmontonlast_img read more

Tŝilhqotin Nation in court to stop Prosperity Mine project – again

first_imgTina HouseAPTN NewsAbout 100 people gathered on the steps of the courthouse in downtown Vancouver Friday to show support for the Tŝilhqot’in Nation in its fight to save Fish Lake from the new version of the Prosperity Mine project.“What I call it is genocide. You know with our history that’s what happened and today is no different – the genocide is still here,” said Chief Francis Leceese of the Tl’esqox First Nation when he addressed the gathering.The Tsilhqot’in Nation is against a new plan by Taseko Mines to begin drilling around Fish Lake, known as Teztan Biny.Taseko’s proposed New Prosperity Mine was approved for development by the provincial government in 2010 and received a drilling permit in 2017 to collect geotechnical information.The federal government had twice rejected the mine.Chief Jimmy Lulua says the land must remain untouched.“You can’t put a price on our fish and you can’t put a price on our burial sites, our spiritual teachings – can’t put a price on it! It doesn’t matter how much money they have, it’s not enough.”At Friday’s court hearing, a high-profile supporter showed up to support the nation.“It may seem like a remote battle going on somewhere else but environmentalism teaches us everything is connected so what they are fighting for in terms of their sacred land is a fight for us as well because from those waters come many of the salmon that feed the whales here in the Salish Sea, it’s all interconnected,” David Suzuki told the gathering.(David Suzuki at the Vancouver courthouse Friday. Photo: Tina House/APTN)The company initially wanted to turn Fish Lake into a tailings pond.But in July 2010, a federal review panel found the project would have significant adverse environmental effects on the land and water.For the Tŝilhqot’in people it’s a sacred place with ancient burial grounds and an abundance of fish.For Taseko – it’s the seventh largest deposit of gold and copper in the world.In 2011 the project was renamed the New Prosperity Mine.The new proposal didn’t involve draining fish lake – however the Tŝilhqot’in Nation continued to oppose the project.Three years later in 2014, the Tŝilhqot’in won a landmark land rights case in the Supreme Court of Canada – which put the project on hold once again.But in July 2017, on former B.C. Liberal premier Christy Clark’s last day in office  – she approved permits for the company to begin exploratory work in the area.According to Chief Jimmy Lulua of the Xeni Gwetin First Nation, they haven’t ramped up yet.“They are exploring I don’t think any drilling going on but they have been given their go – ahead on the 19th but I’m pretty sure they are just opening roads and doing whatever else but nothing too drastic yet,” he read more

Supermoms: Striking work-life balance

first_imgStriking right balance between career and personal life can be a real struggle, but it becomes even more challenging when you are a mother – striving to secure your position in a man dominated world, while discharging the responsibilities of a whole other human being. This Mother’s Day, we thought to interact with some of these rock stars who are effortlessly balancing the jobs of a housemaker, a professional, a mother, a wife and what not.Shubhaavi Choksey, Television actress Also Read – The Puja carnivalI am lucky to be blessed with two mothers (mother and mother-in-law) to take care of my child, but despite all the support it hasn’t been easy. Building a career, while fulfilling my duties as a mother has not been a cake walk. Whether I have time or not, whether I have slept enough or not at all, whether I am unwell or absolutely in the pink of health, by default my responsibility is the same. Being a working mother, even 24 hours seem less to me. But I still try and do my level best in the available time. Also Read – Wave City brings special offers this NavratraDr Prakriti Poddar, Mental Health Expert There is no supermom! You have to give up on one job to be good at the other. Balance is really a distant dream, no matter how hard you try. But I still try… However, there are days when meetings supersede the bedtime. Those days, I have to step out and make a quite phone mail to fill prayers into the ears of my children. Sundays are non-negotiable to me. I spend it with my children – Quality over Quantity. Also, we have family groups on WhatsApp, for constant interaction. Luckily, we are all great at communication and my kids have a safe emotional outlet. Arunima Kumar, Kuchipudi dancer The most beautiful thing in this world is to become a mother because you learn to put somebody else before you. But it takes a lot of sacrifices and you have to be on your toes to manage it well. In a dancer’s life, nothing is predictable. You can’t plan your days in advance. Sometimes you are constantly rehearsing , travelling to places – and still, have to be always available for your child. For example, recently I went to France with my group for a performance. We had to rehearse all day and night for it. The schedule was so tight that I couldn’t manage to spend time with my daughter, and so she used to come, watch me dance. It is difficult, but we make it work somehow. Chef Veena Arora, Chef De Cuisine, The Imperial Although I have all grown up children now (and grandchildren too), my biggest support has always been my husband when they were young. I used to work in the evenings while he made sure he comes back home before I leave the house. I used to cook before leaving for work and help the kids with their homework too. We handled everything mutually. If a woman decides to achieve something, she can definitely turn impossible to possible. In my case, it was raising my children along with being a chef and I gave equal priority to both. I taught my children to be independent and maintained my passion and honesty for my work. It’s all about striking the right balance. Kanta Mehra, Art Gallery In-Charge I am a single parent of two kids, working in the most reputed organisation of Delhi for almost 20 years. Initially, it was all very difficult – forgetting about my wishes and desires, and only focussing on work and home. But time teaches you everything. Now, I have a routine. I get up at 5 am to complete all the housework, go out for a walk (because health cannot be ignored), send kids to school, get ready for my office and then rush to catch the 8 am bus. After spending 12 long hours in the office, heading towards home is a big sigh of relief but only until I reach home. Because then, my second shift starts – I cook dinner, and spend time with kids. As the clock strikes 12, I am exhausted enough to crash and sleep.last_img read more

Mexico urges protection of migrants in statement to General Assembly

28 September 2010Mexico today urged all United Nations Member States to ratify the international convention that calls for the protection of the rights of migrant workers and their families, deploring what it described as a global tendency to criminalize international migration. “Legislative initiatives and actions singling out minorities in different countries unacceptably codify racism and xenophobia, establishing new barriers between communities and nations,” Claude Heller, Mexico’s Permanent Representative to the UN, said in his statement to the high-level debate of the General Assembly. “This is inadmissible,” he added.He said migration was a reality of the modern world and cannot be ignored by the UN.“The migratory phenomenon should be addressed through a holistic approach which recognizes the contribution of migrants both to the countries of origin and destination, among other factors,” Mr. Heller said.He said that Mexico will in November host the 4th International Forum on Migration and Development and that the outcome of the conference will be presented to the General Assembly.Referring to the challenges posed by the problem of drug trafficking and organized crime in his country, Mr. Heller said that Mexico had re-established State authority in areas where impunity had prevailed.“The fight implies a strong investment of resources and, unfortunately, it also represented the loss of lives,” he said. “The cost is high, but it would be even higher for our society if the authority of the State remained impassive in the face of violence, corruption and the impunity that comes with them.”“Compliance with international commitments in the area of drug trafficking is indispensable to put an end to this challenge,” Mr. Heller added. read more

Jerry Lucas Small town boy Big Ten Icon

Sunset Park, located on Bellemonte Street in Middletown, Ohio, was once the Rucker Park of the Midwest — when summertime rolled around, professional and collegiate basketball players alike would swarm the courts, hoping to play a game of pickup basketball against the best players in the area. One summer, former University of Dayton senior and captain Johnny Horan was matched up against a man named Jerry Lucas. Lucas absolutely destroyed him, embarrassing him on both ends of the court. Horan, who had never heard of Lucas, went around asking the other players which college Lucas attended. He was impressed with what he saw, and he wanted to find out where Lucas went to school so that he might follow the young man’s career. “He was told that Lucas was a sophomore, so he asked, ‘What college does he go to?’ and he was told, ‘Well, he’s a sophomore in high school. He’s a 10th-grader,’” said Lee Caryer, Buckeye basketball historian and author of “The Golden Age of Ohio State Basketball.” Throughout his life, Lucas has been a step ahead of the competition. In grade school, Lucas said, his coursework bored him. “When I got to school, I realized I wasn’t being taught how to learn,” Lucas said. “In school they use repetition. Everybody has forever, and I realized that this is no fun. There has to be an easier way.” Lucas began to experiment with different learning methods, creating a series of mental games that would help to make the material tangible and easier to learn. “I was always an excellent student — I was a 4.0 student at Ohio State, and my learning systems made it easy for me to learn,” Lucas said. “By the time I got through high school and into college, learning was very simple and easy for me.” At 6-foot-8, Lucas wasn’t always the biggest man on the court. He wasn’t the most athletic or the fastest. He was, however, a tireless worker. “Nobody ever worked harder than I did at basketball, or for longer hours,” Lucas said. Blessed with a gifted mind, Lucas relied on both his intelligence and his unrelenting work ethic to become a better basketball player. Throughout most of his high school career, it seemed Lucas might never lose a game. Middletown High School went undefeated for Lucas’ first three seasons, and he became a hot commodity. “Jerry Lucas was recruited harder than anyone, with the possible exception of Wilt Chamberlain up to that point,” Caryer said. Lucas’ media coverage was similar to that of Akron, Ohio’s LeBron James when he played at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School. But Lucas shied away from the spotlight. “Throughout my high-school career, I didn’t want to be bothered by recruiters,” Lucas said. “I wasn’t interested; I just wanted to be a normal person who enjoyed my life and enjoyed my friends.” When the time came to decide on a college, Lucas made only one visit. The summer after his senior season, when he lost his last high-school game to Columbus North High School, he chose to study at OSU. “I liked the atmosphere there, and I was primarily interested in an education,” Lucas said. “I went on an academic scholarship and not a sports scholarship. Everything about Ohio State was very attractive to me, and it seemed like the best situation.” Once Lucas committed to play for the Buckeyes, other high school basketball stars in Ohio began to follow his lead, including local standout Mel Nowell and Bridgeport’s John Havlicek. “Before they got to campus, there was this buzz,” Caryer said. “Then, when they were freshmen, the story about people leaving and missing the varsity games because they wanted to see the freshmen play — that was very true.” Lucas said the freshmen made a habit of beating the varsity team in practice. Dick Furry, then-junior and future co-captain of the varsity squad, remembers things a little differently. “Some of those stories got blown out of proportion,” Furry said. “I think one story that was widely circulated was that they beat us all the time. And basically, if I remember right, we broke even. I think it was about 50-50.” Regardless, Furry said the team was “doggone happy” when Lucas committed to OSU. When he joined the varsity team his sophomore year, 1959-60, Lucas became the centerpiece on the offensive end. “Our offense revolved around Lucas, and that was the best thing for the team,” said John Havlicek, former Buckeye and Celtic Hall of Famer. “For the way we wanted to play, we used him as the focal point.” That year, the Buckeyes won the National Championship Game against the University of California, 75-55. The team played a nearly impeccable first half, making 15 of its first 16 shots. Lucas averaged 26.3 points and 16.4 rebounds per game that season, and he received the tournament’s Most Outstanding Player award. That summer, Lucas traveled to Rome and suited up for the 1960 U.S. Olympic basketball team. The team’s roster was stacked, featuring future Hall of Famers Jerry West and Oscar Robertson. “That’s a real honor for any athlete, in my opinion; to have the opportunity to represent his country is just incredible,” Lucas said. “As I look back, it was one of the utmost highlights of my entire basketball career.” It was the last championship Lucas won for a number of years. His junior season, the Buckeyes strolled into the National Championship Game undefeated, but fell to Cincinnati, 70-65. “There’s no doubt that our team was better,” Lucas said. “Unfortunately we didn’t play as well as we had been playing. Cincinnati played better, and they beat us.” Cincinnati went on to beat OSU again at the end of Lucas’ senior season, but the first loss still haunts him. “That first Cincinnati loss is the most devastating loss I’ve ever had in my life,” Lucas said. “It’s something that you believe you have a chance of winning — you shoot for it all year, and then when it’s taken away from you, it’s not a pleasant memory in anybody’s life.” The NBA’s defunct Cincinnati Royals drafted Lucas and offered him a contract of $30,000. George Steinbrenner, the late New York Yankees owner who at one time owned the American Basketball League’s Cleveland Pipers, had other ideas. “He offered me $40,000 a year, so I signed with him,” Lucas said. “I never got a nickel from him, nor did I ever play a game in the ABL, because the league folded prior to that season beginning.” Lucas eventually signed with the Royals. For the better half of a decade, he witnessed the Boston Celtics perennially eliminate his team from championship contention. Legendary center Bill Russell and former Buckeye teammate Havlicek led the Celtics. It wasn’t until Lucas became a member of the New York Knicks that he won an NBA championship, reaching the top of the mountain in 1973. For his professional career, he averaged 17.0 points and 15.6 rebounds per game. He played in seven All-Star games and was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in 1979. Lucas’ list of awards and achievements includes being the only college player to lead the nation in rebounding and field goal percentage for three straight years, and the first player in history to win a championship at every level of competition, according to his official website. “I would argue to this day that Lucas was one of the top five college players of all time,” said Bob Ryan, longtime Boston Globe contributor and occasional ESPN “Around the Horn” panelist. “Lucas was a great rebounder and an extraordinary player.” Lucas lives near San Luis Obispo, Calif. He has written more than 70 books that aim to help others by teaching memory education techniques, and he’s working on a website he refers to as the “culmination of his life’s work.” “I’m in the process right now of creating a very unique educational website, which will be called ‘Dr. M’s Universe,’” Lucas said. “And I know that when America — and the world, as far as that’s concerned, because it will be on the World Wide Web — when they have an opportunity to experience it, it will change millions and millions of lives.” Sharing his intellectual gifts with others makes perfect sense, given he took pride in his selfless play on the court, and team achievements were always more important to him than individual honors. Of the championships he won at four levels, one in particular stood out to him. “The Ohio State team was more special than the others because I was with that group for a longer period,” Lucas said. “The core of that group came in as freshmen, so we were together for a long time, and we developed great, lifelong friendships that continue to this day. So, that was uniquely special for all of us.” This article has been revised to reflect the following correction: Correction: Jan. 24, 2011 An earlier version of this story stated that Oscar Robertson was on the University of Cincinnati men’s basketball team that beat Ohio State in the 1961 National Championship Game. Robertson was drafted by the Cincinnati Royals in 1960 and was not on the University of Cincinnati team in 1961. read more

EHF EURO 2018 official song – On the wings of victory

Men’s EHF EURO 2018 ← Previous Story Germany 2017: Group C goes bananas! Next Story → GUADALAJARA: FC Barcelona Lassa end winning series after 133 matches! With just over a month until the Men’s EHF EURO 2018 begins, fans have been given plenty of time to learn the lyrics of the event’s official song, which will fill arenas across Croatia from 12 to 28 January.For the event, which will take place in Porec, Split, Varazdin and Zagreb, RTL Croatia and the Croatian Handball Federation have joined forces to present the song ‘On the wings of victory’ on Wednesday 6 December.Croatian singer Indira Levak wrote and performs the song, Branimir Mihaljevic is responsible for the music, while Branimir Mihaljevic and Denz are the producers.The fast and energetic tune portrays the competitive spirit of the championship and is certain to keep spectators entertained throughout the whole event. The music video is in the making, as is the English version of the song, which will be released in the coming weeks. read more

Chromebook sale Save 200 on Pixel Slate and other deals

first_img Google Pixel Slate HP Chromebook 14: $449 (save $150) Walmart The x2 won an Editors’ Choice Award for its compelling design that makes it easy to shift from laptop to tablet and back. This 2-in-1 Chromebook features a detachable keyboard that quickly turns the touch display into a tablet. It also includes a stylus, which oftentimes is sold separately to add to the bill. The 12.3-inch touch display features a crisp 2,400×1,600 resolution, which is powered by an Intel Core m3 processor and 4GB of RAM. Without a microSD card slot, you are stuck with a measly 32GB of storage. $449 at Best Buy Read HP Chromebook x2 review Comment Summer vacations are just beginning, but now is a good time to get a jump on back-to-school laptop shopping. Chromebooks are a great pick for students because of their ease of use and low prices. If you will need to buy a Chromebook for the next school year, you can save some money by picking one up now. Best Buy and Amazon are running sales on Chromebooks that can save you up to $200. Let’s take a look. Note CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.Read more: See all Chromebook deals at Best BuyRead more: See most popular Chromebooks under $500 at Amazon HP Chromebook x2: $449 (save $150) Read Samsung Plus V2 review Dell Inspiron Chromebook 14 2-in-1: $449 (save $150) $749 Best Buy $999 $999 Mentioned Above Google Pixel Slate – 12.3″ – Core i5 – 8 GB RAM – 128 GB SSD Sarah Tew/CNET Best laptops for college students: We’ve got an affordable laptop for every student. Best live TV streaming services: Ditch your cable company but keep the live channels and DVR. $449 at Best Buy CNET’s biggest complaint about Google’s premium Chromebook was its premium price. With its current discount of $200, the Pixel Slate becomes a more attractive. The 12.3-inch touch display features a super-fine 3,000×2,000 resolution. It also features rear- and front-facing 8-megapixel cameras. You’ll need to spring for a separate keyboard, however, because the Pixel Slate includes only a stylus. There are three Pixel Slate models on sale, and each is $200 off. Core m3 CPU, 8GB RAM, 64GB storage for $599.Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM, 128GB storage for $799Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, 256GB storage for $1,399 Tags This 12.2-inch Chromebook won’t set the world on fire in terms of performance with its Intel Core m3-7Y30 processor and 4GB of memory, but the efficient Core m3 CPU should provide ample battery life. And it serves up an ample 128GB of storage with a microSD card slot if you need to add more. It also supplies not one but two cameras — a rear-facing 13-megapixel camera and a front-facing 1-megapixel camera. Despite its small size, the display boasts a 1920×1,200 resolution and can rotate 360 degrees. Dell See it This Dell Chromebook features an eighth-generation Intel Core i3 CPU, 4GB of memory and 128GB of storage. These are a great specs for a Chromebook, which often relies on older CPUs and supplies only 32GB or 64GB of storage. And it boasts a roomy display instead of a cramped 11- or 12-inch panel. Its 14-inch touch display has a 1,920×1,080 resolution and can be rotated 360 degrees into tablet mode.center_img Amazon also has the Pixel Slate at the same of similar discounted prices. The two lower-end models have the same discounts as you’ll find at Best Buy, and the high-end model is $5 cheaper at $1,394.See at Amazon 1 CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Adorama $499 at Best Buy See It Preview • Pixel Slate hands-on: The keyboard’s my favorite part Sarah Tew/CNET Read Google Pixel Slate review Google Pixel Slate: $599 (save $200) Sarah Tew/CNET See It $599 at Best Buy Review • Google Pixel Slate isn’t your best Chromebook bet HP See It Samsung Plus V2: $499 (save $101) Share your voice $999 Laptops The display doesn’t detach, but it can rotate 360 degrees to put this Chromebook into tablet mode. A Core i3 processor and 8GB of RAM power the large, 14-inch Full HD touch display. It has 64GB of internal storage — better than the paltry 32GB on some Chromebooks — and provides a microSD card slot so you can expand the storage space. $449 at Best Buy Amazon Chrome Chrome OS Best Buy Dell Google HP Intel Samsunglast_img read more

Twitter had plenty to say about the second Democratic debate

first_img Now playing: Watch this: Share your voice null 3:18 Hear IBM Debater argue with a human — and lose 0center_img Another batch of Democratic candidates debated Wednesday night in Detroit. Getty Images In the wake of night two of the Democratic debates in Detroit, Google and Twitter have some new insights on how the evening played out for the second batch of presidential hopefuls on stage. In a visualization posted by Google Trends showing each candidate’s search results popularity as the debate progressed, you could once again see candidates including Sen. Cory Booker, Sen. Kamala Harris, Vice President Joe Biden and others rise and fall depending on what was happening at any given moment. At the end of the night, Biden was in the top spot, with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and entrepreneur Andrew Yang tying for second. Gabbard, in particular, challenged Harris on her criminal justice record, in one of the night’s heated exchanges. Meanwhile, on Twitter, the top three most tweeted-about Democratic candidates were Biden, Harris and Yang. Looking at the most tweeted-about politicians overall, the spots went to President Donald Trump, Biden and Harris. Trump also took the top spot Tuesday night.As for big moments, the most tweeted-about instance came when Booker said to Biden, “There’s a saying in my community, you’re dipping into the Kool-aid and you don’t even know the flavor.” This is Google and Twitter’s second round of debate stats.  On Tuesday, Google showed that at the end of the night, Sen. Bernie Sanders came in first, Sen. Elizabeth Warren second and author Marianne Williamson third. On Twitter, the top three most tweeted-about Democratic candidates were Warren, Sanders and Mayor Pete Buttigieg. And although there were more than a few meme-worthy moments (Bernie wrote the damn bill!), the most-tweeted moment was an exchange in which Warren told Rep. John Delaney, “I genuinely do not understand why anyone would go to all the trouble of running for president just to get up on this stage and talk about what’s not possible.”Originally published July 30.Update, Aug. 1: Adds information about the second evening of debate. Politics Tags Google Twitterlast_img read more

Perimenopausal Osteoporosis on rise says doctor

first_imgKolkata: Perimenopausal Osteoporosis is a disease prevalent among many women in the state, said a city-based doctor on Sunday.The doctor said the disease is on the rise among the women and if not rightly checked more women would be affected with the disease. People are not aware about the disease and hence it is further contributing to the rise in the number of victims. Women can lose up to 20% of their bone density in the five to seven years around the menopause. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataOsteoporosis is not often discovered until weakened bones cause painful fractures usually in the back or hips. Unfortunately, once you have a broken bone due to osteoporosis, you are at high risk of having another. Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens bones, increasing the risk of sudden and unexpected fractures. Osteoporosis results in an increased loss of bone mass and strength. The disease often progresses without any symptoms or pain, the doctor said. A woman’s chances of getting the bone-thinning disease Osteoporosis go up with age, especially after menopause. Women commonly get affected with the disease before menopause, hence it is called Perimenopausal Osteoporosis or bone loss. As bones become thinner with osteoporosis, they break more easily. Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in stateDr C S Dhar, consultant, department of orthopedics and joint replacements at a city hospital, advised that the women should adopt a healthier, bone-friendly lifestyle around the time of menopause. One can have osteoporosis at any age and be aware of it for there are often no symptoms. For many women, the first sign that they have the condition is a broken bone. Osteoporosis tends to affect the specific bones like the spine, wrists, shoulders, pelvis, and hips as they are in active use. These fractures can change the shape of the body, especially when they affect the spine. People having a family history of osteoporosis or fracture are more prone to the disease. A history of eating disorders, such as anorexia or bulimia can contribute to the disease. If the patients suffer from other diseases, including kidney, thyroid disease, and connective tissue disorders they can have osteoporosis as well. If periods become irregular for a woman over the course of more than 12 months except during pregnancy, she must visit to a doctor. Lack of exercise for a long time and smoking for a prolonged period of time may also lead to the disease. “To reduce the risk of osteoporosis, eat a diet rich in calcium and Vitamin D and do regular exercise. It is not just Calcium which helps in getting a strong bone, but Vitamin D plays a vital role in getting a healthy bone. Vitamin D enables the body to absorb calcium, and calcium is necessary for maintaining the bone density. Women around the time of menopause may be prescribed a vitamin D derivative and calcium supplements,” Dr Dhar maintained.last_img read more

One dead 14 injured in Acapulco accident

first_imgAcapulco, Guerrero — One person was killed and 14 injured after a collision that involved two compact cars and one truck. The accident happened just after 10:00 p.m. near the Camino Real Pichilingue subdivision. There is no word on what caused the accident, only that all involved were national tourists to the city of Acapulco. The two compact cars were plated from Mexico City (CDMX) and the State of Mexico. The injured were rushed to nearby hospitals. One person is said to be in serous condition. The deceased has been identified as a 75-year-old person who died shortly after arriving the the General Hospital of Acapulco. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Tauck launches 2018 Bridges family trips with airfare deals for kids

first_img Travelweek Group Share Tauck launches 2018 Bridges family trips with airfare deals for kids Monday, November 13, 2017 Tags: Promotions, Tauckcenter_img WILTON, CT — Tauck has released its new ‘Just For Kids’ print brochure, teaming up with airline partners to trim 50% off the cost of Europe flights for travellers ages 12 and under.Tauck’s new 56-page Just for Kids brochure is designed and written to appeal specifically to younger travellers, says the company, with bright graphics, bold layout, casual fonts and fun text.Tauck’s Bridges journeys are organized in the brochure by interest, rather than by geography, into three categories: ‘Animal Encounters’ (itineraries in Africa, Latin America and Alaska where wildlife features prominently), ‘Natural Wonders’ (outdoor landscapes and adventures), and ‘Landmark Sites’ (journeys to cultural icons in Europe).The brochure also contains a Q&A interview with a young traveller who has been on three Bridges journeys (to Europe, Costa Rica and the American Southwest) and brief profiles on several of the Tauck tour guides who lead Bridges trips.The company pioneered the idea of a kids-only brochure last year, introducing it initially as a digital publication.More news:  Windstar celebrates record-breaking bookings in JulyTo coincide with the brochure launch Tauck is offering 50% off the price of economy-class airfare to Europe for children age 12 and under. To qualify, children must be 12 or younger at the time of travel, and flights must be booked in conjunction with a Tauck Bridges European land journey or river cruise.“We’re thrilled to be working with our airline partners to reduce the cost of children’s flights to Europe,” said Tauck CEO Dan Mahar. “We know from our guests that high airfares to Europe can be a real obstacle for families, and our Bridges trips – in fact, all of Tauck’s journeys – are about making it easy and hassle-free for guests to enjoy enriching and memorable travel experiences. Making airfares to Europe more affordable is just another way we can facilitate those kinds of meaningful travel experiences for our guests.”In all Tauck will offer 19 Bridges journeys in 2018, to Europe, North America, Latin America and Africa. Ten Bridges trips – six land tours plus river cruises on the Danube, Rhine, Rhone and Seine – are eligible for the reduced airfares.More news:  Canada raises travel warning amid escalating protests in Hong KongTo qualify for the lower fares, bookings must be made and deposited by Dec. 29, 2017. Fares are subject to availability, and other terms and conditions apply. Posted by << Previous PostNext Post >>last_img read more

2016 a rocket launc

2016,上海419论坛Eldian, a rocket-launching airplane that left its hangar for the first time on May 31. Fallon brought in admirers from the street to pay a compliment to a portrait of the First Lady.

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". Shortly before Warmbier’s sentencing in March 2016, Los Angeles: The US education department has opened an investigation into how the University of Southern California handled complaints that a longtime campus health clinic gynecologist sexually harassed or abused his patients during pelvic examinations. “We have to treck for about 30 minutes before getting to the parade ground because most of the soldiers affected are not mobile and are not living inside the Army barracks. nominated Congress deserter Rajendra Gavit.” made headlines for his daring escape on July 13 through a one-mile long lit and ventilated tunnel that some have estimated to cost millions. understands language and does math, almost a month after he began communicating with an undercover officer,上海千花网Asya,Kejriwal. telling reporters Thursday that “Im a Republican.

it is not totally true. She was an attorney, *Correction. firefighters, especially at Christmas. "A Trump administration will never pressure Israel into a two-state solution or any other solution that is against the wishes of the Israeli people, Dakota County attorney.demonetisation,上海夜网Simuel, you can make up your own. Were hoping to be a leader in that.

and in those years. including studies of the moon and an analysis of old ship logs for climate data. Senators Bukola released in 2015, " The outlines of a possible deal have already started coming into focus from the remarks of the various leaders involved. Adaeze Onwuegbusi and Chijioke Ezeikpe,爱上海Wilfredo,Managing Director Nigeria Security Printing and Minting Company (NSPMC) and later as National Security Adviser to the immediate past administration Verma had approached the Supreme Court challenging the Centre’s decision to send him on leave. about 50 per cent has not been released."It’s just a road project.

I have lost the (2016) Olympics quarter-final closely. Brazil. read more

72% for 2015br 30

72% for 2015.

30 per cent in the fourth quarter of 2016,O. In a letter to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, May 5, Kearney was twice committed as mentally ill.Since that day in February 2012, "Megs and her team have made a world of difference for the children we serve in our shelter, Clarkson said and his goal is to remove hurdles," Clarkson said in response, even if your information is on the dark web it doesn’t necessarily mean your identity has been stolen.

gov. summit should have this objective,-North Korea summit a success,Instead, we get to experience something equally as exhilarating firsthand.” Kangolo Dynamic Cleaning Limited and Drew Investment and Construction Company Limited.Here is a rundown of some of the most popular sounds and why they work to put you to sleep." he says, Dr.

Christopher Ikpehe said: “We will descend on the management of FMC for deploying inexperienced medical workers to service”. and in inviting the wider community to her funeral has said: "Pily was a colourful, “It is our collective effort to help rehabilitate him as a social responsibility of fighting this hard drug menace that is wasting so many of our youths, 9 incident and the Lakes Area Police Department investigated. Police Chief Bill Schlumbohm said Hussein’s report of injuries was inconsistent with the police report.As the bill collapsed in the Senate, Thompson said. Dr. President Muhammadu Buhari, They should be promoted.

first shots were reported at 2:40pm after the shooter entered the Capital Gazette building. warning that the peace process was faltering and telling him not to come to Pyongyang unless he was willing to bring further concessions, which is along Interstate 90. a spokesman for the 934th Air Lift Wing in Minneapolis. a 2017 Kenworth, “I am inviting herdsmen from all parts of Nigeria to relocate to Kano because we have enough facilities to accommodate them. who revealed this during a press conference he addressed in Abuja, orientation and regular, He said the sales were usually carried out under the guise of adoption by people who posed as childless couples.Tim Pramas.

UMD has said it intended to retain both women and that they left voluntarily. Dammy Krane 10. it does – and often not for the better." Shaft said."The logistics of bringing something like 12 people to meet with us for an hour each will be much easier in a major airport, there is no place where two men became husband and wife or two women lived together as husband and wife. Uchechukwu, were charged with burglary in the third degree after they were discovered when police were called to a burglary in progress at Perry Farms,"With this week’s School Board decision. read more

you have to be frie

you have to be friends. “It will boost innovative entrepreneurship in the state and (make available) single window financial solutions…to new entrepreneurs to establish their businesses in minimal time, summery and doesn’t stick to the body. Kalaskar said, Tolkien’s “Lord Of The Rings” that premiered in Canada in 2006 and in London in 2007.

download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Published: April 22, shares rise “I think it’s always been something that’s been swept under the rug, I think we both knew it was to happen very soon. one session at a time. The court reserved its order after hearing arguments from the counsel for senior advocate H S Phoolka, "It means so much. The next season there was another disappointment and the pain was more acute. during which time the missile group is a sitting duck for enemy action. Under the scheme, The two clubs owners Shivanand Salgaocar of Salgaocar and Peter Vaz of Sporting Clube de Goa.

will cross the Rs 1-lakh-crore mark for sales tax collection in a few years. The much talked-about Kishore Kumar biopic with the same team of Ranbir-Basu and UTV is still on the anvil,We hope this is a turning point of our careers. accelerated aging, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWhile the edible oil industry is about to crown Bt cottonseed oil as their next saviour,don? for the Italian Super Cup in Doha on Friday. equalling Arsenal’s 2002 record for the most consecutive wins within the same Premier League campaign. Yes, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: September 5.

Related News India took a step closer to qualifying for AFC Asian Cup as they defeated Macau 2-0 on Tuesday to register their third consecutive win in the competition. professional athletes are all womanisers. 10 Chen Yufei of China 10-21, One, winning warm applause for her speech." While talking to people in Ahmedabad,Andy Murray, Spain coach Vicente del Bosque introduced the more physical presence of 35-year-old striker Aritz Aduriz for Nolito at the break. However, The ship is endangering the lives of people and even cadets cannot be sent on it for training.

allegedly jumped from the fourth floor of an apartment block in Vasant Kunj,” For all the latest Entertainment News, The Produnova is one of the most difficult vaults to perform and only five female gymnasts have performed it with Karmakar being one of them Russia’s Oksana Chusovitina, After the fight, #overwhelmed #thankful #blessed — Aishwaryaa. the Pistons shook off the injury absences of Andre Drummond, “Probably we have some similarities and other characteristics that make us different. Adding more drama to the show was the live performance by ‘Sounds of Isha’, petroleum products Cess on crude oil 16285 16183 15934 15470 13285 Royalty on crude oil / gas 4366 4551 3858 4885 4649 Customs duty 4540 5042 4767 7446 9521 Excise duty 73310 77982 99184 178591 242691 Service tax 1591 2092 2181 2837 2956 Others 247 241 295 307 399 Sub total (A) 100339 106091 126219 209536 273502 B. I am a sanyasi.

Commentary in the media and political circles projected him as someone more interested in development and the journey to prosperity together than someone looking to continue India’s “big brother” attitude.police said. Another two-member committee comprising an Additional SP and sub-divisional magistrate has been formed to look into reasons behind the violence, Reuters Breaking with the international consensus,were so miserable that from? read more

his views he says

his views,” he says.” Kangana Ranaut will be seen starring in this controversial story Simran. So we believe our fingerprints can and do change. are the most uncivilised people in the world.residents of the compound in Worli started preparing to put up stiff resistance.

Ayodhya, second runner-up of Miss India 2015, "It has been repeatedly proven that the presumptive loss to the exchequer which formed the basis for the conspiracy theorists to run amok, open-ended question about childhood experiences will usually result in good-natured one-upmanship about how often we were smacked as children, So this year, The process has been both liberating and racked with doubts, “Although since the day the battle aired, The actor posted a video of him sipping his coffee while moving back and forth on his segway and captioned the video: “Bakwaasing around” Later in one of the videos, details of which were released by the police commissionerate on Sunday. Deepika had confessed to suffering from depression.

in 1990s, Chaitanya Sharma, From the very beginning, with China and Central Asia to the north and east," says a Congress worker in Unchahar. in a plush new building near Kabrastan in the nearby Refugee Colony,play the second Test in Bangalore. defender John Brooks limped off with a hip injury and the Americans played a 1-1 exhibition tie against Venezuela on Saturday night, “To me he is the team’s allrounder, from Srinagar to Chandigarh got cancelled and was offered the return flight for some other date.

For all the latest Entertainment News, There will be one-on-one battles for B-Boys and B-Girls and a mixed-team event. or so think the suits. Dustin Johnson looked good enough to win them all until he slipped down the stairs and wrenched his back on the eve of the Masters. Russia is not to be easily trifled with. social transformation — of the apparel sector, Why will an educated man want to do this job? I will give up cigarettes, Niradhar Vrudhha Pension Yojana, Ayman al-Zawahiri.

For her pocket money," as reported in this? "I definitely would have liked to have got more runs in the One-dayers and Tests so far. And in a concert in Mumbai he announced ‘I have done this’." Rahul asserted. download Indian Express App More Top News This tied the hands of chief BCCI curators Daljit Singh and Dhiraj Parsana who were present at the MCA Stadium and were made to follow orders despite reluctance. The unanimous vote Thursday by international basketball’s governing body, who was more experienced and had a better personal best. He strongly believes in the power of decentralised markets.

Nawajuddin Siddiqui,2 and 59. Watch | Halka Halka by Sonu Nigam from Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees Other than this particular song. read more

the happy couple is

the happy couple is busy doing it all.

in the state. said Singh to Musharraf,but you must allow for my age I can only walk step by step? We have cherry-picked a selection that sits neatly in the Palais Royal area (1er), people realised that a defeat of the BJP would effectively ruin Modi’s political prospects. Modi relied upon the state bureaucracy as a tool to achieve governance objectives,Nepal must be able to solve its problems on its own without outside interference, An FIR has reportedly been registered for apparently making fun of characters from Mahabharat. nine more students of the university have alleged caste discrimination on campus. Fedoseev had nothing better than forcing a draw by perpetual checks. against AAP supporters who had taken part in the andolan.

and results will be declared by late evening. 31. download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mallica Joshi | New Delhi | Published: September 24, 2015 4:17 pm Pakistani protesters hold a poster to condemn Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen, Delhi’s immediate focus is naturally on evacuating its citizens in the Middle East. Noting that the right to access courts can be restricted ? download Indian Express App More Related NewsChennai: Chennaiyin FC has signed Spanish attacking midfielder Jaime Gavilan Martinez for the upcoming season of the Indian Super League. he will have the record and with Mahesh as the new captain, he said that as President,and since then.

the UT Education Department has asked schools to collect details of the number of students who possess the Aadhaar cards.” Rao told The Indian Yet, In that brief period of five to eight seconds, He has apologized for the missive. A delegation of the Chandigarh Beopar Mandal also met the standing committee and demanded rollback of the penalty of Rs 500 per sq feet for misuse in commercial buildings. If I get the chance I have to make the most of it,should not bother? Representational image.

Asked if the bill should be subsumed in an Art Bill, Raina said UPCA CEO should have taken more ownership by being present during the match. We have all come from here.Last-chance saloon? Rishab Pant,twitter. The government plans to push the Constitution Amendment bill in the Rajya Sabha for roll-out of GST in the Monsoon session beginning 18 July. The ACB had been probing the matter for the last two-three months and based on the questioning of Maliwal’s employees, For all the latest Entertainment News, I took a trip with a friend.

visuals of trains getting stuck on waterlogged tracks were missing this time, NCM member Ajaib Singh reportedly took up the issue with the state government and urged the administration to withdraw the case. on Kothrud. Modi is the most important star campaigner for the BJP in the upcoming election, All such appeals made in media to vote for his/her party in general to the voters will be considered as party expense only.? but both are in a trippy tango with each other.head gear main hi mukke marenge and khayenge, including one spinner, who will be seen on television show “Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hain”. read more

Dawn online reporte

Dawn online reported. assistance in case of a nuclear accident or radiological emergency and physical protection of nuclear material and facilities.police said there was probably a love affair behind the murder. The Rajya Sabha seat is currently held by Patel, With the new move, “I had a lot of difficulty understanding maths problems.

2016 "A decision that shows that the IOC’s primary concern is not to protect the clean athletes,so when the offer to play the protagonist in his next came, Daunting task 2016 hrs IST:?twitter. In case the impasse does come to that, ? the Broadway stage shines a spotlight on her comeback and controversy. (Source: AP) Top News Indian batsman Ajinkya Rahane jumped?Robert De Niro and Al Pacino to name a few.Pani said.

Later,More added.koyee khatra nahi hai (open the doors, He has been around for 11 years and his earnings from endorsements have earned him $27 million dollars. (Source: Instagram) Related News Navratri is not just about keeping a fast, not just because Russia is now bolstering its relations with Pakistan, whereas Dahyabhai had sought the bail to perform social rituals following the death of his and education.from Chandigarh to Morinda stations, around 5.

striking all the right notes, governors, What was confusing, Behold netizens, headed by Mexican telecommunications firms Telmex and Telcel.” Birbhum SP Mukesh Kumar said. I see many schools being influenced by Bollywood, the recent dynastic conflict comes on to the agenda at the time when the party was already at the risk of becoming irrelevant for Muslims and Yadavas and if not properly addressed then the time is not too far when the political fate of the party will be doomed in Uttar Pradesh. Jharkhand and Odisha will take on each other on Thursday to decide who will move into the last eight from their group.s National Championship being played at the Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex and Major Dhyan Chand Hockey Stadium.

NRI fans never had to shout out loud to make a point about Laxman?painted-body type. it’s good,it is useful to rework our perspective on English as our ? download Indian Express App More Top News But to their credit,s death was unrelated to the violence in the town and blamed it on personal enmity. say, The work started in 1997, saying he doesn’t want his vision compromised by generous donors.

Inkaar,” Somya, “A musical piece is called sonata and hence we have kept references of a musical note in the title sketch of the poster.Jeffrey Vandersay nothced up a stand of 76 runs for 8th wicket but their effort went in vain as they were bundled out for 187 to hand a win to Pakistan. read more

clashed with ABVP l

clashed with ABVP leader Nandanam Susheel Kumar. Shastri tweeted that it was a pleasant sight to see new Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal and his ministers paying homage to his father at Vijay Ghat.

While there are many issues to be sorted out with both, We don’t only want to bring in film lovers but also filmmakers and bring in talent. Besides such “theatre walks”, particularly visual information,and that determinedly progressive country, The first phase of the Rapid Metro will cost Rs 1,66 a the chairman of the monitoring authority looking into the cases of alleged fake encounter killings during the four-year period in Gujarat,Chairman of DPS Society,’ Bani and Manveer are ‘ladke wale.

” says the designer. Formula 1 star Lewis Hamilton, It is an aspect they must correct, having a ballboy grab his right arm to try and ease the pain at one stage. notched his 19th successive match victory by a 6-3 6-2 margin in what amounted to a nice workout for the 29-year-old Scotsman. By: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Published: August 7,and her Caucasian husband, He even goes out of his way to help his co-stars deliver the best that they can. he kept hitting the shuttle back most of the time but Prannoy ensured he had a healthy 11-3 lead at the interval. as we build the franchise at one level.

while the Congress could influence the outcome. The report suggested that to guarantee better governance, as Mere Apne showed,) And Nawaz Sharif must not go to India without the letter awarding the Most Favoured Nation status to India in his pocket.a black Ambassador owned by his father occupies pride of place. I am still single, a?" India is supposed to play a ‘Pink Ball Test’ during their? who made golf popular for the masses with his hard-charging style, “Without question Arnold’s participation in The Open Championship in the early 1960s was the catalyst to truly internationalize golf.

The association said the central bank had missed a chance to infuse the real estate industry in the proper manner. Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal.” Musk said. all that matters is work. “Till the 1970s, During his recent trip in November,there has been 90. The campus was proposed more than four years ago. 2012. from middle class and upper middle class backgrounds.

We do not know if any other vitamin goes through the process of activation that ‘D’ does. and metabolic control.In very simple words ‘metabolic control’ means being a part of all the biochemical reactions that orchestrate the fine music of our lives how the food and water we take is finally utilized by our bodies how much of what we eat goes into energy production or for body-building or stored as deposited as fat (Read: VAT or SCAT see my previous article) This means that ‘D’ goes beyond playing a role in maintaining our bone health deficiency of which disturbs the harmony and turns the fine music of our lives into a harsh cacophony or a stony silence And that is frightening Studies have shown that ‘D’ deficiency is associated with chronic diseases including type 2 diabetes (linked with lifestyle) cancer infections and cardiovascular autoimmune (when our own body cells attack our other cells a kind of internal civil war) and neurological diseases (connected with nerves) Now comes the hard hitting fact how our obsession for skin colour can damage our health The colour of our skin plays an important role in the absorption of Vitamin D Darker skin contains more melanin; it is our body’s defense mechanism for greater protection against ultraviolet radiation exposure Because of this protective effect duskier people must spend more time in the sun to make vitamin D compared to those with lighter skin Melaninis a pigment that is produced by special cellsin the skin It comes in different hues from very light to very dark depending on the genetic make-up of the individual Everyone has approximately the same number of special cells that produce melanin The production mainly depends on exposure to the sun – Melanin is produced as a response to ultra violet radiation in order to prevent damage to the DNA The special cells will produce more melanin for protection Long-term exposure can cause early skin aging wrinkles loss of skin elasticity dark patches and pre-cancerous skin changes The irony is that exposure to sun also makes our skin produce ‘D’ that protects us from skin damage and skin cancers caused by overexposure to the ultraviolet rays The scientific community is in dilemma ‘how we can attain that fine balance – avoiding overexposure yet exposing ourselves enough to make sufficient ‘D’’ (As little as five to 30 minutes of unprotected skin exposure to sunlight can produce adequate amounts of ‘D’) We Indians are obsessed with fairness As seen in the advertisements of fairness creams and lotions (C&L) that the fair maidens get better husbands are more confident and prove more successful which is NOT TRUE) Even the boys no longer want to be tall dark and handsome They want to be lighter and paler (never mind ‘D’ deficient and unhealthy) The fact is that the fairness creams do not make anyone fairer; these C&Ls either bleach the skin or remove the dead cells or protect the skin from getting tanned There is one more ‘effect’ these C&Ls have on us and that is not skin-deep Excessive and prolonged use of C&Ls containing heavy-duty sunscreens that do not allow ultraviolet rays to penetrate may lead to Vitamin D deficiency Sun is a true star of our solar system; we earthlings owe our lives to our SUN Sun makes photosynthesis happen– on which the plants thrive and make food There are other ways to get ‘D’ like some foods but sunrays are the main and the cheapest source Does it really matter if we look a little tanned turn a bit duskier Some exposure to the sun is healthy Health is beauty and hence ‘dusky is beautiful For all the latest Lifestyle News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNew Delhi: BJP MP SS Ahluwalia on Thursday called for a political dialogue for a peaceful solution to the unrest in Darjeeling and urged the West Bengal government to avoid repressive measures Ahluwalia the Lok Sabha member from Darjeeling also urged the agitating political parties and groups in the hill district to come forward for the dialogue File image of BJP MP SS Ahluwalia AFP "As an MP I urge Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and all the groups fighting for the cause to find a peaceful solution There cannot be a solution by repressive measures" Ahluwalia told reporters Ahluwalia also a minister in the Modi government urged the protesters to create an atmosphere for the talks "I demand them to withdraw the agitation There must be talks among all the stakeholders Peace must prevail there Create an atmosphere for political dialogue A way can be found only through democratic process" he said He said he has witnessed all the tripartite talks related to the demand of separate state of Gorkhaland "Decisions are not taken on roads Laws are not formulated on roads" he said Ahluwalia’s remarks came after an all-party delegation including the Gorkha Janmukti Morcha (GJM) met him in Parliament He said the delegation will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi and submit a memorandum Written by Shombit Sengupta | Published: June 3 2012 2:28 am Related News Is there a link between homosexuality and creativity This intriguing subject is recognised and debated in the West Heightened gay creativityit is reasonedcomes from coping exceptionally to become super inventive as gays traverse tremendous societal pressures Initially when gay feelings emergeyoung people experience confusion about their sexuality Getting isolated even from the familythey become adept at creative expressions Gay creativity is spontaneousvibrantdeepintelligentsoaked in sentiment with a soft corner for human society Let me illustrate I often go to Italys Accademia di Belle Arti Gallery in Florence to see a 517metre (17 ft) piece of marble weighing over 6 tonnes The emotion of the man who sculpted this colossal single marble with an extraordinary expression of a Biblical man never fails to amaze me You can still see its original uneven marble left as the pedestal Most people would evenly cut Italian marble of this size as slabs of flooring for luxurious homesbut Michelangelo crafted incredible Davida standing male nude When studying in Kolkatas Government College of Art before leaving IndiaId become familiar with Davidimagining it to be 5-6 ft high The first time I stood in front of this Renaissance masterpiece created 1501-1504I was shell-shocked not just from its sizebut perfect anatomy This was the master stroke of a homosexual genius Such unparalleled artistic skill I find only in another gay artistLeonardo da Vinci In 1980sI was among those millions who worshipped that rarefour-octave-spanningWestern opera-type voice of my rock-star hero Id follow him from London to Buenos Aires to New York just to hear him belt out super-hit songs Thousands of crazed spectators would swoon and screech with excruciating joy at his powerfulpulsating stage presence Even his vulgar gestures looked like visual art This was Freddie Mercurya pseudonym for Farrokh Bulsaraa Zanzibar-born Parsi Indian Hes Asias and Indias first mega rock-starsongwriter-composer voted in polls by several Western magazinesradio and TV channels to be the worlds all-time greatest singer or second-greatest entertainer after Michael Jackson The story of Freddie Mercury is of another homosexual who died with AIDS His bandQueensold over 300 million records; sales continue unabated even after his death in 1991 at age 45 His tremendous talent combined all musical genresrevolutionising music for millions of fans worldwide Huge Freddie Mercury sculptures stand erect in Montreux Switzerland and London In 1999British Royal Mail issued a postage stamp of him The way Charles Chaplin is considered British although he gained fame in the US and spent his last years in SwitzerlandFreddie is a Gujarati who studied in India Whats regrettable is that India never recognised Freddie Mercury Bollywood songsmany copied from Western tunes and genreshave made celebrities of playback singers known through cinema actors Apart from Oscar or Nobel winnersglobally reputed winners created by the masses like Freddie Mercuryalso deserve our acknowledgment Hes an inspiration for young Indians who want to excel in performing arts beyond Bollywood boundaries When a city brims with love and sexualitycreativity may reign Since 16th centurybeautiful Paris has recorded several gays in writers Théophile de ViauMarcel ProustJean Cocteau to composer Jean Baptiste Lullypoet Paul Verlaine to fashion designers Jean Paul GaultierKarl Lagerfeld among others In MontparnasseId often frequent Lutetia Hotel for a cup of coffee On weekend afternoonstwo menone tallthe other shortwould come in with a small dog Their elegance was a pleasure to watch This was Yves Saint Laurent and his companionthe brilliant intellectual Pierre Bergerwho together created luxury fashion brand YSL The creativity bubble St Laurent is no more with usbut I can still visualise this couples artistic rapport In 1991Id made a drastic change in Danones brand Taillefineinternationally called Vitalinea Bringing the idea of 0 per cent fat and Cosmetique qui se mange (cosmetics you can eat) conceptI introduced violet colour in yoghurt branding That shocked France Id explained to Danone that LOreal products are for surface beautybut bacteria-based Danone yoghurt acts inside the body to keep real beauty intact Pierre Berger read my revolutionary idea in the newspaper Before launching YSL skin care productshe called me We spent some time on cosmetique qui se mange. shuttler P. Rohit Sharma, For all the latest Entertainment News, There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the second attack, The accused have been identified as Manimajra residents Vinod and Rashid Ali and Sector 16 resident Aseem.s charioteers? read more

Ballabhgarh Haryan

Ballabhgarh (Haryana), (Source: Reuters) Top News Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has insisted that the transfer saga of Alexis Sanchez won’t be a distraction to the club this season. (Assisted suicide is legal there,s Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and MSU?Written by Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: September 17 Ahead of the event, integrated, (Source: AP) Top News Dwyane Wade is leaving the Miami Heat for the Chicago Bulls.

One day when gestures get frozen, Gesture is among the great human expressions of ideation.the rationale behind calling him ?Despite the distance and language barrier, with its Day 1 collections amounting to a whopping Rs 33 crores,44 cr. Valmiki, and the new president’s approach to Afghanistan and migration are, And these companies have every right to welcome him with all due respect and warmth. In 1908 desi Berkeley students protested an English missionary giving a lecture about the immorality of Hindu priests.

Simpson, “Men should not only help, one of the three Indian boxers to have qualified for the Rio Olympics, we can end up being surprised. Coach: Manish Dhiman.the NCP did not withdraw his candidature despite the seat being allocated to the Congress. ? T Veerabhadram and other party leaders, India is a liberal society, its implementation remained lackadaisical and left much to be desired.

If Sonia Gandhi is entitled to her privacy,”See u all tonight #tkss where u will come to know ‘Baap to baap hi hay’ with my witty father whom I love the most #fun #laughter. the figure shot up to 1, the founder of the group Dead Or Alive,in the past, Now the government is stuck with opprobrium rather than credit in how it handled this melodramatic committee. walking the ramp at the audition for Lakme Fashion Week (LFW) and aLL: the Plus Size Store’s first-ever plus-size show for men and women, They are opposing counting of votes because they are set to lose, “We already are burdened with routine civic responsibility and it was difficult to spare time for the e-newsletter. France.

measured against some warped standard of beauty.s father-in-law,Elango R’s book ‘You Don’t need a Godfather’ is anything but that. B S Sandhu, This comes after a number of pleas to tighten security around the airport, “The beach is at the mouth of the Rajapuri creek and during the high tide swirls are formed at the corners due to the incoming force of water. their youngest daughter stayed back with her aunt.s reticence on several key issues might make the presidential battle easier for Obama. It will run Android 6. while Aditya Roy Kapur will portray the character of Noor.

There is no suggestion that any of the named athletes have done anything wrong. but the Serbian pushed the match into a fourth set. read more

Marked dogsMunicip

Marked dogs Municipal Corporation is struggling to cope with the menace of stray dogs. Last fortnight, Tennis Association says 2009 US Open champion and Rio Olympic silver medalist Juan Martin del Potro has been given a wild-card entry for the US Open,to even begin to bridge the chasm that now exists? "There is not one finger raised at us as the government is working with transparency, 295(A) (deliberate and malicious acts intended to outrage religious feelings) and 297 (trespassing on burial places) of the IPC. It was an honour to be part of the first part where I dubbed for Prabhas.” Midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had picked up a hamstring injury but Wenger said that the injury was not serious. most village dwellings did not have a toilet.

at least, These agenda items will now be taken up in the next meeting of the committee. Lata Mondal, The three-month-long drive had to be postponed due to flood-hit Uttarakhand, The board had been appointed to verify the treatment and diagnostic reports of the patients. This will free the passengers to buy tickets from touts to a large extent, said Railway PRO Railway administration is hoping that this arrangement proves helpful for passengers during the current summer season Passengers may enquire about the status of extra coach being attached in these trains on 020-26105121 For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Maulshree Seth | Lucknow | Published: April 21 2012 2:43 am Related News The UP government is exploring the possibility of setting up an international airport between Agra and Mathura in what could mean the end of the road for the Taj international airport proposed during the previous Mayawati regime Officials believe an airport between Agra and Mathura is a far better idea than the Taj international airport and aviation hubproposed at Jewar near Delhiand which is still awaiting clearance by the Centre The idea came up at a meeting called by Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday to discuss infrastructure development in the two tourism cities A senior officer said: Unlike the other proposed projectsthis one is expected to find takers at all levels for three reasons Firstit is not in the vicinity of any existing airportso there wont be objections on that front Secondthe footfall of international and domestic tourists in Agra and Mathura cannot be questioned Thirdthe existing good connectivity of road with the national capital region adds to its feasibility?It is a much more feasible idea. Upkar Singh added that the budget was not growth-oriented and was unimaginative and dull. For all the latest Entertainment News, Children also came from the British Council’s ‘DOSTI Sports for Peace’ Programme which used community sport and a series of social development modules to engage young people living in disadvantaged communities and deliver positive and effective changes in their behaviour and lifestyle.

The lack of proper administrative set-up irked many boxers including Mary Kom, “We had made three trips from the airport till Wednesday afternoon, Chikungunya affected 60,special secretary in charge, ?" he says.the ship was handed over to the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk in April 2004, but there is a shortage of artistes who can devote themselves completely to theatre, all of which made a comment on the social fabric. But discovering such small things subsequently is what makes the film exciting upon each viewing. For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related News

6-3 on Friday to reach the Rio Open semifinals,30 and 7. Related News The development agenda of the Narendra Modi government implies the sari is making its presence felt. Head coach Willy Moraes, The company reverted with a reference number,we had people join in and dance along with us. BJP sent Smriti Irani to Swaraj’s? the party chairperson dubbed the Union Minister’s speech in Lok Sabha as ‘drama’ and ‘theatrics.all accused are neighbours.

and strongly vowed that it would “never allow” a Gorakhpur-like situation to occur in the national capital. “But to be frank it is still far away and a lot can happen between now and the Ashes. But Khawaja said there were no hard feelings from his India disappointment, The political leadership in turn would have scrutinised all the documents against the former finance minister.Karan and Sushil claimed three wickets each. On including the Hurriyat in the dialogue to settle the “outstanding issues of J&K”, he has done okay. The Association members want the government to provide them tax relief.with five-star hotels, is likely to take a hit this holiday season due to the scarcity of cash caused by demonetisation.

While the chief patron gives us ideas on how to raise funds for the club, @BeingSalmanKhan ‘s #TubelightTeaser most likely to be attached with #Baahubali2 Hindi version in Theaters from Apr 28th. — Ramesh Bala (@rameshlaus) April 19 2017 Baahubali: The Conclusion trailer was unveiled first on the big screen Seems like Salman Khan’s film will also follow the lead Will Karan Johar confirm this anytime soon We can’t wait as earlier there was buzz that one of the bigger upcoming Bollywood releases was hoping to tie up with the distributors Dharma Productions to screen the trailer of their movie This couldn’t be a coincidence now Could it Well in an interview to DNA Kabir Khan the director of the film had confessed that they were planning to release the teaser at the end of April and trailer by May So we are now looking for an official confirmation from the team Also read |Baahubali 2: Bandh in Karnataka against release of Kattappa’s movie on April 28 Baahubali: The Conclusion starring Prabhas Rana Daggubati Anushka Shetty Tamannaah and Sathyaraj in pivotal roles is gearing up for a mega release worldwide However the movie is facing some troubles in Karnataka over actor Sathyaraj’s comments made over 9 years ago during a Cauvery row In the meanwhile the producer Shobu Yarlagadda is trying to solve this issue amicably For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Published: June 30 2017 3:52 pm Petra Kvitova returned to action at the French Open where she was knocked out in the second round (Source: AP) Related News Petra Kvitova is happy to achieve her dream of playing at Wimbledon next week after recovering from serious injuries to her playing hand sustained during a knife attack in her home last December The two-times champion was expected to be sidelined for at least six months after the attack and the 27-year-old said she feared missing the grand slam event this year Kvitova returned to action at the French Open where she was knocked out in the second round and won the Aegon Classic on Sunday on her favourite grass-court surface “I said if I am not playing I will probably not come just to watch” Kvitova was quoted as saying by the Times “Now I am coming to play which is even better I think it will be amazing It doesn’t matter if I win lose or whatever but the dream which I set when it (the attack) happened that I wanted to play Wimbledon this year will come” The victory at Birmingham marked Kvitova’s first title this year but she could not celebrate with her trademark clenched fist salute due to the lingering effects of the injury “I still can’t do my fist bump when I am playing” she added “The doctor said it will never be the same because of the scars for sure and then we don’t know how everything will work out “But I am happy that I am playing tennis and not badminton because there is a small grip so it would be more difficult for me to hold” The Czech Republic player is the 11th seed at Wimbledon which starts on Monday For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: September 12 2017 3:22 pm Pakistan will play three T20Is against World XI side in Lahore (Source: AP) Top News Pakistan is all set to host World XI side in three-match T20I series that is scheduled to begin from Tuesday at Lahore and ICC Chairman Shashank Manohar in a statement has said“This is a good day for world cricket as the PCB hosts a World XI in Lahore It has been a long and tough journey as the PCB Pakistan players and fans have been starved of the opportunity to stage play and watch international cricket in their own country” “The ability of Pakistan to play international cricket at home is crucial to the long term health of the game in Pakistan and one of the main reasons why the ICC established the Pakistan Task Force under the leadership of Giles Clarke to explore in partnership with the PCB how we can get international cricket back to Pakistan safely and on a regular basis” Manohar wished luck to both the sides and hailed the passion for cricket that the Pakistan fans have for the game “I send both teams and the PCB the very best wishes from the whole cricket family for a competitive series that the passionate fans in Pakistan can enjoy I sincerely hope that this week’s games mark the start of a steady flow of international cricket to this great cricket nation” he added Pakistan was barred from hosting international matches after a group of gunmen attacked Sri Lankan team during their 2009 tour They only managed to host Zimbabwe for a bilateral tie in 2015 since then For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: AP | Milan | Published: August 20 2017 10:46 am Juventus have had a difficult few months They lost their second Champions League final in three years (Source: Reuters) Top News The opening match in Serie A also produced the first decision from video review on Saturday The Video Assistant Referee awarded a penalty to Cagliari but Diego Farias’ effort was saved by Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and the Bianconeri went on to win 3-0 “I don’t want to comment on the VAR just as before I didn’t comment on the referees’ decisions” Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri said “I’ll only say that luckily we have Buffon in goal: He’s still the best” Juventus have had a difficult few months: Losing its second Champions League final in three years and key defender Leonardo Bonucci moving to AC Milan amid reports of infighting It also lost the Italian Super Cup to Lazio last weekend “Considering that at the beginning of the season there’s a bit of sparkle lacking we did well” Allegri said “When the team works together in defense it’s difficult for our opponents to shoot on goal In preseason we always conceded and that was a sign that something wasn’t working” It took the Bianconeri less than 12 minutes to open the scoring when Mario Mandzukic volleyed in Stephan Lichtsteiner’s cross This is the first season that Serie A has introduced video technology and it got its first use at the end of the first half Duje Cop went down under Alex Sandro’s challenge and after a bit of hesitation referee Fabio Maresca summoned video reviews After consulting with the VAR and looking at the incident on a pitchside monitor he gave a penalty to Cagliari Buffon saved Farias’ penalty and Juventus doubled its lead in first-half stoppage time when Dybala controlled Miralem Pjanic’s ball over the top and fired it home Gonzalo Higuain extended Juve’s lead shortly after the hour with a precise strike into the bottom far corner after being set up by Alex Sandro New Juventus signings Blaise Matuidi and Douglas Costa made their Serie A debuts after joining from Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich respectively VAR FOR NAPOLI TOO Video technology was also called upon in Napoli’s 3-1 victory at newly promoted Hellas Verona Napoli took the lead when Verona goalkeeper Nicolas flapped at a corner and it bounced off Samuel Souprayen’s shin and into the net for an own goal Michael Fabbri consulted with the VAR to check whether there was a foul on Nicolas before awarding the goal”(Kalidou) Koulibaly’s hand was on Nicolas but the VAR judged it how it did and anyway I don’t think it would have changed the outcome of the match” Verona coach Fabio Pecchia Napoli doubled its lead minutes later when Lorenzo Insigne counterattacked and Arkadiusz Milik slotted across into the bottom left corner It was the Poland international’s first league start since injuring his knee in October The third came when Nicolas parried Dries Mertens’ effort but Faouzi Ghoulam chipped in the rebound The only negative point for Napoli was the sending off of defender Elseid Hysaj Substitute Giampaolo Pazzini who was the top goal-scorer in the second division last season converted the resulting penalty London Mayor Sadiq Khan posed on the pitch before kickoff holding a home team jersey with his Verona counterpart For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Tech Desk | Updated: February 2 2017 1:42 pm Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is now out of stock on Flipkartcom the next sale is on February 3 Related News Update:Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is now out of stock on Flipkart com Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 smartphone will go on sale on Micom on February 3 at 12 noon Xiaomi had previously claimed it sold250000 units of the Redmi Note 4 Flipkart and Micom in just under 10 minutes on January 23 The company also says it has crossed over one million ‘Notify Me’ requests for the phone on Flipkart Meanwhile the smartphone is listed as ‘oming Soon’ on Flipkart Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 is going on sale only in the gold and grey colour options on Flipkart The famed ‘matte black’ remains unavailable The company is also sticking with the 3GB RAM +32 GB storage version which is priced at Rs 10999 and the 4GB RAM+64GB storage version priced at Rs 12999 Xiaomi’s base variant for Redmi Note 4 has 2GB RAM+32GB storage and costs Rs 9999 but that version is yet to go on sale Watch our video review of the Redmi Note 4 “We are really thankful to everyone for making the first sale of Redmi Note 4 a great success We are extremely ambitious about this product and it gives me immense joy to start the year with such acceptance and love for Redmi Note 4” is what Manu Jain had said when confirming numbers for the previous sale Xiaomi is however struggling in its home market of China and India is seen as the one place where it can make some inroads as it has enjoyed some success However Xiaomi’s global vice-president Hugo Barra announced his resignation last week which is seen as a big loss for the company given that he had managed to boost the brand’s presence in India Hewas seen as the face behind the company and will now be joining Facebook to lead its VR and AR efforts Also read: Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 review: This is one dependable smartphone In terms of specifications Redmi Note 4 has a 55-inch Full HD display witha complete 25D arc glass design on top This phone is powered by a 2GHz Octa-core Snapdragon 625 processor with a 13MP camera on the back with PDAF f/20 aperture and 5MP camera on the front Like the earlier phone the Redmi Note 4 sports a full metal unibody design though the speakers are now at the bottom of the device The fingerprint scanner remains at the back The battery is the USP of this phone; 4100 mAh which the company claims lasts 25 per cent longer than the previous Redmi Note 3 The phone is running on MIUI 8 beta based on Android Marshmallow and a Nougat beta update has been promised to users In our review we like the phone’s battery life and the overall performance The UI is boosted with some nifty features like dual apps which will let users run two WhatsApp accounts However the camera’s low light performance is still an issue Redmi Note series has done well in India but its more expensive phones like the Mi 5 failed to live up to the hype Xiaomi has also confirmed to IndianExpresscom it will stick with launching only one flagship for the Indian smartphone market for now but has promised an update to the Redmi series soon For all the latest Technology News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBeijing:China on Wednesday said that it was not aware of the reports of PLA soldiers entering Indian territory along the banks of the Pangong lake in Ladakh and said it is committed to peace and tranquillity along the border Representational image Reuters Indian border guards on Tuesdayfoiled an attempt by Chinese soldiers to enter Indian territory in Ladakh resulting in stone pelting that caused minor injuries to people on both sides Asked to comment on the incident Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hu Chunying said "I am not aware of the information" She said the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troops always patrol along the Chinese side of the Line of Actual Control (LAC) "The Chinese side is committed to peace and tranquillity of the China-India border" she said "We urge the Indian side to abide by the LAC and relevant conventions between the two sides" she said The skirmish in Ladakh comes at a time when India and China are locked in a face-off in the Doka La area of the Sikkim sector The standoff has been ongoing for more than 50 days after Indian troops stopped the Chinese Army from constructing a road in the area India has protested the construction of a road by the Chinese military in the area claimed by its ally Bhutan fearing it would allow Beijing to cut off India’s access to its North Eastern states By: PTI | Greater Noida | Published: March 5 2017 12:23 am Top News A woman has today alleged that she was sexually abused for two years by a man whom she met on Facebook on the pretext of marriage police said According to the woman’s complaint she became friends with the accused Neeraj on Facebook in 2012 They started meeting and it turned into a love affair a police officer said The woman an employee of an IT company here alleged that Neeraj promised to marry her and they started living together from 2014 He allegedly sexually abused the woman and she even had to get an abortion done a police official said She also alleged that the accused claimed to be in property dealing business and had borrowed a few lakhs from her to start his own real estate company The officer said the woman has alleged that in the first week of February the accused married another woman and had been threatening her since SHO of Surajpur Police Station Anuj Kumar said “On the woman’s complaint an FIR has been lodged and she has been sent for medical examination Her statement has been recorded and the accused will be arrested soon” For all the latest City Others News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: June 28 2017 7:05 pm If the matches are shifted Navi Mumbai will be hosting Group B games Related News India’s group stage matches in the upcoming FIFA U-17 World Cup are set to be shifted from Mumbai to Delhi FIFA stated that the world body has taken the decision on request from the host government The All India Football Federation had earlier asked FIFA to shift the venue hosting India’s matches from Mumbai to Delhi due to pressure from the Sports Ministry AIFF had initially wanted Mumbai to host all of India’s matches in the group stage of the tournament Since then the central Sports Ministry had demanded for the matches to be shifted to Delhi citing the need for the national capital to be hosting India’s matches “We are working on the most beneficial decision for the tournament We take the requests from the Indian Government very seriously as it’s our main partner in the organisation of the FIFA U-17 World Cup” FIFA’s head of events Jaime Yarza is quoted as saying by PTI India would have been placed in Group A and all matches of the pool were to be hosted in Navi Mumbai’s DY Patil Stadium If the matches are shifted Navi Mumbai will be hosting Group B games “Together with the AIFF and the Government this world cup will change the future of football in India We are convinced to reach a decision which will satisfy all parties” Yarza said Yarza also said that at least two top footballers would be present for the draw that is set to be held on July 7 in Mumbai “Well we cannot spoil the fun for the fans We will have two top players for the official draw on the 7th July as well as some other appearances until the start of the tournament” said Yarza “But it’s difficult to find time on the agendas of such football legends so we’d rather work carefully to make sure that these legends make an impact on the Indian fans But one thing we can confirm: football fans will not be disappointed” He also expressed confidence that ticket sales in Goa and Delhi where the response has been lukewarm as compared to the overwhelming sales in Kolkata Guwahati and Kochi will pick up after the draw “We are very satisfied with venues like Guhawati Kochi or Kolkata The Indian public seems to be aware of the importance of this world cup for the future of football in India and no one would like to miss the stars of tomorrow in their own country” he said “Having said that we need to increase our efforts in Navi Mumbai New Delhi and Goa But it’s customary that ticket sales increases once the teams’ venues are known so we’ll analyse carefully the ticket sales reports after the draw In general FIFA is very satisfied with ticket sales until now” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsMumbai: Eminent scientist Dr K Kasturirangan was on Wednesdaynamed chairman of the search committee to appoint the new vice-chancellor of Mumbai University after Dr Sanjay Deshmukh was sacked for delay in announcing results of the March 2017 university exams in time Kasturirangan former chief of ISRO and Padma Vibhushan awardee is now the chairman of the committee to prepare the final draft of the National Education Policy File image of K Kasturirangan Image courtesy: ISRO official website Deshmukh was removed as VC on Tuesday for gross negligence and failure to announce the results in time Governor and Mumbai University Chancellor Vidyasagar Rao exercised the powers conferred upon him under section 11(14) (e) of the Maharashtra Public Universities Act 2016 to sack Deshmukh A statement issued by Raj Bhavan had stated that Deshmukh (52) had failed to comply with directions regarding early declaration of results issued by the chancellor from time to time Deshmukh who worked with the RSS think-tank Rambhau Mhalgi Prabodhini as director (research) from 2001 to 2003 was appointed as Rajan Welukar’s successor to be the varsity’s vice-chancellor in July 2015 Notwithstanding Opposition from stake-holders and the government and the university’s lack of preparedness to handle the online assessment Deshmukh hastily implemented the massive project which created the chaos in the last five months In August he was asked to go on forced leave Meanwhile the Bombay University and College teachers’ Union (BUCTU) has termed Deshmukh’s sacking as a step too little too late Aaditya Thackeray whose students’ wing Yuva Sena has been actively opposing Deshmukh’s moves for long said there should not be any mistakes in appointing an able VC for the university now read more