The water quality can meet the control objectives

"in 2007 by the Huangshui River water quality severe pollution into light pollution in 2011, and in the first half of this year to further improve, achieve the objectives and requirements of national water quality control." Recently, the Ministry of environmental protection in the upper reaches of the the Yellow River river basin water pollution prevention and control conference held in Xining, the Ministry of environmental protection experts on the upper reaches of the the Yellow River river basin water pollution prevention and control recommendations and suggestions. read more

Would you please recommend 2015 Xining news

"2015" with the pace of just unable to part away, but still in the hearts of the aftertaste.

all, point to the same goal: the well-being of the people! Therefore, Xining’s "2015", invites you – all the people, looking back and inventory!

recommended activities on 2015 on Xining’s economic and social development and improving people’s livelihood plays a positive role of major news events, select a number of major and typical and iconic and influential to catch up with the development of news events. Your active participation, not only to give Xining more than 2015 of a positive, but also for the transfer of more positive energy 2016. All 2015 year published in the central and provincial and municipal news media reflect the city’s economic and social development of various undertakings for a year has a far-reaching impact on the focus of news reports in the recommended range, the recommended time from now until January 11th. Network recommendation can log on the Xining municipal government website (, sina Xining evening news official micro-blog (, love Xining community WeChat platform to recommend. At the same time, but also through the way to participate in the recommendation, can be sent to the Propaganda Department of the municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department (South Gate Street, No. 43).  

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Xining City take measures to build talent highland

The annual meeting of urban planning in China is the largest and highest academic event in china. Before this year, the annual meeting has never appeared in Xining. Since Dr. Wu Zhicheng came to work in Xining, Xining planning department finally participated in this event, but also on the Xining urban planning proposals have become a common focus of attention.

2010, Xining in the form of a public introduction of Tongji University in Shanghai, Dr. Wu Zhicheng, served as deputy director of the Xining Municipal Bureau of urban and rural planning, and through him set up a bridge, opened a day. After Wu Zhicheng matchmaking, Xining urban and Rural Planning Bureau and the Shanghai Institute of architecture and planning, Tongji University to create a talent training and research cooperation base". Since then, in the field of urban planning and construction, the city’s extensive exchanges and cooperation with Tongji University, to enhance the overall level of urban planning in our city, opened a new page of school cooperation. read more

Xining urban district 13609 elderly leaders over the age of 70 subsidies

December 13th, a reporter from the Xining City Committee on Aging office learned that the City District of Xining City, 13609 more than 70 years of age (70 years old 79 years old) for the first time to before the old subsidy, enjoy the party and the government care for the elderly.

to improve the quality of life of the elderly in Xining, Xining this year will extend the scope of the elderly subsidies from the original 80 years above the age of more than 70 years old, the city’s 90 thousand and 400 elderly people benefit. And according to different ages, enjoy different amount of red envelopes. Since 2007, Xining began to implement the preferential treatment system for the elderly, 90 years of age and above the age of more than 100 people were given an annual subsidy of $600 and $1200 per person. 2010 will also be included in the scope of subsidies for the 80 year old, the annual subsidy of $480 per person. This year, Xining will expand the scope of subsidies to more than 70 years of age (aged from 70 to 79) per person per year subsidy of $360, this year, Xining will have 70589 (aged 70 to) to enjoy the benefits of this policy. Because of many reasons such as restricting bank cards, subsidies for senior citizens over the age of 70 in other areas of Xining will soon be in place, the bank card is expected to soon sent to every man’s hand. read more

The regulations of Qinghai Province on the popularization of Social Sciences shall be put into effec

yesterday, reporters from the provincial government information office held a news conference was informed that the Qinghai Provincial Social Science Popularization Ordinance from December 1st this year, the official implementation. The regulations based on the local characteristics of Qinghai, advancing with the times to regulate the basic content of social science popularization.

According to

, the Qinghai Provincial Social Science Popularization Ordinance is the first law in the field of Social Science in our province, it marks the introduction of this work into the rule of law track. The Ordinance is divided into 6 chapters and 36. The combination of the actual situation in our province the popularity of social science objectives and adhere to the principle, clear the government and its relevant departments and association of Social Sciences in social science popularization responsibilities, strengthen the social popularity of social responsibility, strengthen social security and incentive measures of popularization, the social science popularization of legal responsibility and punishment measures. At the same time, the Ordinance provides for the month of May, the province’s social science popularization month, focusing on social science popularization activities. read more

Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics to carry out environmental protection activities

is the forty-first world environment day, the Xining Municipal Bureau of statistics in the center of my city to carry out environmental protection activities. This year’s World Environment Day "green economy: are you involved?" The theme and my bureau actual work to publicize the current situation of environmental protection in our country, introduces the basic situation of Xining city green ecological economy, focus on the publicity of the utilization of water resources, water resources protection and utilization of knowledge, promote public attention to protection and utilization of water resources, with practical action to protect our environment, protect the environment and save resources, actively participate in the city’s "model".
in my bureau making banners 1, publicity panels 2, making the scene, green economy on environmental protection, the people’s problems were answered patiently and carefully, a good way to summarize the experience of some people to save water, on-site publicity and promotion, has been the presence of the public praise. Through the publicity, the public had a deeper understanding of the protection and utilization of water resources, saving water for daily life use have a more clear understanding, you can participate in environmental protection, water conservation initiative, but also let the public realize the spread of green consumption concept, promote green culture, create importance the activities of national environmental protection model city, create a good atmosphere for everyone to participate in the environmental protection, to build ecological green homes ". read more

Xining city north of the city of 13 villagers difficult to solve the problem of draft

recently, reporters in the north area of Qi city village of Xining City Zhang uncle home to see, unscrew the faucet, clean tap water "rushing" runs out. Zhang uncle pick up the water while talking about: I hope for so long, finally eat tap water." Residents living on the water, told reporters that the matter can be satisfactorily resolved, thanks to the tireless efforts of the government and the water sector.

It is reported that

, Seongbuk Chaoyang office Qi City Village 13 villagers living in the north foot of the mountain, the difficult problem of drinking water into the 13 villagers event. Located in the north foot of the mountain, no tap water, the 13 villagers had to down the mountain along the railroad to carry water to eat. 2010 North Railway Freight Station Project expansion, resulting in 13 villagers daily drinking water more difficult. According to Qi Chia Village villagers eat water problems, the district government leaders attach great importance to agriculture and animal husbandry, area construction, Chaoyang office departments repeatedly in-depth on-site visits to the villagers, raise funds, and actively tap water company, Highway Management Bureau and the Qinghai Tibet Railway cargo center to coordinate, master Qi city surrounding the pressure of tap water pipe network and the tap water pipeline crossing highway. Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Bureau commissioned the design units in the preparation of the "Qi City 13 villagers drinking water project implementation plan", at the same time, called construction, design, quality inspection, supervision, village committees and other units in the engineering construction requires the disclosure. read more

Xining took the lead in the implementation of the administrative reconsideration decision on the nt

Recently, the author learned from the Legislative Affairs Office of the provincial government, to further promote administration according to law, accelerate the construction of the government under the rule of law in the process, the Xining municipal government will implement the administrative reconsideration decision to determine the online public administration 2015 new points, the first in the province carried out the administrative reconsideration decision of the online public. Currently, the Xining municipal government has published 6 legal information network has done the administrative reconsideration decision.The administrative reconsideration decision of read more

Three enterprises to support the construction of Huangzhong maritime school information

in December 4th, the provincial education development foundation under the coordination of Qinghai Ying Ji Building Group Co. Ltd., Jiangsu Dingxin Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. and Qinghai Tongxin real estate development company free of charge to the Huangzhong county school informatization construction project of sea Zi Gou donated 57 sets, 1 sets of computer digital HD camcorder, 850 quilts and warm bed all kinds of sports equipment, teaching equipment and a large number of students living goods, the total value of 374 thousand yuan. read more

Xining Seismological Bureau to strengthen the management of Xining earthquake observation points

In order to further improve the quality of macroscopic observation data, in February 22nd, according to the difference of the macroscopic anomalies and the abnormal reaction of the animals, the Seismological Bureau of the people’s Republic of China carried out the inspection of 8 macroscopic observation points in the area

in order to further improve the quality of macroscopic observation data, according to the different phenomena of earthquake macroscopic anomalies and abnormal reaction of animals, in February 22nd, the Seismological Bureau of the city carried out the inspection of 8 macroscopic observation points. At the same time, professional personnel to the scene to explain how to observe changes of livestock and poultry, fish pond, the water level, the demand of macro point observation personnel according to local conditions to carry out water, animals and plants, weather earthquake macroscopic anomaly observation, strengthen the sense of responsibility, timely submit the macroscopic observation information, and signed and the 8 macroscopic observation the observation of responsibility agreement, in order to better capture the seismic anomaly and provide high quality information, to further develop the monitoring and forecasting functions. read more

Xining airport three project to start construction next year

Showing the work of the Xining Airport T2 shaped plane terminal, there is no make you feel narrowed the distance with the large airport outside the province, in the future, the appearance of the distance will be further reduced. Reporters learned from the Qinghai Airport Inc, the province will strive to start construction of the three phase of the Xining airport in 2017, which is one of the important projects as one of the T3 terminal, will become a landmark building in our province.

Xining Caojiabao Airport is our province’s air gateway and the external window of the Qinghai Tibet plateau. The airport built from December 1991 to 2005 navigable, the expansion of the T1 terminal, in 2013 the two phase expansion project put into use, including the new T2 terminal building area of 42 thousand square meters, is 4 times the area of the use of T1 terminal. Accelerate the pace of construction of the airport, for many people in Qinghai, foreign tourists to bring a more convenient way to travel. "12th Five-Year" period, Xining airport passenger throughput of 15 million 783 thousand passengers, 50 city traffic, has opened 70 routes, which also operates the Xining to Taipei, Hongkong, Seoul, Bangkok four international routes (area). Airport flight volume, passenger volume growth ranked first four airports in the provincial capital, the provincial capital of the Northwest airport. read more

The province’s first national movable cultural relics census results in the Provincial Museum

11 11, "witness the history of the collection of cultural relics to write the text – Qinghai province’s first national survey report on the results of movable cultural relics exhibition," the official launch of the provincial museum.

from October 2012 to December 2016, China for the first time to carry out a comprehensive survey of movable heritage registration. Census office at all levels in the province and the collection unit lasted 4 years, the trip more than 4 km, in the province’s 2 cities and counties in 47 counties (districts) and the 4 provincial units to comprehensively promote the census work, the successful completion of the census task. read more

Xining scale industrial added value of enterprises increased by 55 1%

As small and micro enterprises are concentrated in the area in the province, thousands of cadres to help enterprises, steady growth, structural adjustment in Xining city to convert the benefits of enterprise policy and supporting measures, along with the effectiveness of aid activities gradually, Xining new Small and micro businesses 2000 households. At the end of November this year, Xining city completed 34 billion 290 million yuan of industrial added value growth of 18.37%. Among them, the scale of the following industries completed 5 billion 9 million yuan, an increase of 55.1%. read more

Strengthen training improve quality and promote work

In order to promote the construction of district superintendent responsibility in our city, improve the quality of inspection staff, August 28th – 29 day, teacher supervision office of Xining Municipal People’s government to continue education and training center in the city of teachers held municipal education supervision responsibility inspectors training classes, each area of responsibility, the district superintendent of the County Government Education Supervision Department inspectors more than 80 people attended training read more

The Department of transportation to prevent bad weather

In order to ensure that people can safely travel in winter, minimize and avoid all kinds of traffic accidents, the Provincial Department of transportation in the winter before the bad weather this winter, ahead of the deployment of prevention. It is reported that, according to the climate characteristics in our province, cold and dry winter weather, frequent winds, heavy snow disaster prone, traffic departments will strengthen communication and coordination with the meteorological department, collecting meteorological information, strengthen forecasting, early warning, prevention, scientific and rational use of traditional methods and modern methods, road traffic conditions and extreme early release the weather warning information. In addition, according to their own characteristics, multi sectoral arrangements to deal with cold wind, snow and other natural disasters measures. The highway maintenance management department: focus on doing the preparatory work to prevent wind snow weather, the important province of the country’s main bridge and tunnel maintenance, increase the intensity of the investigation, and make the highway emergency supplies and inclement weather reopened pat work. Road transport management department: focus on urging the passenger station to do emergency work under severe weather conditions, the emergence of a large area of passengers stranded, do a good job of stranded passengers service, maintain good order. The maritime sector: strengthening the duty, timely disposal of emergencies, strictly implement the winter air system in our province. Highway law enforcement departments: the focus of inspections, such as a large number of vehicles on the road due to snow stuck by blocking, and actively organize grooming and rescue work. Road network operation monitoring department: do a good job in the daily operation of highway network monitoring, emergency warning and emergency response technical support, timely upload and other work.   read more

Seminar on the current employment situation in Xining

the morning of September 10th, the Xining municipal labor and Social Security Bureau invited the Ministry of human resources and social security employment promotion department expert Yin Jiankun to the Xining city (district and county) labor and social security, employment agencies and neighborhood offices, community and other units engaged in employment of the personnel of the current employment situation, the more than 300 lectures people benefit.

the lecture includes "employment situation and Countermeasures", "the concept of employment and entrepreneurship to promote employment", "employment service system construction and public employment service", "Employment Promotion Law" and the government promoting employment etc.. Through the special lectures, for the employment and re employment of Xining leading group member units, the work of the joint meeting members of migrant workers to carry out daily employment work to provide a useful help. read more

Xining to the ten major themes of a series of activities to celebrate the birthday of the party

in the party’s birthday, Xining city organized the ideal faith education, "innocence to the party" nursery rhymes sung, Party volunteer service team selection and other ten series of theme activities, continue to stimulate the city’s party members and cadres officer entrepreneurial enthusiasm, to participate in the party’s mass line educational practice with practical action, vanguard role to further develop the party organizations at all levels and Party members of the fighting force. read more

Xining City Traffic Bureau inspectors focus on illegal operation of vehicles

Recently, Xining City Department of Transportation Transportation Inspection Brigade centralized regulation of the taxi illegal operation of vehicles, for the Xining city taxi to create a good market environment, maintain the market order.

it is understood that the special rectification activities, is for non Xining area of illegal taxi operations in Xining, clean up the taxi market in Xining. At present, a lot of rental vehicles in the city of Xining County, many illegal operations, is a county, the market is small, traffic capacity is greater than the pull, less money, and the Xining market is relatively large; the two is the county taxi fee is relatively low, so many people buy a car, in the week county, and then in the Xining city operation. This not only disrupted the operation of the market in Xining, but also seriously affected the legitimate interests of Xining taxi. read more

Remember to follow up the General Secretary Xi earnest exhortations to know promotions to promote ma

line to follow the General Secretary Xi in earnest exhortations to know promotions to promote major requirements for effective landing

– leading cadres in the province to study and implement the party’s the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee

Speech at the seminar on

spirit (Abstract)

(November 17, 2016)

Hao Peng


of the province leading cadres to study and implement the spirit of the the sixth Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee seminar of the party, to build the province’s party members and cadres ideological consensus, firmly to the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core line, in-depth practice general secretary Xi Jinping visited Qinghai important speech, it is very necessary and timely. Some time ago, in accordance with the general secretary of provincial Party committee to seriously study the important speech of Qinghai issued the inspection notice, departments at all levels to carry out a wide range of learning, communication and discussion, and has formed a number of theoretical and practical results. On this basis, I have in-depth study and grasp the general secretary visited Qinghai important speech, general secretary of mastery, apply practice important speech, further to the right direction, consensus, clarify ideas, to promote the implementation of experience on the two aspects of learning, and to share share. read more

The fifth Qinghai Xining Sichuan Deyang cooperation in agricultural and livestock products and the f

Co sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Deyang municipal government, the Xining farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau and the Deyang Municipal Bureau of agriculture "fifth Qinghai Xining cooperation – Sichuan Deyang production and marketing of agricultural and livestock products fair, reception hall was held at the Qinghai hotel in September 24th

co sponsored by the Xining municipal government, Deyang municipal government, the Xining farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau and the Deyang Municipal Bureau of agriculture in the "fifth Qinghai Xining · Sichuan Deyang agricultural and livestock products production and marketing cooperation Fair, reception hall was held at the Qinghai hotel in September 24th. Su Rong, deputy secretary of municipal Party committee of Xining Municipal People’s Congress deputy director Fan Guoqing, municipal government deputy mayor Jin Jiuchen, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Fan Xingliang, deputy party secretary Ma Guozhen and Deyang municipal government deputy mayor He Mingjun, the Secretary of agriculture Wang Yong, Deyang City, Deyang municipal government deputy secretary Yong Xingwen at the meeting, Deyang county government, County Department of agriculture, vegetable industry association, farmer cooperatives, large sales representative 106 people, Xining local county government, County Department of agriculture and animal husbandry, agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, "food basket" industry associations, professional cooperatives of farmers, agricultural and livestock products, buying and selling large products on behalf of a total of more than and 100 people attended the meeting. The meeting featured two samples of agricultural and livestock products more than and 200, participants panels 34, distributed more than 3 thousand copies of promotional materials. read more