China says pest concerns justify ban on Canadian canola

first_imgBEIJING — China is blocking some imports of the agricultural product canola from Canada due to fears of insect infestation, the foreign ministry said Wednesday.The move comes amid a conflict between the countries over Canada’s arrest of a Chinese technology company executive and is seen by some as a new tactic to achieve leverage over Ottawa.China acted to suspend canola imports from a Canadian company “in accordance with laws and regulations and international practice,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said at a daily news briefing.READ MORE: China revokes canola shipping permit from Canadian companyLu cited “harmful organisms” he did not further identify as a threat. He said China’s government “needs to protect the health and safety of its own people.”“I can tell you responsibly that the Chinese government’s decision is definitely well-founded. Upon verification, China customs has recently detected dangerous pests in canola imported from Canada many times,” Lu said.One of Canada’s largest grain processors, Richardson International Ltd., said Tuesday that China had revoked its permit to export canola there.Some saw that as retaliation for Canada’s arrest of a top executive for the Chinese tech giant Huawei.Canada is proceeding with an extradition hearing for Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou, who is the daughter of Huawei’s founder. She was arrested by Canada at the request of the U.S., where she is wanted on fraud charges for allegedly misleading banks about the company’s dealings with Iran.READ MORE: Huawei CFO returns to B.C. court Wednesday China has a history of using trade measures to retaliate over perceived political slights. It suspended its bilateral trade deal with Norway and restricted imports of Norwegian salmon after the Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Chinese political prisoner Liu Xiaobo in 2010.Britain and other countries were also retaliated against over meetings with the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, considered a dangerous separatist by Beijing.Canadian Agriculture Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau said in a statement that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency conducted investigations after China issued notices of non-compliance on canola seed imports, including nine since January. She said the agency had not identified any pests or bacteria of concern.China receives about 40 per cent of Canada’s canola exports, and the revocation of Richardson’s permit hurts the entire value chain of industries involved in the market, the Canola Council of Canada has said.Canola prices already have been hit by China’s retaliatory tariffs on U.S. agricultural exports. Further cutbacks on Chinese buying would deal a major blow to what is a lifeline for agriculture in western Canada.“We are working very, very hard with the Chinese government on this issue,” Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Tuesday.China has warned of serious consequences if the Huawei executive is not released. China arrested two Canadians on Dec. 10 in what was widely seen as an attempt to pressure Canada.After Meng’s arrest, a Chinese court also sentenced a Canadian to death in a sudden retrial, overturning a 15-year prison term handed down earlier.___Associated Press reporter Rob Gilles in Ottawa, Canada, contributed to this report.The Associated Presslast_img read more

Nunavut MP Aglukkaq silent as Franklin fracas claims Pulitizer prize winning journalist

first_img(From L to R: Ryan Harris, Parks Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Nunavut MP Leona Aglukkaq at the Franklin Expedition announcement. Photo: PMO)Kent DriscollAPTN National NewsIQALUIT — Canada’s MP for Nunavut and Minister of Environment is remaining silent after accusations surfaced that the federal government meddled in the story around how two lost ships in the Franklin expedition were discovered.On Monday, Toronto Star photojournalist, and Pulitzer prize winning reporter Paul Watson quit, stating that it was because the paper wouldn’t let him investigate the story of the scientists who discovered the HMS Erebus last summer.“I had traction on a story, and began reporting, to try to finish it, and I was ordered to stop,” Watson told APTN in an interview Wednesday. “It is the first time I’ve been asked to stop working on a story before I’ve even written it. At a meeting with management in Vancouver, I explicitly asked, ‘Yes or no, will you let me finish this story?’ I was told by the Star’s editor Michael Cooke ‘We’re not interested in that story.’ That was a kill order, and I quit.”The Toronto Star denies the allegations.In an article published in the paper Wednesday, publisher Jim Cruikshank wrote to staff stating the accusations are false.“Let me publicly deny this extremely odd idea. There is no truth whatever to the suggestion.” He went on to describe the conflict as “fundamentally a personal matter.”Watson received the Pulitzer prize in 1994 for spot news photography for photos he took for The Star of the 1994 war in Somalia.Most recently, he has been covering Arctic issues for The Star, Canada’s largest daily newspaper.Watson said he had to go public, because the scientists were frightened.“They’re frightened of losing their jobs. I was shocked at how far widespread that fear is,” he said. “Hard working people, experts in their field, who are afraid to speak the truth, because they fear that they will be slapped down and perhaps lose their jobs over it,” said Watson.Paul Watson, Author Photo: Toronto StarAccording to Watson, John Geiger, CEO of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society, who just received the new Polar Medal in Whitehorse Wednesday, is one of the reasons scientists are upset.He said according to scientists, Geiger only joined the team a year before the discovery of the Franklin ships, and doesn’t deserve the award.“I don’t know anything about motive, and I won’t allege anything about motive. But I do know that it doesn’t smell right. It was stated to me as a fact, on more than one occasion, that John Geiger, who’s the former head of the Globe and Mail editorial board was a former colleague of a few of us here (at the Toronto Star) an editor told me. I had a reasonable suspicion that he might have access to my reporting,” said Watson.“Four people as I understand it received that (Polar) medal. I think, clearly, that three of them are important to the discovery of HMS Erebus. They deserve that medal … I challenge anyone, as my sources have, to find evidence that John Geiger had any direct role in the discovery of that ship. Or did anything else that would warrant a medal from the Governor-General, awarded on behalf of the Queen,”APTN National News contacted Geiger and the Royal Canadian Geographic Society for comment but calls were not returned.Watson told APTN he also tried to contact Geiger.“My first attempt to contact Geiger was seven weeks ago yesterday,” said Watson. “I’ve contacted members of his staff, including communications director. I’ve spoken to her on the phone. I’ve also sent more than one email. I’ve contacted his wife, who was hired as Special Sections editor at The Star not long ago. She won’t reply either,” said Watson.Watson isn’t the only person who thinks something doesn’t “smell right” about the decision to give so much credit to Geiger and his team.Canadian businessman Jim Basillie, chair of Arctic Research Foundation, funded much of the research to find the lost ships.Basille wrote Nunavut MP Leona Aglukkaq in April of this year, dismayed at the way media coverage had turned out.In the letter, Basillie wrote: “I am concerned that the documentary contains information that runs contrary to the planning meeting we held in your office on June 9th, 2014 and filmed for the Prime Minister’s on-line news channel. The narrative, as currently presented, attempts to minimize the role of the Government and its respective agencies and private partners. It also creates new and exaggerated narratives for the exclusive benefit of the Royal Canadian Geographic Society and its own partners. I am raising my concerns with you now because I understand that the Government of Canada has final approval of the content of this documentary and subsequent communications outputs”Arctic Research Foundation letterDownload (PDF, Unknown)The documentary Basillie is referring to is the CBC Nature of Things episode “Franklin’s Lost Ships”.APTN contacted Basillie to find out which officials told him the federal government had final edit of the documentary.According to Basillie’s assistant, Karen Paquette, “Mr. Balsillie has no comment at this time. He has communicated his concerns about the Franklin project (as well as ideas for Northern communities to benefit from the project) to relevant partners directly.”The producer of the Nature of Things episode denies the allegation.APTN contacted producer Andrew Gregg about the accusations and whether the federal government had final edit on his work.“Not at all. Parks Canada wanted to see the doc before it went to air, but we were doing this in conjunction with CBC and there is a very definite policy at CBC, that you do not allow pre-screens of the doc,” said Andrew Gregg.APTN also contacted Nunavut MP and Minister of Environment Leona Aglukkaq, to ask who nominated Geiger for the award, whether government scientists were being muzzled, and if Basillie had been given assurances that the documentary was subject to government approval prior to airing.Aglukkaq did not respond.kdriscoll@aptn.caFollow @kentdriscolllast_img read more

Egypt prosecutor refers former minister to trial

first_imgCAIRO – Egypt’s public prosecutor Wednesday referred a former minister to trial for offering state television equipment to a satellite channel broadcasting demonstrations backing ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi, judicial sources said.Salah Abdel Maqsud, who was information minister under Morsi, and an official from state television, have been referred to trial, the sources said.The two are accused of offering state television’s equipment to be used by a satellite channel for broadcasting pro-Morsi demonstrations before the Islamist leader was ousted by the army on July 3 following mass street protests against his rule. The two are also accused of illegally benefitting from state funds, the sources added.Egyptian media reports claim the equipment was offered to Al-Jazeera television.Police had started a crackdown on the Doha-based satellite broadcaster’s Egyptian affiliate, Al-Jazeera Mubasher Misr, almost immediately after Morsi’s ouster, by raiding its offices and seizing its equipment.A Cairo court ordered its closure in September.Authorities and the media have accused Al-Jazeera of biased reporting of the popularly backed coup that toppled Morsi.last_img read more

Bolton Is Unlikely to Change US Position on Western Sahara

Washington D.C. – As the UN General Assembly approaches, there have been many reports in Moroccan media concerned that Morocco’s position on Western Sahara will be threatened by the appointment of John Bolton as US national security adviser.The main cause of the fear of many observers lies in Bolton’s past positions on the issue—whether when he was an adviser to the former US personal envoy of the secretary-general, James Baker, or when he was the US ambassador to the UN between 2005 and 2006.It is no secret that Bolton was one of the few US officials who expressed more than once his support for the referendum of self-determination to find a solution to the Western Sahara conflict. He was also one of the main supporters of the Baker-I and II, in 2001 and 2003, respectively. Both plans envisaged an interim period of five years during which the territory would be under Moroccan autonomy, followed by a referendum of self-determination. Bolton’s firm support for the holding of a referendum of self-determination caused many to believe that Bolton is a staunch supporter of Polisario. However, Bolton’s support for the referendum did not stem from his support for the establishment of an independent state in Western Sahara, nor from his belief in the legitimacy of the separatists’ claims, but from his keenness to ensure that the UN plays its role effectively and avoids prolonging the conflicts on its agenda.The US official is notorious for not believing in multilateral institutions and for his lack of belief in the role that the UN is supposed to play in maintaining international peace and security. Bolton firmly believes that the UN peacekeeping missions in many parts of the world often fail to reach the political outcome for which they were initially created.For this reason, in one chapter devoted to the Western Sahara in his book “Surrender Is Not an Option: Defending America At The United Nations And Abroad,” Bolton called for the termination of the mandate of the UN peacekeeping mission in Western Sahara (MINURSO), because it had failed to fulfill its mandate. “MINURSO had failed in its central mission to conduct a referendum and was now actually an obstacle to Morocco and Algeria dealing with each other,” Bolton said as he was describing the details of a meeting he held about the issue in June 2006 with over thirty American diplomats. Bolton was convinced that “Morocco was never going to agree to a referendum where independence was a real option.” “Since it was clear that Morocco had no intention of ever allowing a referendum, there was no point in a UN mission to conduct one. Instead, and typically of the UN, MINURSO seemed well on the way to acquiring a near-perpetual existence because no one could figure out what to do with it,” he said. Bolton stressed that the move could push Morocco and Algeria to work more seriously to find a solution to the dispute. A striking point in his position on the Western Sahara issue is his firm belief that Algeria is a major party to the conflict. Although many people are concerned over the direction the Western Sahara issue might take under the presence of John Bolton in the Trump administration, Morocco can use its position as a “card” to achieve one of the goals it has sought for years: to change the MINURSO mandate and limit it to the observation of the ceasefire agreement, to reduce its civilian staff, and to obtain official recognition that Algeria is a major party to the conflict.Regardless of Bolton’s personal position on the Western Sahara, he cannot impose his position on the Trump administration.Bolton Cannot go it alone The United States is not a dictatorship where one person can take the whole people hostage to his own convictions or beliefs or make decisions on a whim without due regard for the strategic interests of the whole nation. Decision-making in the US is a very complicated process that is not based on the personal orientations of individuals but on the strategic and supreme interests of the country.In addition, the White House is not the only institution that has a say in decision-making. The State Department and the Department of Defense also play a major role in determining the orientations of America’s foreign policy and its priorities.  The best evidence to this is what happened following the outbreak of the Gulf crisis in June 2017. While the US president was quick to align himself with Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt, the State Department and the Department of Defense strove to keep the crisis under control and prevent any harm to the US’ strategic interests in the region. They both also maintained their neutrality over the crisis and called on all parties to reach a political solution. The position of the two departments prompted the US president to review his position on the crisis and to take a position in line with the US’ strategic interests. Given the characteristics of and the strong relations between Morocco and the US and the role that Morocco plays in maintaining strategic balance in North Africa and the Sahel region and in the fight against terrorism and religious extremism, it is highly unlikely that the US administration will take an anti-Moroccan stance on Western Sahara. Even if Bolton tries to advocate for putting pressure on Morocco, he would most likely be opposed by the State Department bureaucrats. He himself admitted in his book that one of the main obstacles he faced during his tenure as US ambassador to the UN in 2005-2006 was the opposition of the State Department bureaucracy to any move that might endanger Morocco’s stability or upend the status quo. Giving new impetus to bilateral relationsThe meeting of the top diplomats of both countries on Monday, September 17, could not have been more timely. During the meeting that Moroccan foreign minister Nasser Bourita and his US counterpart, Michael Pompeo, held in Washington, D.C., they announced their determination to give new impetus to bilateral relations by holding the fourth session of the US-Morocco Strategic Dialogue next year.There is no reason to fear about the inclusion of the question of Western Sahara in the Security Council’s agenda this month, which coincides with the US presidency of the council. The motive behind the inclusion is not to put pressure on Morocco or weaken its position, but to ascertain the progress of the personal envoy of the secretary-general since the adoption of Resolution 2414 in April.The inclusion of the Western Sahara question in the council’s agenda comes one month before the Security Council’s meeting to decide on the renewal of the MINURSO mandate, which expires on October 31.This inclusion is also in keeping with the provisions of Resolution 2414, which “requests the Secretary-General to brief the Security Council on a regular basis, and at any time he deems appropriate during the mandate period, on the status and progress of these negotiations under his auspices, on the implementation of this resolution.” In addition, it has been customary for the United Nations secretary-general to present his report, titled “The Situation in Western Sahara,” about a month ahead of the Security Council meeting to renew MINURSO’s mandate. The inclusion of the conflict in the agenda of the Security Council during the month of September follows the same procedure and carries no political message against Morocco. If anything, the timing of the Moroccan foreign minister’s meeting with his American counterpart sends a clear message that the US position on Western Sahara is constant and will not change with the change in US officials. It also conveys that the US still believes that Morocco’s autonomy plan is a realistic solution that can help the parties reach a final solution for the Western Sahara issue.Samir Bennis is the co-founder of Morocco World News. You can follow him on Twitter @SamirBennis read more

Tokyo court defies Ministry and orders asylum for Sri Lankan man

His first application for refugee status was declined in November 2006, about two months after he first arrived in Japan. In August 2007 he took the case to the Osaka District Court, which ruled in favor of him in March 2011 and rescinded the ministry’s decision to deny him refugee status. The Tokyo District Court on Thursday made a rare order to the state to grant asylum to a Sri Lankan man who had his refugee application declined by the Justice Ministry despite an earlier successful lawsuit.The 58-year-old plaintiff, who declined to be named, is a member of the ethnic Tamil minority. He applied for refugee status in October 2006, believing his life was in danger after Sri Lankan police suspected him of collaborating with a Tamil rebel group during the civil war that lasted until 2009. When the man fled the country, he originally planned to join his brother in Canada and claim asylum there. But he was stopped from boarding his flight to Canada at Central Japan International Airport in Aichi Prefecture because he did not have a valid passport to enter Japan. That ruling was later finalized after the state declined to appeal. But the ministry made an extremely rare decision in December 2011 to deny the man refugee status despite his court victory, on the grounds that the civil war had ended and he was no longer likely, in the ministry’s view, to face danger of persecution.As of 2015 there had been only three cases in which the Justice Ministry denied individuals refugee status despite existing court decisions in their favor. In August 2015 the Sri Lankan man sued the government for a second time seeking refugee status, this time through the Tokyo District Court, which supported the plaintiff’s claim that his life would be in danger should he return to Sri Lanka. Although he still has not been granted asylum, the man now lives in Japan with a temporary residency status.“I want to do so many things in my life, and I’m so happy about this judgment,” he told reporters at a Tokyo news conference following the ruling. “I feel like I can do something good for Japan.”“I feel that the court fulfilled the role it should be playing (in society) with this ruling… and for that I am grateful to the judges,” said his laywer, Shogo Watanabe. Referring to a spate of recent court rulings that have rejected applications for refugee status, Watanabe said “the judiciary had not been serving its role to keep (the government) in check” and that recent rulings had “merely echoed government policy.” If the Justice Ministry does not appeal the Tokyo court ruling, the next step will be for the ministry to provide a certificate to the man proving his status as a refugee, explained Watanabe. In a statement released shortly after the ruling, the ministry said it was “reviewing the (court) decision” and declined to specify whether it planned to file an appeal. (Colombo Gazette) read more

Most actively traded companies on the TSX TSX Venture Exchange markets

AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Email by The Canadian Press Posted Dec 20, 2012 5:08 pm MDT Most actively traded companies on the TSX, TSX Venture Exchange markets TORONTO – Some of the most active companies traded Thursday on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture Exchange:Toronto Stock Exchange (12,388.71 down 14.92 points):Aura Minerals Inc. (TSX:ORA). Miner. Down 3.5 cents, or 10.45 per cent, at 30 cents on 14,261,219 shares.Uranium One Inc. (TSX:UUU). Miner. Up four cents, or 1.77 per cent, at $2.30 on 10,829,759 shares.Patheon Inc. (TSX:PTI.RT). Drug manufacturer. Unchanged at half a cent on 8,299,075 shares.Southern Pacific Resource Corp. (TSX:STP). Oil and gas. Down three cents, or 2.59 per cent, at $1.13 on 6,427,225 shares.Bombardier Inc. (TSX:BBD.B). Transportation. Up 11 cents, or 3.08 per cent, at $3.68 on 6,343,616 shares. It ended a five-month sales drought for its CSeries passenger jet with two deals in as many days for the new aircraft. The company announced Thursday a firm order for 10 CS300 aircraft from airBaltic, plus an option to buy an additional 10 planes.Research in Motion (TSX:RIM). Wireless technology. Up 46 cents, or 3.41 per cent, at $13.95 on 5,930,738 shares. The company beat expectations in its latest financial results, released after markets closed, as it prepared for the make-or-break launch next year of the BlackBerry 10 smartphones and operating system. The company reported a profit of $9 million or two cents per share for the three months ended Dec. 1, compared with a profit of $265 million or 51 cents per share a year ago. Revenue totalled $2.73 billion, down from $5.17 billion.TSX Venture Exchange (1,180.50 up 3.98 points):ArPetrol Ltd. (TSXV:RPT): Oil and gas. Unchanged at half a cent on 4,780,500 shares.Charger Energy Corp. (TSXV:CHX). Oil and gas. Up 13.5 cents, or 39.71 per cent, at $47.5 cents on 4,413,756 shares.Companies reporting major news:Yellow Media Ltd. (TSX:Y). Print and digital media. Unchanged at $6.86 on 192,889 shares. It says it has reduced debt by about $1.5 billion under a recapitalization plan now in place to help it transform into a digital media company. The company says the plan aligns its balance sheet with its strategy to meet the digital marketing needs of businesses.Rogers Communications Inc. (TSX:RCI.B). Telecom. Up 46 cents, or 1.03 per cent, at $45.10 on 755,922 shares. The federal broadcast regulator has approved an application by Rogers Communications Inc. to convert Montreal’s CJNT, an ethnic television station, into a Citytv station. The CRTC says CJNT will increase the number of Citytv stations, which will enable Rogers to broaden its national coverage. read more

Italy Looks Into Wind Powered Bridge

first_imgWhen you think of wind power, the first image that probably comes to mind is that of a towering wind turbine. But there are plenty of other ways to harness the wind to create electricity. Like with a bridge, for instance.At least that’s the plan for a proposed green renovation of a bridge in Southern Italy. The idea is to fill up the viaducts — the empty space underneath a bridge — with turbines. The project has been dubbed Solar Wind, because in addition to the 26 wind turbines that would be fitted to the viaducts, the top of the bridge would lined with solar cells. The combination is expected to create close to 50 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year.Via Inhabitatlast_img read more

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 details leaked

Modern Warfare 3 will hit store shelves just in time for the holiday shopping season this November, according to news obtained and released by Kotaku. According to the blog, “multiple sources” have confirmed that the game will be released on November 8th, 2011 and will pick up where Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2 left off, completely changing the way people perceive the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare shooter franchise.Here’s what we know: Modern Warfare 3 will span the globe, much like the previous game. The player will fight street battles in major cities like London, Paris, and New York, and many of those awe-inspiring places will be open for the game’s multiplayer modes. Modern Warfare 3 will also reportedly tie up a number of loose ends from the previous two games that left players hanging, and pick up almost immediately after the cliffhanger ending of Modern Warfare 2.The game will reportedly start us off in New York City as the Russians attempt to invade the United States, and eventually take us around the world through 15 missions as multiple characters until we get to the game’s climactic final mission in Dubai. Gamers will be able to play characters on all sides of the conflict, and control multiple vehicles new and old, and tons of new weapons and hardware.Multiplayer also makes a strong comeback in Modern Warfare 3, and even includes new game types and tons of new maps in addition to some of the older, more familiar multiplayer modes. None of Kotaku’s information has been confirmed by Activision yet, but it all looks solid, and it is unlikely Activision will stay quiet for long with this much information out in the wild.Read more at Kotaku read more

Superhydrophobic film to make circuit boards water resistant

first_imgDrop your smartphone on the floor and chances are it will pick up a few scratches, or in the worst case crack the screen. Drop it in water though, and you are more than likely going to be picking up a brick.The components within a smartphone, or any portable gadget for that matter, are built to last but not if you expose them to water. Japanese company Daikin Industries hopes to change that with a new superhydrophobic transparent coating it has developed that protects circuit boards from moisture.Daikin is aiming the coating at smartphone manufacturers initially as there’s a greater chance their products will be exposed to moisture. To protect the components, Daikin dip the entire circuit board in a clear liquid bath made up of a fluropolymer dissolved in a fluorinated solvent. Once dipped, the coating dries to a very thin film in 60 seconds. Because the film is so thin (less than 1 micron thick), it does not interfere with the operation of the board in any way. Daikin also state that the solvent used is non-flammable and environmentally friendly.Although this process doesn’t ensure a circuit board is waterproof, the video above clearly shows the water running off components on a coated board. The fact it is an invisible protective layer also means it doesn’t really add anything to a phone in terms of size or weight. Both are desirable qualities in an industry obsessed with packing more tech into the very limited interior of a smartphone case.Daikin is hoping to offer the coating commercially in December of this year. It is also hoping to expand into different areas beyond just circuit boards. To me it sounds like this coating is a competing product for NeverWet, the superhydrophobic spray that promises you’ll never need to wash your clothes again after using it.Read more at DigInfo.tvlast_img read more

Les 8 actus science que vous devez connaître ce 27 février

first_imgLes 8 actus science que vous devez connaître ce 27 févrierUne lionne à crinière, de mystérieux crânes allongés et des légumes contre la dépression, voici votre concentré d’actualités scientifiques pour ce 27 février. – Aux Etats-Unis, une lionne intrigue les spécialistes. Cette pensionnaire de 18 ans du zoo d’Oklahoma s’est mise depuis l’an passée à développer une crinière. Une caractéristique normalement réservée aux mâles. Des analyses sont menées pour trouver l’origine de la particularité de Bridget.- Des spécialistes ont percé le mystère des crânes allongés découverts au Pérou. Selon leur étude, cette pratique qui s’est généralisée à partir de 1300 était associée au statut social élevé des individus. Le crâne des jeunes enfants était déformé pour signifier leur appartenance à un certain groupe.   – L’eau serait bien plus répandue qu’on ne pensait sur la Lune. Selon une nouvelle étude, l’élément serait toujours présent quel que soit le type de terrain de jour comme de nuit. Une affirmation qui pourrait avoir des implications cruciales pour d’éventuelles futures missions lunaires. – Le système immunitaire de la mère aurait un effet sur le cerveau de son enfant en développement. Des chercheurs ont constaté que des protéines libérées par le système immunitaire en fin de grossesse favoriseraient une meilleure connectivité dans le cerveau du bébé.   – S’exiler vers le Sud ou disparaitre, voilà le dramatique avenir qui s’ouvre aujourd’hui devant les manchots royaux. D’après une nouvelle étude française, les oiseaux seraient très exposés aux changements climatiques et à la fragmentation de leur habitat. Des menaces qui pourraient pousser l’espèce vers l’extinction d’ici la fin du siècle.À lire aussiInfection, gaspillage et Facebook, les actus sciences que vous devez connaître ce 29 août- La sonde Mars Odyssey a réussi à photographier deux lunes de Mars. L’animation dévoilée par la NASA montre côte à côte les lunes Phobos et Deimos sous leur meilleur jour. Une observation qui pourrait aider à en apprendre plus sur l’origine des deux astres.- Manger des légumes, des fruits et des céréales aiderait à lutter contre la dépression. Une étude menée sur 1.000 personnes a conclu que les individus qui privilégiaient ces aliments avaient 11% de risques en moins de développer de la dépression.  – Des scientifiques ont identifié une étonnante bactérie qui survit grâce à la radioactivité. Cet organisme réside dans un écosystème très néfaste : les eaux riches en uranium d’une mine d’or. Mais la bactérie a trouvé comment tirer partie de la présence de l’uranium. Une découverte qui pourrait ouvrir de nouvelles voies dans la recherche de vie extraterrestre. Le 27 février 2018 à 01:00 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

10th Annual PanAfrikan Day of Solidarity

first_imgThe one day festival is on September 9 from 12 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Performance=s by Ankara, Chin-Yer Wright and more. Besides enjoying the entertainment, guests will have the opportunity to participate in lectures and workshops. For more information contact 443-839-6926.last_img

Rachel Batishs 3 tips to build your own interactive conversational app

first_imgIn this article, we will provide 3 tips for making an interactive conversational application using current chat and voice examples. This is an excerpt from the book Voicebot and Chatbot Design written by Rachel Batish. In this book, the author shares her insights into cutting-edge voice-bot and chatbot technologies Help your users ask the right questions Although this sounds obvious, it is actually crucial to the success of your chatbot or voice-bot. I learned this when I initially set up my Amazon Echo device at home. Using a complementary mobile app, I was directed to ask Alexa specific questions, to which she had good answers to, such as “Alexa, what is the time?” or “Alexa, what is the weather today?” I immediately received correct answers and therefore wasn’t discouraged by a default response saying, “Sorry, I don’t have an answer to that question.” By providing the user with successful experience, we are encouraging them to trust the system and to understand that, although it has its limitations, it is really good in some specific details. Obviously, this isn’t enough because as time passes, Alexa (and Google) continues to evolve and continues to expand its support and capabilities, both internally and by leveraging third parties. To solve this discovery problem, some solutions, like Amazon Alexa and Google Home, send a weekly newsletter with the highlights of their latest capabilities. In the email below, Amazon Alexa is providing a list of questions that I should ask Alexa in my next interaction with it, exposing me to new functionalities like donation. From the Amazon Alexa weekly emails “What’s new with Alexa?” On the Google Home/Assistant, Google has also chosen topics that it recommends its users to interact with. Here, as well, the end user is exposed to new offerings/capabilities/knowledge bases, that may give them the trust needed to ask similar questions on other topics. From the Google Home newsletter Other chat and voice providers can also take advantage of this email communication idea to encourage their users to further interact with their chatbots or voice-bots and expose them to new capabilities. The simplest way of encouraging usage is by adding a dynamic ‘welcoming’ message to the chat voice applications, that includes new features that are enabled. Capital One, for example, updates this information every now and then, exposing its users to new functionalities. On Alexa, it sounds like this: “Welcome to Capital One. You can ask me for things like account balance and recent transactions.” Another way to do this – especially if you are reaching out to a random group of people – is to initiate discovery during the interaction with the user (I call this contextual discovery). For example, a banking chatbot offers information on account balances. Imagine that the user asks, “What’s my account balance?” The system gives its response: “Your checking account balance is $5,000 USD.” The bank has recently activated the option to transfer money between accounts. To expose this information to its users, it leverages the bot to prompt a rational suggestion to the user and say, “Did you know you can now transfer money between accounts? Would you like me to transfer $1,000 to your savings account?” As you can see, the discovery process was done in context with the user’s actions. Not only does the user know that he/she can now transfer money between two accounts, but they can also experience it immediately, within the relevant context. To sum up tip #1, by finding the direct path to initial success, your users will be encouraged to further explore and discover your automated solutions and will not fall back to other channels. The challenge is, of course, to continuously expose users to new functionalities, made available on your chatbots and voice-bots, preferably in a contextual manner. Give your bot a ‘personality’, but don’t pretend it’s a human Your bot, just like any digital solution you provide today, should have a personality that makes sense for your brand. It can be visual, but it can also be enabled over voice. Whether it is a character you use for your brand or something created for your bot, personality is more than just the bot’s icon. It’s the language that it ‘speaks’, the type of interaction that it has and the environment it creates. In any case, don’t try to pretend that your bot is a human talking with your clients. People tend to ask the bot questions like “are you a bot?” and sometimes even try to make it fail by asking questions that are not related to the conversation (like asking how much 30*4,000 is or what the bot thinks of *a specific event*). Let your users know that it’s a bot that they are talking to and that it’s here to help. This way, the user has no incentive to intentionally trip up the bot. Chatbot examples Below are a few examples of chatbots with matching personalities. Expand your vocabulary with a word a day (Wordsworth) The Wordsworth bot has a personality of an owl (something clever), which fits very well with the purpose of the bot: to enrich the user’s vocabulary. However, we can see that this bot has more than just an owl as its ‘presenter’, pay attention to the language and word games and even the joke at the end. Jokes are a great way to deliver personality. From these two screenshots only, we can easily capture a specific image of this bot, what it represents and what it’s here to do. DIY-Crafts-Handmade FB Messenger bot The DIY-Crafts-Handmade bot has a different personality, which signals something light and fun. The language used is much more conversational (and less didactic) and there’s a lot of usage of icons and emojis. It’s clear that this bot was created for girls/women and offers the end user a close ‘friend’ to help them maximize the time they spend at home with the kids or just start some DIY projects. Voicebot examples One of the limitations around today’s voice-enabled devices is the voice itself. Whereas Google and Siri do offer a couple of voices to choose from, Alexa is limited to only one voice and it’s very difficult to create that personality that we are looking for. While this problem probably will be solved in the future, as technology improves, I find insurance company GEICO’s creativity around that very inspiring. In its effort to keep Gecko’s unique voice and personality, GEICO has incorporated multiple MP3 files with a recording of Gecko’s personalized voice. GEICO has been investing for years in Gecko’s personalization. Gecko is very familiar from TV and radio advertisements, so when a customer activates the Alexa app or Google Action, they know they are in the right place. To make this successful, GEICO incorporated Gecko’s voice into various (non-dynamic) messages and greetings. It also handled the transition back to the device’s generic voice very nicely; after Gecko has greeted the user and provided information on what they can do, it hands it back to Alexa with every question from the user by saying, “My friend here can help you with that.” This is a great example of a cross-channel brand personality that comes to life also on automated solutions such as chatbots and voice-bots. Build an omnichannel solution – find your tool Think less on the design side and more on the strategic side, remember that new devices are not replacing old devices; they are only adding to the big basket of channels that you must support. Users today are looking for different services anywhere and anytime. Providing a similar level of service on all the different channels is not an easy task, but it will play a big part in the success of your application. There are different reasons for this. For instance, you might see a spike in requests coming from home devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home during the early morning and late at night. However, during the day you will receive more activities from FB Messenger or your intelligent assistant. Different age groups also consume products from different channels and, of course, geography impacts as well. Providing cross-channel/omnichannel support doesn’t mean providing different experiences or capabilities. However, it does mean that you need to make that extra effort to identify the added value of each solution, in order to provide a premium, or at least the most advanced, experience on each channel. Building an omnichannel solution for voice and chat Obviously, there are differences between a chatbot and a voice-bot interaction; we talk differently to how we write and we can express ourselves with emojis while transferring our feelings with voice is still impossible. There are even differences between various voice-enabled devices, like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant/Home and, of course, Apple’s HomePod. There are technical differences but also behavioral ones. The HomePod offers a set of limited use cases that businesses can connect with, whereas Amazon Alexa and Google Home let us create our own use cases freely. In fact, there are differences between various Amazon Echo devices, like the Alexa Show that offers a complimentary screen and the Echo Dot that lacks in screen and sound in comparison. There are some developer tools today that offer multi-channel integration to some devices and channels. They are highly recommended from a short and long-term perspective. Those platforms let bot designers and bot builders focus on the business logic and structure of their bots, while all the integration efforts are taken care of automatically. Some of those platforms focus on chat and some of them on voice. A few tools offer a bridge between all the automated channels or devices. Among those platforms, you can find (disclaimer: I’m one of the founders), Dexter and Jovo. With all that in mind, it is clear that developing a good conversational application is not an easy task. Developers must prove profound knowledge of machine learning, voice recognition, and natural language processing. In addition to that, it requires highly sophisticated and rare skills, that are extremely dynamic and flexible. In such a high-risk environment, where today’s top trends can skyrocket in days or simply be crushed in just a few months, any initial investment can be dicey. To know more trips and tricks to make a successful chatbot or voice-bot, read the book Voicebot and Chatbot Design by Rachel Batish. Read Next Creating a chatbot to assist in network operations [Tutorial] Building your first chatbot using Chatfuel with no code [Tutorial] Conversational AI in 2018: An arms race of new products, acquisitions, and morelast_img read more

Aid group Thousands flee fighting in Syrias Hassakeh

first_img Comments   Share   The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said IS detonated three car bombs in the city over the past two days, killing 12 troops and pro-government gunmen.Syria’s civil war, now in its fifth year, has killed more than 220,000 people and displaced nearly half the country’s pre-war population of 23 million, including some 7.6 million who have fled to other parts of Syria.____Associated Press writer Albert Aji in Damascus, Syria, contributed to this report.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Arizona families, Arizona farms: working to produce high-quality milk The IS group attacked several government-held southern neighborhoods of Hassakeh on Thursday. The fighting has continued since then, leaving dozens dead, according to activists. Until last week, Hassakeh was split between government forces and Kurdish fighters.Earlier Monday, state news agency SANA said government air strikes killed “large numbers” of IS fighters in Hassakeh. A military official in the city said by telephone that Syrian troops have been making progress. He spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.The IS-affiliated Aamaq news agency released a video on Monday showing extremists fighting street battles in Hassakeh. The agency also showed a sports complex captured by IS fighters.Duerden said via Skype that many people are fleeing to nearby villages and towns, adding that there are at least 10,000 who are staying in schools or community centers.“It’s a big movement. People have talked about the city basically emptying out,” said Duerden.He said those fleeing Hassakeh are mainly women and children, and include people already displaced from other warzones. “We’ve also been seeing families split up, separated families, unaccompanied children, since many people had to leave quickly on foot.” 5 greatest Kentucky Derby finishes Sponsored Stories Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall Parents, stop beating yourself up New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies BEIRUT (AP) — Fighting between the Islamic State group and the Syrian army in the mainly Kurdish city of Hassakeh has displaced at least 30,000 people, separated families and left some children unaccompanied, a member of an international aid group said Monday.Sam Duerden, an Iraq-based International Rescue Committee official, said people in the northeastern Syrian city of Hassakeh need food, water, shelter and medical assistance. Top Stories last_img read more

DJ VS code share to HK kicks off

first_imgVirgin Australia’s new code share agreement with Virgin Atlantic on flights between Sydney and Hong Kong is creeping close to its launch date, with sales on conjoined flights taking off this week.Announced yesterday, the Australian airline explained that under the approved agreement, Virgin Australia will add its code on Virgin Atlantic’s daily direct service to Hong Kong.Operating the Airbus 340-600 on the route, Virgin Australia group executive of alliances, network and yield Merren McArthur explained the agreement was part of the carrier’s plans to build its business and leisure network.“Hong Kong complements our network strategy to provide access to the most important international business and leisure destinations from Australia,” Ms McArthur said. Departing from Sydney at 2.25pm and arriving in Hong Kong at 9.55pm daily, travellers flying with the two airlines will also be able to benefit from reciprocal frequent flyer and lounge access.“Guests in Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class and Gold and Platinum Members of Velocity Frequent Flyer will also be able to enjoy Virgin Atlantic’s Club House located at Hong Kong International Airport”, Ms McArthur added. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: N.Jlast_img read more

Fed Tightens Up on Too Big to Fail

first_img One of the enduring criticisms of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act of 2010 is that it codifies “too big to fail” and allows the government to continue to financially rescue firms that are deemed systemically important.The Federal Reserve changed that on Monday by approving a final rule that would prevent the government from the same type of emergency lending to institutions that are “too big to fail” in which it engaged in 2008, costing taxpayers billions of dollars.“Emergency lending is a critical tool that can be used in times of crisis to help mitigate extraordinary pressures in financial markets that would otherwise have severe adverse consequences for households, businesses, and the U.S. economy,” Fed Chairman Janet Yellen said. “The Federal Reserve has long had this authority but has used it only sparingly and only in severe financial crises.”Dodd-Frank limited the Fed’s ability to engage in emergency lending to programs and facilities with “broad-based eligibility” as approved by the Secretary of the Department of Treasury. It also prohibits the Fed’s ability to lend to insolvent entities.The new final rule contains a number of changes to the original proposed rule, based on comments received. Under the final rule, the term “broad-based” is defined as a program or facility not designed for the purpose of aiding failing firms, and a program or facility in which five entities would be eligible to participate, according to the Fed. The limitations to the term “broad-based” are consistent with Dodd-Frank revisions that state a program should not exist for the purpose of aiding a specific company with avoiding bankruptcy, the Fed said.The final rule provides clarification to the Fed’s implementation of the limitations imposed on emergency lending by Dodd-Frank. Since Dodd-Frank contains a provision that prohibits the Fed’s ability to lend to insolvent entities, the final rule broadens the definition of “insolvency.” The definition has been expanded to include borrowers who fail to pay undisputed debts as they become due 90 days before borrowing—or borrowers who are determined to be insolvent by the Fed or lending Reserve Bank.According to the Fed’s announcement, commenters on the rule prior to its final approval had urged the Fed to expand its definition of insolvency to include companies that had not yet formally declared bankruptcy or entered resolution proceedings, but are insolvent from an accounting standpoint.The final rule, just as in the proposed rule, includes Dodd-Frank’s requirement that all emergency lending programs must be approved by the Treasury Secretary, and the Fed must find before authorizing any emergency credit programs that “unusual and exigent circumstances” exist in the company.Whereas the Fed’s practice in emergency lending has always been to set the interest rate at a level that encourages the borrowers to repay the credit as quickly as possible, the final rule (changed from its original proposal) requires the interest rate for emergency credit extended under Section 13(3) of Dodd-Frank to be set at a level that: is a premium to the market in normal circumstancesaffords liquidity in unusual and exigent circumstances;and encourages repayment along with discouraging the use of emergency credit under Dodd-Frank Section 13(3) as economic circumstances normalize.“The ability to engage in emergency lending through broad-based facilities to ensure liquidity in the financial system is a critical tool for responding to broad and unusual market stresses,” Yellen said. “We have received helpful and constructive comments from many sources on a rule to implement these Dodd-Frank Act provisions. In response to these comments, we have made significant changes to the proposed rule to ensure that our rule will be applied in a manner that aligns with the intent of the Congress and the Dodd-Frank Act.”Not everyone received the news of the final rule with enthusiasm. Some industry professionals were left to wonder why such a rule is necessary, since Dodd-Frank original intent was to prevent ‘too big to fail’-type bailouts.”The Fed and other federal agencies have been telling us for quite some time that Dodd-Frank legislation was intended to eliminate the scenario of ‘Too Big to Fail,’ but apparently it did not, or the Fed simply wouldn’t see the need to introduce a final rule on emergency lending,” Five Star President and CEO Ed Delgado said. “This latest rule will likely turn out to be much ado about nothing. While the clarification of ‘broad-based lending’ is designed to limit the types of bailouts the industry realized in 2008, at the same time, the Fed expanded the definition of ‘insolvency’ ostensibly,  given the circumstance, permitting lending to entities that may actually be insolvent, so I question how much of an impact this new rule will really have?”U.S. Rep. Jeb Hensarling (R-Texas), Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, was also skeptical that the new rule would actually stop the government from bailing out large financial firms.“Five years after Dodd-Frank became law, ‘too big to fail’ is unfortunately alive and well and this rule from the Federal Reserve doesn’t change that,” Hensarling said. “Indeed, by leaving the door wide open to future taxpayer-funded bailouts, this final rule compounds the moral hazard problem that lies at the core of ‘too big to fail.’ Emergency lending should not mean discretionary lending. It should not mean the unaccountable and unelected in Washington pick winners and losers. Vague rules and bureaucratic discretion are not the answer—they are the problem. Instead, Congress can take a crucial step in preventing future bailouts by approving the House-passed FORM Act. The FORM Act places needed constraints on the Fed’s emergency lending powers. It restricts emergency loans to financial institutions only and makes sure they are provided at a ‘penalty rate’ so banks are not improperly subsidized. The FORM Act injects greater accountability into the system by requiring not only a supermajority of Federal Reserve governors but also a supermajority of district bank presidents to approve any emergency loan. By enacting these reforms, Congress can provide assurances to taxpayers that they will not have their pockets picked the next time the Fed decides to bail out a financial institution it decides is ‘too big to fail.’”Editor’s note: The Five Star Institute is the parent company of The MReport and in Daily Dose, Government, Headlines, News Banks Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act Federal Reserve Too Big to Fail 2015-11-30 Staff Writer November 30, 2015 637 Views center_img Fed Tightens Up on “Too Big to Fail” Sharelast_img read more

Derrick Hall satisfied with Dbacks buying and se

first_img Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling 1. Kansas City Chiefs (2-0)Shift: ▲1Hi: 1Lo: 2Comment: Man, Kareem Hunt is the greatest Kareem in sports history. OK, on second thought… — MarottaNext: at Los Angeles Chargers (Sunday)2. Oakland Raiders (2-0)Shift: ▲2Hi: 2Lo: 4Comment: Beast mode could be the Comeback Player of the Year. — JureckiNext: at Washington (Sunday Night)3. Atlanta Falcons (2-0)Shift: ▲4Hi: 2Lo: 6Comment: Remember that thing I wrote about a Super Bowl hangover? Never mind. — MorganNext: at Detroit (Sunday)4. Pittsburgh Steelers (2-0)Shift: ▼1Hi: 1Lo: 5Comment: Vikings defense is legit. With Bryant in the fold the Steelers have too many options. — BurnsNext: at Chicago (Sunday)5. New England Patriots (1-1)Shift: —Hi: 2Lo: 6Comment: Oh hey look – losing in Week 1 didn’t destroy the Patriots’ season. Shocker. — LapinskiNext: vs. Houston (Sunday) Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires 6. Denver Broncos (2-0)Shift: ▲5Hi: 4Lo: 9Comment: Did what no one else has done so far, including the commish: shut down Zeke. — BurnsNext: at Buffalo (Sunday)7. Baltimore Ravens (2-0)Shift: ▲5Hi: 7Lo: 9Comment: Surprising 2-0 start, defense has forced eight interceptions, Suggs has 3 sacks. — JureckiNext: vs. Jacksonville (Sunday in London)8. Green Bay Packers (1-1)Shift: ▼7Hi: 6Lo: 10Comment: The NFC championship game rematch had a familiar feeling for the Packers. — MorganNext: vs. Cincinnati (Sunday)9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (1-0)Shift: ▲5Hi: 8Lo: 14Comment: I think Koetter’s crew is going to have a great year. — BurnsNext: at Minnesota (Sunday)10. Seattle Seahawks (1-1)Shift: ▼1Hi: 8Lo: 13Comment: One offensive touchdown in two games. Still can’t understand their offensive line strategy. — MarottaNext: at Tennessee (Sunday)11. Carolina Panthers (2-0)Shift: ▲2Hi: 8Lo: 15Comment: Defense has given up 12 points in 2 games, Newton still knocking off the rust from shoulder surgery. — JureckiNext: vs. New Orleans (Sunday)12. Detroit Lions (2-0)Shift: ▲3Hi: 6Lo: 16Comment: Made the playoffs last year and haven’t lost this year. May need to start taking them seriously. — LapinskiNext: vs. Atlanta (Sunday) 13. Dallas Cowboys (1-1)Shift: ▼7Hi: 10Lo: 15Comment: Tough day for Ezekiel Elliott, but at least he didn’t pout. — MarottaNext: at Arizona (Monday Night)14. Tennessee Titans (0-2)Shift: ▲2Hi: 12Lo: 16Comment: Hello, Derrick Henry. — Dave BurnsNext: vs. Seattle (Sunday)15. Philadelphia Eagles (1-1)Shift: ▼6Hi: 8Lo: 16Comment: Only Brady, Rodgers and Brees have thrown for more yards than Carson Wentz this year. — LapinskiNext: vs. New York Giants (Sunday)16. Miami Dolphins (1-0)Shift: ▲5Hi: 14Lo: 21Comment: Jay Cutler was turnover-free in his Dolphins debut as Jay the game manager. — MorganNext: at New York Jets (Sunday)17. Minnesota Vikings (1-1)Shift: ▼7Hi: 15Lo: 20Comment: Dalvin Cook could be in the Offensive Rookie of the Year conversation with Kareem Hunt. — JureckiNext: vs. Tampa Bay (Sunday)18. Arizona Cardinals (1-1)Shift: —Hi: 17Lo: 20Comment: May have saved their season by converting that 3rd-and-20 play on Sunday. — LapinskiNext: vs. Dallas (Monday Night)19. Washington Redskins (1-1)Shift: ▲4Hi: 18Lo: 25Comment: Dominating running performance vs. Rams even with Donald back. — MarottaNext: vs. Oakland (Sunday Night) The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo 26. Buffalo Bills (1-1)Shift: —Hi: 24Lo: 27Comment: After beating the Jets in Week 1, actually played well on the road against the Panthers. — JureckiNext: vs. Denver (Sunday)27. Cincinnati Bengals (0-2)Shift: —Hi: 26Lo: 29Comment: The worst team in Ohio. — BurnsNext: at Green Bay (Sunday)28. Chicago Bears (0-2)Shift: —Hi: 27Lo: 30Comment: They’re not booing. They’re saying Truuuubisky. — BurnsNext: vs. Pittsburgh (Sunday)29. Cleveland Browns (0-2)Shift: —Hi: 27Lo: 29Comment: Two weeks in, and DeShone Kizer already has headaches. — MarottaNext: at Indianapolis (Sunday)30. Indianapolis Colts (0-2)Shift: ▲1Hi: 28Lo: 31Comment: Jacoby Brissett passed the eye test until he threw an interception in OT to Tyrann Mathieu. — JureckiNext: vs. Cleveland (Sunday)31. San Francisco 49ers (0-2)Shift: ▼1Hi: 30Lo: 31Comment: Over 137 minutes without a TD. I guess an offensive genius still needs players. — MarottaNext: vs. Los Angeles Rams (Thursday Night)32. New York Jets (0-2)Shift: —Hi: 32Lo: 32Comment: Not even close to an NFL-caliber team. — BurnsNext: vs. Miami (Sunday) Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt (27) is congratulated by wide receiver Chris Conley (17) after scoring a touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles during the second half of an NFL football game in Kansas City, Mo., Sunday, Sept. 17, 2017. (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)center_img Top Stories 3 Comments   Share   Here’s the rest of this week’s NFL Power Rankings from will go to the team that receives the majority of higher rankings from our panel.Week 3 CompositeBurns | Jurecki | Lapinski | Marotta | MorganBiggest Risers: Baltimore, Denver, Houston, Miami, Tampa Bay ▲5Biggest Fallers: Dallas, Green Bay, Minnesota ▼7 If this NFL season continues they way it’s started, the top spot in the Arizona Sports Power Rankings will be like youth sports — everyone will get a turn.On the strength of their Week 2 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, and Green Bay’s loss at Atlanta, the Kansas City Chiefs become the third team in as many weeks to occupy the catbird seat. The New England Patriots were No. 1 heading into Week 1 and the Green Bay Packers were on top last week, but fell to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday night. 20. Houston Texans (1-1)Shift: ▲5Hi: 15Lo: 22Comment: Deshaun Watson made his first start on the road vs Bengals, had a 49-yard TD run, threw for 125 yards. — JureckiNext: at New England (Sunday)21. Jacksonville Jaguars (1-1)Shift: ▼2Hi: 18Lo: 25Comment: Calais Campbell was quiet in Week 2. So were the Jaguars in a blowout loss to Tennessee. — MorganNext: vs. Baltimore (Sunday in London)22. Los Angeles Rams (1-1)Shift: ▼2Hi: 19Lo: 23Comment: It’s clear that getting rid of Jeff Fisher has made them a better football team. — BurnsNext: at San Francisco (Thursday Night)23. New York Giants (0-2)Shift: ▼6Hi: 20Lo: 26Comment: Eli responsible for sloppy QB play. Who’s responsible for Ben McAdoo’s sloppy haircut? — MarottaNext: at Philadelphia (Sunday)24. Los Angeles Chargers (0-2)Shift: —Hi: 21Lo: 26Comment: If Younghoe Koo misses a last-second kick but nobody’s around in the stadium to witness it, does it count? — LapinskiNext: vs. Kansas City (Sunday)25. New Orleans Saints (0-2)Shift: ▼3Hi: 24Lo: 26Comment: The Saints are allowing a league-worst 512.5 yards per game and a league-worst 32.5 points per game Those are not typos. — MorganNext: at Carolina (Sunday) Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impactlast_img read more

November 25 2011photo Paolo Soleri and Jeff Ste

first_imgNovember 25, 2011[photo: Paolo Soleri and Jeff Stein on October 19. 2011] Cosanti Foundation President, Jeff Stein AIA, spoke of Arcosanti and arcology at the second TECHONOMY conference, “Revolutions in Progress,” in Tucson this past week.In what was termed a “Techonomy Lab”, Stein was paired with theoretical physicist Geoffrey West, Distinguished Professor at the Santa Fe Institute, in a public dialogue entitled, “The City Never Sleeps.” They discussed the city, its future growth, and how it serves as the basis for a global economy. TECHONOMY is an annual forum where CEO’s of international high-tech companies come together with provocative speakers and share ideas about how technology can provide new solutions to global problems. Vehicles, buildings, cities, healthcare, education, political stability: all these – and their relation to new technologies – were explored over the three-day event. While in Tucson, Stein filmed an interview with Kaplan Educational Systems, one of the conference’s sponsors, on the challenges – financial, social, ecological – facing the new generation of college students. He also met with industrial designer and Cosanti alum Geoffrey Bruce, whose company Tensile Shade Structures is working on a design for the East Crescent Canopy at Arcosanti. THANKSGIVING photos will be posted next week.last_img read more

FBME submits lengthy response to US Treasury

first_imgFBME Bank’s submission to the US Department of the Treasury’s FinCEN bureau in Washington has started.The Cyprus Central Bank took over administration of FBME in July, following a US Treasury report describing the lender as a ‘primary money laundering concern’.The bank has responded to FinCEN in a 28-page public comment from FBME’s lawyers, Hogan Lovells, released on Tuesday.The response states that the forensic accountants from Ernst and Young (EY) in their assessment of FBME’s compliance programme observed that the bank’s procedures “incorporates the requirements” of the relevant laws.These laws were the EU’s Third Money Laundering Directive and the fourth issue of the Central Bank of Cyprus’s directive to credit institutions in accordance with Article 59(4) of the Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering Activities of 2007 to 2013.EY’s assessment further reported that FBME has “protocols in place that allow the Bank to continuously keep the programme aligned with the legal requirements”, according to the statement.It added that FBME had also restated its commitment to continuing to cooperate with the governments of the US, Cyprus and Tanzania in the fight against money laundering and terrorist financing.Recommendations have been made in areas where its compliance programme can be improved, which the bank has already committed to implementing, it said.The submission of the full forensics report is expected to take place over the next few days. FinCEN will then study it and make a final announcement within 60 days.FBME is seeking a change of policy on the part of the Central Bank of Cyprus and wants to see the rescinding of the Resolution measures on the Cyprus branch, to allow depositors to have access to their funds on a proper basis, and to abandon ideas of an expropriation and sale of the Cyprus branch.   You May LikeLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoPopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoKelley Blue BookYou Won’t Believe How Affordable These Ford Car Models AreKelley Blue BookUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCruise passenger airlifted to Paphos hospitalUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

mccluskey timeinc s

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according to game director and Quantic Dream founder David Cage,娱乐地图Partridge, though the patients did receive a drug still in early stages of development.In June, it seemed to me Adnan was spinning optimistic. the State Department on Thursday hosted a group of high-level international leaders as a part of the Countering Violent Extremism Summit.The unions say losing those fees would be a heavy blow because there is no incentive for workers to pay for collective-bargaining representation they could get for free. The bills are the Corporate Manslaughter Bill, due to long term exposure.Begusarai (Bihar): Two separate courts of Begusarai on Saturday rejected the anticipatory bail application of former Bihar Welfare Department minister Manju Verma and her spouse Chandrashekhar Verma in an Arms Act case against them. and have some fun.

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fell 2. who made the donation through the head of his Media Office. greatly opens markets to our Farmers and Manufacturers."We would send out a quick response vehicle with a few trained tactical personnel to assess the situation, UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin said this week that European football’s governing body would not introduce VAR in next season’s Champions League due to ongoing "confusion" surrounding its use.What we’re just concerned about is high-risk behavior Eye witness who spoke on the condition of anonymity confirmed to DailyPost that nobody was hurt but equipment and valuables worth millions of naira were destroyed. Speaking to George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s This Week, not store employees. anyone who does any of these things, he wrote to the Police Service Commission to find out the authenticity of my letter.

an archaeologist at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas who gave an overview of recent finds at a meeting here last week of the Society for American Archaeology. who spoke on the same panel was even more blunt. let alone bomb blast.” China,贵族宝贝Madisyn, "the first time a guy went down there, I normally just kind of let it go. read more